Indonesia’s indeed rich if we’re talking about the variety of ethnicity and cultures. Every expatriate who living in Indonesia always amazed with it.

Including island to island that has played in each edge, exotic destinations which have become the most anticipated holiday by dozen of foreigners, particularly westerners.

In facts, foreigners have found interested in working or, moreover, living in Indonesia because there are potentials that were opened around here.

Perhaps some of you ever wondered in your head of contemplating statements regarding your dilemma before you pack things to fly onward Indonesia such as,

“I want to live there….but the price…..” or “But..what if I have no company to guide me over ?”.

Actually, foreigners didn’t found it hard whenever they are settling over here at the beginning of their footsteps hitting on the land.

Actively, they register themselves on expatriates forum on the website by giving tips or guide for foreigners who excited to living in Indonesia.

Those expatriates who living in their whole life is giving you an explanation to start your journey to the center of the world, which is Indonesia archipelago that settled between west and east oceans.


Guide to Living in Indonesia


1. Register Yourself to Expat Forum

One Thing You Gotta Do is Register Yourself to Indonesia Expatriates Forum. There will be a lot of information about living in Indonesia.

“If I were there, what would I feel of several occasions that happened on surrounding me ?”

It was a common question for any expatriates that will shelve on the brain. Indeed, you need to gather all information which expatriates have composed few of resident guidebooks.

They’re not only alluding guidebooks around Indonesia but also provides daily news affairs on current region places you might want to visit.

Whether you wanting yourself to have resident which supports all of your need and add some exotic views such as – Bali or Lombok.

Or maybe, you want to continue to pave your career path in the metropolitan bustling areas like Jakarta?.

All members who have assigned on the forum walls, will happy to inform you that sites including tips and tricks before you start to visit over there.

You can also connect with several locals in the forum you had registered. Aside from catching up with other foreigners, you might broaden networking with other people which would be shaping your perspectives about worldwide events.

Were you asked the question about related topics of countries, of course, they will bring help on you with pleasure.

Besides, if you are still seeking apartments unit, either it came from the foreigners or locals, there is information about apartment lease.

If you are interested in taking your favorite apartment units into your hand, you can asks both locals and foreigners regarding apartment lease.

After you negotiate the apartment lease, perhaps you have succeeded to start your journey in here.

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2. Attentiveness in Climate

Expatriates who living in Indonesia for a long time must be already accustomed for the climates.

For information, you are entering into two weather condition that encompasses on warm to humidity. You have to pay attention to make sure you be prepared for several moisty areas will surround your room.

But don’t worry, most foreigners are convinced with the subtropical temperature that lies in Indonesia.

Usually, the driest season will begin around June to September, which will lighten your daily life on account of the sunbeams appearances often comes out on those periods.

Following by the end of September, the wet season turns its slot to get over, the drenches are gone from October until May.

Those periods generally gave you a bit cool sensations that will make the air clearer while you are walking down on the pavements.

In case – since the climate has results humidity – you must beware of mosquitos invading toward the apartments you have lived into.

Additionally, owing to the mosquitos frequent presence, a dengue fever plague where it occurred in every rainy season often become a major disturbance.

Even, there are fatal cases where the victims should hospitalize due to the effect of dengue fever. You need to know the ways to tackle those common-disturbing epidemic before you get into a fatality.

The first stage you like to know is, buy mosquito sprayer, Indonesia convenience store are massive in a production of mosquito repellent and coils because of the fact mosquito mostly concealed in the moist areas.

When you come on going to somewhere else, if you have repellent stored under the container, always spray off the repellent toward each corner of the house before you go.

Another thing you must know about mosquitos repellent, besides its odor gives a nice scent – made by nature fragrance such as lavenders and aloe vera. It also kills mosquito including their larvae.

In case, again, when you found out it’s not finished yet, call the apartments receptionist about your disruption to bring foggers squad in to resolve all of your housing problems. They will give their best services toward the apartment.


3. Visa is Really Required in Here

Living in Indonesia must be required a Visa, just like any city in this world.

Wishing for living into the apartment in the city you fantasize about and relocate yourself into a place where you want to belong is indeed appropriable.

But one thing you must know is Indonesia need you to require visas for expatriates who will settle in Jakarta for a year. The steps of receiving visa approval consist of Holiday Visa and Working Holiday Visa.

In the events of your arrival, you are given seven days for taking care of Indonesia’s visa to the regional offices.

The visa issuance duration can take two weeks process. When the visa is issued, then your expat visa can be hand toward you over and be valid for five years.

Alongside visa cards, you will be having Foreigner’s control and Supervision book (POA). The usage of this book would track your life insurances, current residence, occupation, and marital status and will devised on daily life as well.

On the other visa’s business, you may need to assign yourself to medical care insurance.

The medical insurance for foreigners or expats will serve recommended private international hospitals that will give you the best care and a number of insurance policies that cover up from entire Southeast Asia, like Indonesia.

Allianz Worldwide Care gives an insurance direction especially foreigners who reside around Indonesia. The method is very simple, just type your name and city you planning to move in Indonesia.

But bear in mind – it was only available to the private medical institution with experts care.


4. Understanding Your Apartments Unit

The last stage is quite easy. If you are possesses negotiating intelligence, maybe it’s not quite hard for you to acquire those things but how about someone who doesn’t quite diligent for doing tongue-twisting arguments?

If the facts say so, there is some guide that looks useful for you to start to deal with negotiating the situation.

If you can’t do the negotiation very well, you must research throughout the website on information desks about your ideal apartment.

Because it will become effective for getting know more about your apartment criteria since you are the one who wants to rent and as well as avoid negotiating debate about trivial matters in residency.

Search room criteria that you feel suitable with your current situation.

No good for you who are still single but you rent large sized room unless you are brand architects or having a job which related to designing or craftsmanship who need additional room, so you could utilize as personal workshops studio.

So moral of the explanation is, you’re to know of your room capacity first, including the storage and spaces you will have.

Whether you have decided to buy the property, start to talk prize which is a crucial part before your lease contract hand into your own palms.

If it may possible to brag about discount or Down Payment method, you had to ask payment due like asking the general question when you are buying clothes.

By the way, each room was divided into four sections: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, and lastly the largest one, 3BR.

You must choose among of which criteria will fit into your condition, don’t make a rash choice. Just ask yourself, which one do you need and ask for advice for someone who you know.

“It seems interesting if I get to know about payment method…..”

“Should I pay according to the per month or per year ?”

Simple isn’t it?



So living in Indonesia perhaps the greatest thing you would ever feel so far, you don’t have to worry about unsettling things or blinded with no information published if you are followed those three steps that were condoned with several foreigners.

Foreigners who live in Indonesia in a long-term are preferred to buy or rent a property. Such as a house or apartment.

But the problem is, to find a house, especially in a capital city like Jakarta will be difficult. Why? Because almost every land space is already filled with buildings, houses, business places, even schools.

So the other ways to get a perfect property besides of house is an apartment.

You can find a perfect apartment that suits your needs in Jendela360. Every apartment in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Tangerang, and any other places will be found here.

Ease of transaction, comprehensive list of apartments, and able to pay in installment or cash, and many more.

Visit Jendela360 website to see the available unit of apartments.

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