There is no doubt that buying or renting a home or apartment in any other cities in this world is kind difficult.

Especially in the capital city like London, Jakarta, Washington, or another city that you like to living.

The data showed that renting a property like an apartment is increasing for the last few years.

The difficulty of finding the property is the reason why it is increasing. There are so many reasons why people trying to stay in other places.

For example, people looking for an apartment which is close to their workplace, university, and business place.

It’s reducing the time to go to their activity place. Besides, it will save on transportation costs.

But still, renting price of apartment especially in the capital city is always expensive.

You might be able to find a cheaper one but the facilities, environment, or service probably suck.

Find a good one. Who has a complete facility, clean environment, very well service, and good maintenance.

Does it expensive? Of course, it does. The only way you could pay less than the fixed price is to get a roommate.

How to find a roommate for an apartment?

You can find it in roommate finder like Roomster, Roommates, and many more.

“Which one is the best finder websites?”.

Actually, we never used that app yet. But we will you the best roommate finder app based on the most users of the app itself but we give you the general information about those websites.


How to Find a Roommate for an Apartment? These 5 Websites Could Help You to Find Your Room Mate


1. Roomster

This website is one of the best sites to find a roommate. They provide so many lists of people who will glad to share a room with you. Besides, the website is easy to use too. You can filter the searching by budget, age, location, gender, age, radius from your current position, even the zodiac. It’s free to create the account on this website. You can use this one as a reference to get a roommate. How to find a roommate for an apartment in Roomster? Just visit the website to find out guys.


2. Roommates

Roommates site is also one of the best websites that you can use. The website has a good design too, it’s colorful and spoils your eyes. The homepage provides not many features, the thing that you can see when you visiting the homepage is search box + the button, a random people that written “thousands of potential roommates” (but if you click one of them, it will direct you to the signup page), and testimonials. But it can not be denied that this app has so many users.


3. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media apps now. It provides so many features from games, group, fan page, and many more. People using this feature to make a group of apartment roommate finder. The people who have an apartment and wants to rent out their empty room or people who looking for a roommate are available here. But it’s lack of trust because of anyone able to post the advertisement in the group. But still, everyone looking for it. How to find a roommate for an apartment on Facebook? Join a roommate finder group.


4. Roomiematch

Roomiematch is different than any roommate finder apps. It requires you to fill the profile. This website will give you questions that you need to answer based on your conditions. When you finished filling the questions, it will save your data into their database. According to their system, if someone who suits you already found, they will notify you by sending an email and you’ll see your next roommate.


5. Roomies

The last one is the roomies. On the homepage, it will show you a lot of people who already registered in Roomies. Besides to find a roommate, this website allows you to rent out your property either. So it’s like combined between roommate finder website and property rental website. Just like the other websites, it’s free to create an account here.


So that’s all the top websites to find a roommate who frees to use. How to find a roommate for an apartment for me but I don’t want to get a wrong one. Read the next point below!


Kind of Person Who Should Be Your Roommate

Besides having a good face, make sure your roommate must fulfill the conditions below:

– Having a job, business, or a student who is given money from his/her parent. So they will no excuse refusing to pay the apartment monthly bills.

– Able to keep the apartment room always clean and willing to take turns cleaning the apartment unit.

– Having a contact of his/her family or someone close to them. So if your roommate suddenly disappears, you can contact them to ask for the payment.

– Ready to help you in any condition.

– Same gender (to prevent misunderstanding with the neighbor).

– One of you should have a car or motorcycle. Just in case in an emergency, you can use it to go without using public transportation.

– If it is possible, get a roommate from a trusty person who you know. To increase your trust.

We don’t push you to follow these tips, but at least 3 or 5 points should be you follow.


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Steps to do when you already get your roommate

Now let’s talk about planning. If you already found your roommate, ask him/her to meet and make a plan. You are going to stay in an apartment with someone who you just met before, especially you are going to be with them in a long time. So make sure that your roommate is the right person for you.


1. Think It One More Time

“Are you really need to living with someone?”

This question probably pops up before you decide to rent an apartment with someone who you didn’t know at all. If you are living with your brother, sister, or cousin, it doesn’t really matter.

So think again and make sure you know everything about your roommate’s background and behavior.

If you just figure out your bad side about your roommate, just cancel to living with him/her and find another one.

Make sure that your roommate is a perfect person for you.


2. Meeting With Your Roommate

After finding the right person to be your roommate, the next step is meeting.

Decide which apartment who both of you wants.

Don’t make a rush decision, just make sure your apartment fulfills all the checklist below:

– Affordable price.
– Close to your daily activity places. Such as the university, workplace, or business place.
– Complete facilities.
– Clean environment.
– And very good service.

I know how hard to find the apartment with all of those conditions. But there is no harm to try.


3. Type of Apartment

Don’t forget to ask your roommate, which type of apartment both of you planning to rent.

Is it a Studio? 1 Bedroom? or 2 Bedroom?

I suggest that every person who is living in an apartment to get a room, to prevent misunderstanding things.

And also consider about furnished. Did you want to rent a full-furnished, semi-furnished, or non-furnished?

I recommend that if you want to save the budget, just take a semi-furnished room.

The semi-furnished room is possible for you to bring a lot of stuff into your apartment.

There’s a lot of space to put your stuff, different from full-furnished which every space has already fulfilled the room with furniture. So it limits yourself to bring stuff.

So think about it guys!


4. Payment

This is important, make sure how much you and your roommate afford to rent.

Combined your budget, find and rent an apartment based on these budget.

Sometimes, the person who pays more is getting to be like the owner. So to prevent things like that make sure the payment is split by two.

Unless you ready to pay more, it will be no matter.

You have to pay the bills on time. So before the due deadline, both of you should pay the bills, to prevent the extra charge.



So that’s all the tips about how to find a roommate for an apartment that I can share with you.

Hopefully, all of you can find the right person for you as a roommate.

“We already follow all your tips but we can’t find any apartment who suitable with us. Where we should find it?”

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You and your roommate could pay in installment up top 12 months, which is rare to get the advantage like this in Indonesia.

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