Jakarta as a capital city has so many famous places to visit. Not only as central government of Indonesia Jakarta also has tourism spot that deserves your attention such as historical place, nature tourism, and culinary tour. These are Indonesian nation’s heritage.

Other than that still there are so many hidden places you can discover in Jakarta. If you get bored with a place you’re getting used to, you can seek another unique alternative places to visit. Of course Jakarta has plenty of those. You will be able to find hidden gems in Jakarta on the weekend, after reading this page.

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Here are some hidden gems in Jakarta you can find in the middle of this super busy city. You can go together with your family, friends, or your loved one.

1. Museum di Tengah Kebun (Museum In The Mid of Garden)

hidden gem in Jakarta

Who would guess if there was museum located on Kemang? As we know that Kemang is a crowded area. But if you pay little attention, on Kemang Timur Raya Street, there was beautiful museum hidden in the middle of the garden. From the road side, you would only see wooden door with a hidden museum sign. This museum does not belong to the government.

Actually, this museum is Sir Sjarial Djalil’s residence. He is an art and antiques collector. There are almost 4000 collection items came from Japan, Europe, China, also all over Indonesia. In 2009, Sir Sjarial Djalil opened his own residence so people can enjoy his own collection.

Central Garden Museum has a beautiful spacious garden. You can relax enjoying the garden after finished your museum tour. This museum only opened for weekend Saturday and Sunday. If you want to go there, you have to book your visit first, prior to the tour. Also, you have to invite 7 – 10 people in one group in order to visit this unique museum.

2. Thousand Islands

hidden gem in Jakarta

Another hidden gem you can find in Jakarta is Thousand Island. This is one of the best Jakarta’s nature tourism. There are 11 little islands inhabit this archipelago. Some of them changed into tourist islands, you can call it Bidadari Island, Perak Island, Putri Island, Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, and Untung Jawa Island.

If you have more budget you can try to visit Bidadari Island and Putri Island, because at the two islands you can get better and more expensive facilities, for instance good hotels and delicious food to pamper yourself. But, if you have limited budget you still can visit and enjoy Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, or Untung Jawa Island.

3. Silver Island or Perak island

Perak Island is a deserted island that is still part of Thousand islands. Many people exploring this beautiful place and finally became traveler’s favorite choice. Now, this island has a lifeguard and small shop to meet the needs of visitors.

If you want to feel the sensation of staying in private island, visiting Silver Island is definitely a good choice. It has white sand and calm sea water. You can snorkel, sunbathing, or doing other activities here. This island also has mangrove forest that is very photogenic and instagramable. You can bring your own tent if you want to stay the night, you just need to pay for retribution fee.

hidden gem in Jakarta

How to get there? You can start from Muara Angke harbor, buy a ticket about Rp 30.000 – 50.000 per person, take the boat then heading to Harapan Island. Next, you can continue the trip using small boat owned by Harapan Island residents, then say “Hi” to Perak Island.

4. Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

For those of you who want to get chill a moment, escape from the crowd, you can come to Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge. This is not just a restaurant, here you can feel like you are sitting and eating in the middle of the tropical forest that featured smooth water garden. To enjoy this place you’ll need to spend amount of money, but it will be worth because of that special ambience.

Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge located in Ayana Midplaza Hotel, Central Jakarta. Here, you can taste Mexican cuisine accompanied by soothing music. All you need is just relax and enjoy the service.

5. San Diego Hills

This is the most beautiful memorial park in Indonesia. San Diego Hills has 500 hectare of land area, including a lake which occupied 8 hectare of land. This exclusive funeral park adopting concept of Forest Lawn Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, California, USA. You will not find gloomy vibes here like in another funeral park. In San Diego hills you can even celebrate your wedding or other fun activities.

There are other facilities besides graveyard such as chapel, mosque, Italian restaurant, jogging track, minimarket, swimming pool, florist and gift shop, multipurpose building for capacity 250 people.

San Diego Hills is divided into 3 huge funeral areas. First is Universal Garden for Christian, Garden of Prosperity and Joy for Buddhist, and Five Pillars Garden for Moslem. All of these have procedures that are in accordance with their respective religions.

6. Mangrove Forest at PIK, North Jakarta

PIK (an abbreviation of Pantai Indah Kapuk) is luxurious residential in North Jakarta. But apparently there is a great hidden gem inside, which is mangrove forest. Mangrove forest is precisely located in Angke Kapuk Natural Tourist Park Area and managed by Jakarta provincial government.

Here, you can strolling around to take picture or rowing the small boat to enjoy the view. You can stay the night by rent a camping area inside this mangrove forest.

7. Root House

If you ever heard and watched artistic music video which has so many roots as background, it means you ever watched one of Jakarta’s beautiful hidden gem. People usually call it Root House.

Root house was located on Jakarta Old City. From roof to wall all was covered by the roots. It leaves a mystic vibes. There’s no one knows about the history of this unique root house. But one thing for sure this place is become favorite spot for photography lovers and pre-wedding photoshot.

Hidden gem in Jakarta is not limited to the places explained above. You may find other places as interesting as those 7 places, and visiting them definitely worth your time. If you want to know more about hidden gem in Jakarta, you could visit government travel website, Jakarta’s tour and travel company or talk to locals.

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