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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kalideres

Apartment for Rent in Kalideres

Kalideres is known as a business and industrial area in the capital. From Kalideres, it is very easy to reach various locations such as Tangerang, BSD City, and Alam Sutra. Property developers regard Kalideres as a favorable location for the construction of apartments. Plus in this region transportation infrastructure is available in the form of inter-city and inter-provincial bus terminals.

Sky Terrace Apartment, one of the apartments in Kalideres, is located close to JORR, Jakarta Merak Toll Road, and Toll to Soekarno Hatta Airport. This apartment carries the concept of eco green with a choice of one, two, and three bedroom type units. The facilities available are also complete, starting from coffee shops, beauty clinics, fruit corners, business centers, laboratories, mini markets, and many more.

Tourism / Entertainment

Various entertainment tours are available at Kalideres, shopping malls to parks who is free for everyone are available. One of them is Palm Bay Water Park in Palm Paradise. You can visit this water attraction with family especially on weekends. Officially opened in 2014, Palm Bay Water Park has a variety of rides such as wave pool, boomerang slides, rainbow slides, and interestingly there are outbound facilities. Coupled with other facilities such as playgrounds, trampolines, and jogging tracks, it provides more comfort for anyone on vacation in a tourist attraction in this city.

To enjoy the fresh air with low cost in your pocket, you can visit the child-friendly integrated public space (RPTRA) Kaliders and Pegadungan. Built on an area of 778 square meters, this public space is equipped with a multipurpose building, library, children's play facilities, and futsal courts. In the morning or evening when the sun is not hot it is the right time to come to this place.

In addition, for those of you who want to tour while shopping, you can come to Daan Mogot Mall, which is on Jalan Daan Mogot KM. 16. This mall consists of 5 floors and is filled by many famous tenants such as Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, Gramedia, Ace Hardware, Fun World, and many more. For connoisseurs of the gold screen, you can also watch the cinema at Cinema 21 which is on the 3rd Floor of Maal Daan Mogot.


There are many delicious culinary that you can enjoy while in the Kalideres area. For you sweet food connoisseurs, Dapur Cokelat located on Jl. Taman Palem Lestari Blok C11 is a place that must be visited. Here a variety of cake menus is available. Not only cake, but also Dapur Cokelat also has an interesting choice of chocolate pralines. Besides the full-size cake, here visitors can also enjoy slice cake and cupcake.

The place for dining and fishing at Kalideres is at Saung Rawalele, located at Jl. Western Map No. 33, Daan Mogot. As per the jargon, this place to eat is indeed beautiful and comfortable and is equipped with facilities such as live music, playgrounds, swimming pools, fishing, and flying fox. Saung Rawalele can be a destination for relaxing and fitting for family gatherings. Some menus that can be enjoyed include fried gurame fish, balado pete eggplant, flour fried squid, fan tofu, and many more.

For you, typical Betawi culinary connoisseurs, in Kalideres, there are Soto & Sop Khas Betawi Bang Nawi. The address is at Jl. Citra Garden 7, Ruko Seventh Walk. What is unique about this place, soto betawi that is served does not use coconut milk, but milk. Some menus that you can enjoy include chicken soup, mixed soup, lung soup, soto kaki, and many more.


The Kalideres Terminal and Kalideres Station make it easy for people around the Kalideres area to reach various places. Kalideres Station, for example, the station located on Jalan Gaga, Semanan can be used to go to the Duri and Tangerang areas. Whereas Kalideres Terminal serves routes inside and outside the city. Inter-city routes include Tangerang, Bekasi, Cileungsi, Depok, Merak, and even Sumatra. While transportation in the city serves the destinations of Tanah Abang, Senen, Kampung Rambutan, and many more.

In addition to trains and public transport, there are other options for transportation modes in Kalideres, TransJakarta corridor 3 which can be used to go to Rawa Buaya, Jembatan Baru, Harmoni, and Juanda. There is also a B88 Kopaja that crosses Grogol, S. Parman, Tomang, and the surrounding areas. As well as large buses like Mayasari Bakti AC02 with Ps. Rebo and Kp. Rambutan.

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