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Tourist attraction & entertainment

In this place, you can find many historic buildings from other region in Jakarta. This makes Gambir have various tourist destinations. National Museum or Indonesian people more familiarly called Monas. Monas is very famous as a tourist icon of Jakarta. What is unique, at the top of the Monas you can see fire torch made of bronze and coated with gold weighing 32 Kg. Inside the Monas you can find dioramas and paintings describes the struggle of the Indonesian people in defending independence.

The National Gallery of Indonesia Museum located on Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur no. 14 could be an alternative educational tour in Gambir. Besides as a place of exhibition, this building also often used for art events. The museum consists of 3 buildings displaying unique and authentic artwork both modern and contemporary. The facilities in this museum are also complete such as seminar room, library and laboratory.

Want to worship in one of the grandest mosques? There Istiqlal Mosque located at Jalan Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Gambir. The 5-floor mosque building has a modern architecture. Istiqlal has one large dome with a diameter of 45 meters. The mosque accommodates 200 thousand people. Not only limited to places of worship, Istiqlal Mosque also became the office of various Islamic organizations in Indonesia. Non-Muslim visitors can also enjoy the beauty of this mosque, although limited to certain parts.

Not far from the Istiqlal Mosque, there is Kathedral Church on Jl. Cathedral No.7B. The location of these two places of worship close together became a symbol of religious tolerance that has always been upheld by the people of Indonesia. Inside the Cathedral Church there is also a museum. In this museum, you can also know the history of the spread of Catholicism in Jakarta.


There are many places to eat that you can find in Gambir. FYI, there are several dining place which is more than half a century old. One of them is Ragusa Ice Cream. This ice cream shop established since 1932. Here you can enjoy the Italian legendary ice cream. The ice cream made from pure milk with some variants such as spaghetti ice cream and banana split.

To enjoy food from neighbor country, like Malaysia, you can try Bugis Kopitiam. The location is inside the ground floor of Gambir station. Here you can enjoy the main menu such as Nasi Lemak with salted fish and Rendang. Interestingly, the interior design of the room here nuanced traditional that makes the atmosphere fells homey.

Ajag Ijig on Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.14 is also a favorite place to eat in Gambir especially for you Batavian food lovers. Soto Betawi become one of the recommended menu in this restaurant. For a selection of drinks, do not miss to taste the pletok beer (Bir Pletok). Although the name of beer, this drink does not contain alcohol so it is safe for consumption for Moslem (Halal).

Public Transportation

Gambir has an executive class railway station serving major cities in Java. You also can find DAMRI bus that you can use to get to Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Located in the center of Jakarta, Gambir has many transportation options. By TransJakarta corridor 1st , you can use to reach Harmoni, Glodok, Thamrin, Semanggi, Senayan, and Sudirman. For those of you who want to go to Tugu Tani, Kwitang, and Pasar Senen, can use Metromini P 15. While Kopaja T502 be one option to reach Tanah Abang, Cikini, Matraman and Jatinegara.

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