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Kebon Melati

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Kebon Melati
Kebon Melati

Apartment for Rent in Kebon Melati

All the needs for comfortable living are available at Kebon Melati, from offices, shopping centers, health facilities, educational facilities, and more. Not surprisingly, many property developers are competing to offer apartment occupancy as a choice of residence in the region. There are many choices of apartments in Kebon Melati, including Cosmo Mansion - Thamrin City, Thamrin Residence Apartment, and Cosmo Terrace - Thamrin City which carries the concept of one-stop living because this apartment is right above the Thamrin City Mall.

Thamrin Executive Residence and Ascott Apartment apartments also offer complete facilities to attract prospective tenants, ranging from gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, children's playgrounds, and grocery stores. For more secure security, there are CCTV and security systems for 24 hours.

Tourism / Entertainment

Kebon Melati area has a wide choice of places for entertainment tourism. As a shopping destination in the region, there is Thamrin City on Jl. KH Mas Mansyur. In this place, you can find various choices of batik. At Thamrin City, it serves bulk purchases so that it is always crowded with prospective buyers. Buyers can bid up to 20 percent lower than the price offered. For fashion at affordable prices, Thamrin City is the right place.

The next mall choice is at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town on MH Thamrin Street Number 1. This 7-storey mall opened in 2008. The mall consists of the east mall and west mall connected by a sky bridge. In this mall, you can find famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Zara, Uniqlo, Cotton On, H & M, and many more. There are also many restaurants in this mall, including Baso Afung, Bakmi GM, Sate Khas Senayan, and Soto Betawi Ratu Plaza. What's interesting in this mall is the CGV cinema on the 8th floor. The CGV cinema provides a memorable viewing experience because it is equipped with the ScreenX feature. ScreenX can display views on the right and left walls. This feature is perfect for enjoying 2D movies.

In the same area, available educational tourist destinations are none other than the Indonesia Rich Gallery located in Grand Indonesia, West Mall floor. 8. This place provides information about the cultural richness of the archipelago, ranging from traditional musical instruments, traditional toys, traditional clothes, to knowledge about tourism, culinary, and arts. This information is presented in digital and interactive forms. The Indonesian Gallery is also equipped with an auditorium for cultural spectacle.


Culinary destination choices in Kebon Melati need not be doubted. There are many eating places that are already famous in the region. Just say Sambel Plecing is annoying at Jalan KH. Mas Mansyur No. 2. This place is in the form of a tent but is very famous because the sauce is very spicy. Here you can enjoy a variety of seafood, fried chicken, sauteed vegetables, until chicken claw. This dining place is always crowded, you must be prepared to queue to be able to taste a portion of legendary Sambal plecing.

To enjoy the taste of goat soup that can be addictive, you can come to the Goat Karim Soup Stall which is also on Jalan KH. Mas Mansur. Although in this region there are some sellers of goat soup, the Bang Karim Goat Soup is the most recommended. Savory goat soup is obtained from goat broth and cow's milk mixture. This is what characterizes goat soup here. To be able to enjoy this menu, it is recommended that you come before 6 pm because if it is very crowded, this shop will close around 8 pm.

For more modern culinary destinations, the choice is at Magnum Cafe Grand Indonesia Shopping Town on the 6th floor. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very comfortable and romantic, especially at night. This place is perfect for you ice cream lovers, but there are also a variety of food choices. The live band performance entertained the visitors who came.

Suharti Fried Chicken on Jalan KH. Mas Mansyur No.69 becomes the next preferred culinary destination in Kebon Melati. This restaurant that is thick with traditional nuances serves a menu of fried chicken that is different from any fried chicken restaurant in Jakarta. Fried Chicken Ayam Suharti is served with many tasty crisps, along with a delicious chili paste.

Looking for an instagramable dinner place at Kebon Melati? Visit Avec Moi Restaurant on Teluk Betung Street Number 44. A homey atmosphere is guaranteed to make you feel at home enjoying the Indonesian-French menu here. This place is also a lot of capacity so it is also suitable for birthdays or social gatherings. Avec Moi's Carbonara is one of the menus that you should try.


Besides the choice of tourist attractions and diverse culinary destinations, transportation facilities in the Kebon Melati area also vary. The modes of public transportation in the form of kopaja and metromini are easily found, as are ojek and taxi.

There is Kopaja 19 which can be used to reach the HI, Sudirman, Dukuh Atas, Senayan, and Blok M Roundabouts. To get to the Kalibata, Pancoran, Kuningan, Semanggi and Rubber areas, Metromoni 640 can be an option. While the S608 Kopaja can be used by residents of Kebon Melati to go to Slipi, Simprug, or Blok M. There are also APTB 11 as a means of transportation to get to Cawang, Jagorawi highway, and Ciawi Bogor.

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