First Time Apartment Renter Guide – Moving out from your house to the unit that you had bought are going to be challenging and thrilling.

Because you are challenged to adapt inside the new community where the majority of people who have to reside from a long time came from diversities.

You ought to keep in touch with them. Due to the fact that you are a new apartments resident so you must be nice to them or keep a friendly phase toward them for the first introductory.

Other side says, you going to celebrate your own independence to live on your own without getting some help from any people or your parents.

But on the other hand, you must consider all the interior stuff including closets, desks, sofas, and kitchen set would enable to fulfill your room. To the consequence, you must think a lot of your types of unit that you have to acquire.

As a first time apartment renter, this thing should be keeping up inside your mind, “is this stuff worth to buy or not? If I buy, then… and if I do not buy, then…”. And you are stuck over there until somebody takes over your lanes by pointing out units which you ever dreamt of

Moreover, the offers of apartments had advertised hasn’t given exact reliable sources regarding their properties

Does that thing can be salvaged? It is! You could manage to pull through your massive confusion by following this guide in order to save yourself in your new rented apartment.

Guide For First Time Apartment Renter That You Could Follow


1. Aware the Environment

Remember, your present being is your personal brand toward apartments society.

As a first time apartment renter, you have to keep this in your mind.

The most situation often gives us a prediction of how should we deliver responses whenever the current situation occurs. Exactly.

What’s more, you have to watch you behave at the beginning of where you first step into apartments such as keep yourself quiet in the hallway, not pranking another next door, or being rude to other apartments resident.

Imagine when you are walking down the hall by resonating lousy sounds with no repented feelings or talk in high volume even though you have been reminded by a receptionist to keep the noise down.

From that case, therefore you are understanding the concept of being a good neighbor.

How to do the first step of socializing in apartments? Should you come often by reason of checking units and if it can, asks a general question such as mini store locations or nearby cafes toward neighborhoods who coincidentally passes you by.

Because it will make a good first impression of how kind you are as a newcomer and gives a sign you are interested to stay in current apartment units.

Also, there is an interesting apartment rule aside from the explanation above according to several apartment residents. here is a list that perhaps should helpful toward first time apartment renter :

– Always keep the noise down. Always. Due to limited space lease and hallways are sensitive to many louder sounds.
– Being hygienic is a plus point to maintain your impression. You are going to be looked up either as a neatly-good person or messy-horrible hobo who currently dwells inside apartments.
– Using public transportation as your preferences rather than using private cars perhaps is a good idea to minimize traffic jams.
– Being polite to everyone. Even if you’re not like them.

It’s a simple task but compelling. You are going to display yourself in front of people who might become a good company.


2. Space

Secondly, make sure your apartment had provided much space efficiency. As a first time apartment renter, you don’t want to feel pain due to the small spaces covering the whole of your body right? Efficiency is must come together.

By make sure all the stuff you have addressed toward your units are fits and steady. If you can, should you had better use minimalism principles that emphasize on less-hard furniture.

Instead, exchange with several minimalist items of furniture which supports your lifestyle background.

If some of you still don’t perceive the meaning of minimalism, is a lifestyle or design term that instead of buying heavy materials, the materials are more emphasizing on petite values rather than towering worth.

What are the benefits of having a minimalist design? Aside from making your room efficient, you also have maintained your financial sources.

On account of minimalist types of furniture like bean bags and mini lounge, tables prefer cost less money to conventional furniture.

Bear in your mind, those will make your room bigger and giving you much freedom. In the real case, it’s impossible for you affording large closets that shaped grandiously as if you decided to buy a studio room.

That room is undeniably minuscule which only provides bed and normal clothing closets. So, prefer to think about room capability to prestige.

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3. Repairing

The next stage is, have a technician to do trading jobs of repairing every primary need. First time apartment renter always confused about this, cause they don’t know where should ask for.

Since you are buying new units, whether or not it was already used or simply is a mere empty unit, apply services to the important part of your unit is an obligatory task.

Owing to the fact that not all properties 100% convinced us. Who knows when you scrutinize each room and, out of the blue, your sink pipeline is not working and the water goes off as you turn up the valves.

Better you ask the apartments maintenances to resolve from top to bottom of your room. This is for your facility. In the long term.

Why those things are very important? the reason is on yourself. Of all the problems in your apartments, you are who partaking the responsibilities of your own convenience.

If you have no care for cleaning out your room, therefore you are going to endure the distraught feelings because of untidiness of you.

No blaming everyone after you were discovered a herd of cockroaches or your toilet drainage are barricaded because you didn’t routinely sweep away with those messes.

Priorities such as clothes, foods, and living places is an inseparable matter due to the fact humans are living straightly 24 hours per 7 days with those three pieces of priority.

But restricting the stuff for your own goods, avoiding body sore by a major cramped from narrowed spaces inside your room. Not to mention guests are would be very pleased with a less design that your room had given.

Freedom of movements. Allowed to breath in relieve because there is a room availability that will make your rooms commodious. It’s a definitely perfect ideal room for you.


4. Bureaucracy

The last one of guide for first time apartment renter is bureaucracy. We know a few people dislike writing paperwork or lease forms in order to get that unit soon.

Because there is wisdom, the sooner the better. But keep in mind, paperwork, even though it was being hated by most of the people in life owing to the fact it is quite vexing, are an important job desk you should do with.

To the point, apartment paperwork will not only reassured your apartment conveniences and facilities but also your lease is proven by the apartments so nobody can misuse your name and claiming that there are relatives who present in front of receptionist desks

Assigning your ID Card and Driving License that you can get in Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police onward the living contract papers are priorities between two parties, for your information.

From apartment parties, besides from getting acknowledgment from your commitment to owning your units, they will legalize their room units to be invested in more valuable prizes in case you want to open your units for rent whether your units are haven’t been utilized.

Meanwhile, to yourself, you can use your apartments wherever you want. Freely. Because your room has been legal as your property.

But one thing you should be aware of is a fake apartment agent that try to pull off the taxes but your lease contract is signed on a paper. In case you got that case often, just call the receptionist or landlords to clarify the unsettling events.

Other advantages you going to have if you fill the paperwork first when you are taking care of furry friends, let’s say dogs or cats, you also can ask the landlords or receptionist while holding paperwork in your palm hands.

If they were agreed on your statements, good news for your furry squad to get along with you in daily life, they allow you to bring in pets with notes, their mess must be clean up because if not, for the consequence you will retrieve is not permitted to stay over there anymore.

Perhaps there are a lot of ways to resolve those first rental problems, but from the explanation above, is written based on various resident experiences. So, hopefully, it might be useful tips for buying your soon-to-be apartments units.


So that’s all the guide of first time apartment renter, perhaps the game of how you overcome first experience living on new apartment units you had bought might be the easiest job or best memories you are going to get in your apartment life.

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