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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Pademangan

Apartment for Rent in Pademangan

Pademangan is increasingly a favorite as a choice of residence location. The ease of enjoying Taman Impian Jaya Ancol entertainment facilities and the availability of adequate infrastructure has encouraged the emergence of many apartments in Pademangan such as The Mansion Kemayoran Jasmine, Springhill Terrace Residence, Northland Ancol Residence, and Ancol Mansion Apartment.

There is also The Mansion Kemayoran Bougenville which is in a flood-free location with complete facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, jogging track, children's playground, and 24-hour security, and much more. Whereas the Mediterranean Marina Ancol Apartment which has easy access to the toll doors of Kemayoran, Pluit, Pantai Indah Kapuk, and Jembatan Tiga provides types of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms with affordable prices.

Tourism / Entertainment

There are so many choices of tourist attractions that you can find in Pademangan and its surrounding area. Like Atlantis, which is in the Ancol Jaya Impian Complex. This waterpark is one of the favorite destinations for loyal visitors to Ancol Dreamland. In this place there is not only a swimming pool but also a playground for children and adults. The Atlantis tourist destination is on an area of 5 hectares and consists of a vehicle for Wave Pool, Flow Pool, Floating Pool, Crazy Highest Longest Slide, Tanding Pool, Kiddy Pool 1, and Kiddy 2 for children.

To Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, it is incomplete if you don't try a variety of rides in Fantasy World. The first theme park in Jakarta presents several theme rides and game attractions that can awaken your imagination. For those of you who like challenges and want to adrenaline, you can try out some extreme rides such as roller coaster, Kora-Kora (swinging pirate ship), Tornado ( topspin ), and Hysteria ( thrill ride ).

To enjoy the attractions of sea animals, you just come to the Ocean Dream Samudra. This tourist object is suitable for children because besides playing, your children also get new knowledge. The attractions of dolphins, sea lions, mangoes, linsang, and sea lions are a spectacle that you can enjoy in this place. There are also performances of the Scorpion Pirates drama (pirate battles) and Cinema 4D.

You can also come to a giant aquarium pool called Sea World. You can use one of the attractions at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol to introduce your children to various sea animals. Sea World itself has a large variety of freshwater and seawater collections. Some types of fish that can be seen at Sea World include sharks, clown fish, parrot fish, arapaima gigas, red arowana fish, yellowtail fish, and many more. In addition to seeing Sea World collection animals, other attractions that you can see are Feeding Show or feeding by professional divers to the sea animals.


It is not difficult for you to find a good place to eat in the Pademangan area. There are a variety of menu choices at affordable prices. Among other things, Kalimati Seafood 94 Mulyono on New Life Street Number 35 (Kalimati). This place is a tent with a parking area on the backside. Every day, this place is always crowded with visitors, especially on weekends. Flour Fried Squid, Padang Sauce Green Shells, and Boiled Dara Shells are some of the menus that are worth a try.

Are you a noodle fan? In Pademangan there is Bakmi Aliang located in Gg. 14 on Jl. Pademangan II Gang 14 No. 26. This place is always crowded because the noodles served to have a distinctive taste and smooth noodle texture. Tofu Kok is also available, which is known to be typical of the well-known Bangka.

Want to find a hangout or hang out cool, in Pademangan there is an Artisan Coffee Kopium. Located precisely on Danau Sunter Utara Street, this coffee shop is decorated with unique interiors, there are many murals on the walls that give a cozy feel. Besides being able to order food or sip a cup of coffee while chatting fun with friends, you can also capture photos because of their Instagrammable place.

The Red Door on Puri Marina Raya Stage 2 Street Number 4 becomes an attractive alternative coffee shop in the next Pademangan. This cafe consists of 2 floors. The first floor is more a coffee shop style with lots of small tables, while on the 2nd floor for lunch or dinner with a large table size. Minimalist interior with wooden accents and greenery adds to the feeling of comfort when you first step into this cafe.


The choice of transportation modes in Pademangan is quite varied. You can choose which type of transportation is suitable for the route to be taken. There is a U10 KWK in Sunter Permai - Muara Angke that can be an alternative to Gunung Sahari, Mangga Dua, Pluit, and Muara Karang and there is also a Mikrolet M49 to reach Kali Mati, Yos Sudarso, Sunter, and RE Martadinata.

For the choice of metromini there is Metromini 029 which can be used to go to the Kota or Sunter area. While Metromini 30 makes it easy for Pademangan residents to go to PRJ Plaza, Gunung Sahari, Kota Terminal, Bandengan, Pluit, and Muara Angke. Choices of transportation modes such as motorbikes and taxis are also available so that your mobility in Pademangan becomes easier and more convenient.

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