Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Many of you may be heard that Jakarta traffic is crazy.

Can you imagine how crowded the city if the government offices, embassy offices, malls, apartments, skyscraper buildings, and company offices.

That makes Jakarta become one of the most populated cities in the world.

In Jakarta mostly fulfilled by offices, but it doesn’t mean you can’t having fun. Jakarta also offers amusement park, islands around the Jakarta, museum, place to learn about Jakarta culture, and many more.


Here are 11 things to do in Jakarta

Shall we start?


1. National Monument

This one is an icon of Jakarta. Monas located in Central Jakarta and there’s also national museum history around it. So if you are interested to learn about Jakarta history, you are more than welcome to visit it. Also, you can go to the highest floor to see the view of Jakarta city using the binoculars. I recommend you to visit it in the evening.


2. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is located in Ragunan, South Jakarta. You can find more than 4,000 species in here including birds, sea animal, insects, and many more. Also, you can find the last living dragon called Komodo and orangutans in here. You can visit the Ragunan Zoo every day except on Monday. Because it is an off-day for the animals.


3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or in English, it can be called Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. This place will teach you about the culture from 34 provinces in Indonesia. It provides traditional houses from each province in Indonesia, traditional dress, traditional dance, and many more. You can use a cable car or bus to visit every place in TMII. There’s also a lake inside, where visitor usually takes a break to sit and play around the lake.


4. Dufan

Dufan (Dunia Fantasi) is a very popular amusement park in Indonesia. Located in North Jakarta, Dufan is becoming one of the biggest amusement parks beside Trans Studio in Makassar and Bandung. The ticket price is different between weekdays and the weekend. Weekdays ticket price is IDR 200,000/person and weekend price is IDR 295,000/person.

There’s also Fastrack ticket, Fastrack ticket allows you to play rides in Dufan without waiting in the line, and the price is also different than the regular ticket. I suggest that if you want to go to Dufan, don’t go on the weekend. Because most people will come on the weekend and it makes Dufan will be full of people.

For more info, feel free to visit this.


5. Car Free Day

Car Free Day or CFD always held on Sunday. Located in Sudirman street until Thamrin street, you will no see vehicles over there. Because of the Jakarta Government prohibit the vehicles from passing the Car Free Day roads. It starts from 6 AM until 11 AM. Besides people do the jogging and riding the bike, you can find the street vendors along the way. Start from food seller, clothes seller, and many more. So if you are in Jakarta, don’t forget to join the Car Free Day.


6. Istiqlal Mosque and Catholic Cathedral

There are two popular religion buildings in Jakarta, that the Istiqlal Mosque and the Catholic Cathedral. Located in Central Jakarta, Istiqlal mosque and Catholic cathedral are established adjacent. Those buildings have beautiful architecture. You will see the beautify of tolerance and mutual respect if you come here when they do the worship.


7. Kota Tua

Kota Tua is a historical place and located in West Jakarta. In the past, it’s called Old Batavia before the name change into Kota Tua. Kota Tua has a beautiful architecture that builds in the Dutch colonial period. People who love photography and arts often to coming here to see and feel the atmosphere in Kota Tua.


8. Ancol

Now we talk about Ancol and located in North Jakarta. Usually, Indonesia people visit Ancol to enjoy the beach. You can spend time with your family in Ancol. There are also so many popular restaurants like Segarra Beach Club, Le Bridge, Kalaha, and many more. It’s very recommended place for you who need refreshing from your daily activity.


9. Malls

In Jakarta, malls always are number one people favorite place to hang out. Here are the recommended malls that you can visit in Jakarta: Grand Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka, Pondok Indah Mall, Gandaria City, Central Park, Taman Anggrek, and many more.

Malls provide almost every single thing that people need. If they want to watch a movie, there’s a cinema21. If they want to eat, there are so many restaurants or cafe that they can eat. If they want to buy clothes, a mall also has so many shopping clothes.


10. Music Festival

Some big music events always held in Jakarta. There are so many music events that you can enjoy in Jakarta. International Java Jazz Festival, Djakarta Warehouse Project, Hammersonic, and many more. These three events have big visitors every single year because it’s the biggest event in their own genre.

And don’t forget that Indonesia has Dangdut music which is original music from Indonesia. You can hear a popular dangdut song singer like Via Vallen, Nella Kharisma, and many more.

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11. Waterpark

There are so many waterparks in Indonesia like Waterboom, Atlantis, Snowbay, The Wave, and many more. You can spend your time with your lover or your family in those waterparks. Each waterpark has a different price, so you can check it on their each own websites. Waterparks is a very good place for you to refreshing from your daily activity.



That’s all the 11 things to do in Jakarta that you can follow. For an Expatriates or Indonesian who need refreshing can go to all those places.

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