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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Cawang

Tourism / Entertainment

Bored with the hustle and bustle when you move around the Cawang area, you can take a break by visiting MT. Haryono Square (MTH Square) located on Jalan MT. Haryono Kav.10. MT. Haryono Square is a Mixed Use Development area where offices, residences, and commercials become one unit. You can visit the mall MT. Haryono Square and relax for a moment in the tenants at MTH Square such as KFC, A & W, Dunkin Donuts, and Kino Take.


For you culinary lovers, in Cawang there are several culinary places that bear the status of favorite food in Jakarta, especially the Cawang area and its surroundings. For those of you fans of dishes made from mutton, you can taste the tender Sate Tegal H.Ridwan. With a unique dish coupled with fresh mutton every day is a guarantee for you when you come to the satay shop located on Jalan Otista.

For those of you who want to save time and want to taste a variety of foods in one place can come to the Wikiwikiwok Food Court. Located at Tamansari Hive, this food court has the characteristic of presenting a vintage aviation atmosphere. A variety of culinary offerings can be found here ranging from traditional Indonesian cuisine such as gudeg, ayam penyet, cakalang, rendang, soto madura, western dishes such as Chicken Gordon Blue, to Asian foods such as sushi and bibimbap.

In Cawang you can also find legendary culinary namely Bakmi Golek. People around often call it Bagol (short for Bakmi Golek). Starting from 1984, you can find Bakmi Golek outlets in several places in Jakarta including Bakmi Golek Otista and Bakmi Golek Dewi Sartika in the Cawang area. Not only noodle menus that you can find here. Other menus such as fried rice, porridge, fu yung hai, seafood, and chinese food can you try. The Bakmie Golek mainstay menu that you can order includes fried bakmie, bakmie golek special, lomie, and i fu mie.


It is not difficult to find public transportation in Cawang. The area that has a number of roads and is connected to the toll road makes vehicles such as buses and city transportation back and forth especially on the main roads around Cawang such as Jalan Otista Raya and Jalan MT. Haryono.

Large buses such as Mayasari Bakti with the Blok M-Kampung Melayu route, Kampung Rambutan-Bekasi and other large buses often travel back and forth across Cawang. For those of you who like to use TransJakarta to reach several places in Jakarta, there are at least three busway routes that pass in Cawang such as Corridor VII with Kampung Melayu-Kampung Rambutan (Cawang Otista Stop), Corridor IX with Pinang Ranti - Pluit (Cawang UKI Stop) , BNN Cawang Stop, Cawang Ciliwung Stop, and Cikoko Station Cawang Station), and Corridor X with Cililitan Tanjung Priok route (Cawang Uki Bus Stop and Cawang Sutoyo Bus Stop).

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