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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Pejaten


As an office and residential area, Pejaten has a number of attractions that you can visit with friends and family. One of shopping destination at Pejaten is Pejaten Village which located in Jl. Warung Jati Barat No. 39. Previously this shopping mall had the name Pejaten Mall. In this mall there are department store, cinema, to pet shop. Various clothing store, shoes, accessories, electronic and gadget, and also book store in here. Interestingly, in this mall provided a lactation room (nursing room) that is clean and comfortable provided by the manager for the comfort of the mothers who bring their children.

Play facilities for children also exist in Pejaten Village. Pirates Adventure Playground which is located on the 1st floor of the mall can be an alternative means of playing for your children. This pirate themed playground provides a variety of interesting games for toddler to elementary school. Enter the play area, the visitors are required to wear socks that have been provided by the manager. The officer who wear the typical costume of the pirate ship crew will help children who have difficulty using the game facilities.

For tourism choices in a cool atmosphere not far from Pejaten, there is a Museum di Tengah Kebun (in the middle of garden Museum). To be able to enter the museum, you must be with a group of at least 12 people. The entrance of this museum in the form of a gate made of wood with a large size. In the right and the left side of this museum there are a lot of neatly arranged green plants. Before enter the main building, visitors will pass through the garden for 60 meters and 7 meters wide. Museum di Tengah Kebun has 2,841 collections spread to 17 rooms consisting of masks, statues, tree fossils, fossil shells, giant bee fossils, and many more.


Other than as a shopping center, Pejaten Village is also providing various types of culinary. For those of you who want to enjoy various snacks, you can visit the Pejaten Village People's Food Center. This snack place is a collection of street food, you can reach it in Pejaten Village on the 1st floor. Although the place is simple, there are many choices of snacks that you can enjoy from cake cubit, bacang, grass jelly, to fruit soup. For heavy food choices you can choose ketoprak, batagor, various soto, pempek, siomay, and others.

For those of you who want to enjoy a cup of coffee or just hanging out with friends, Pejaten Village has a fun place for hang out that is Bengawan Solo Coffee. This café not too large but quite comfortable. There are many choices of drinks that you can enjoy at relatively affordable prices. The café visitors can also the Wi-Fi facilities that is provided by the manager. If you’re looking for Indonesian food, Kembang Lawang can be an option. Located on the 2nd floor Pejaten Village. This restaurant is quite large with a simple but comfortable interior. Some menus that can be enjoyed include konro bakar, chicken rica, penyet chicken, ice teler, ice sticky tape, and others.

Food place options in Pejaten not only in Pejaten Village. There are still many more other places. For example, Boloo Boloo Restaurant in Jl. Pejaten Raya No.6. this food place provide bento menus and fried chicken flour with a friendly price. The strategic location in the road side and the clean place make a lot of visitors often come in this place. Looking for Padang Satay in Pejaten? Just stop by Ajo Ramon Padang Satay on Jl. Pejaten Raya No. 12A. Choices of satay that can be enjoyed in this place include tongue satay, meat satay, intestine satay, and heart satay. All choices of satay have a soft texture and thick and savory seasoning sauce.


There are a lot of modes of transportation that can be used by Pejaten residents to travel to various regions in the capital. Transjakarta 6 corridor can be used to reach Ragunan, GOR Sumantri, Kuningan, Duren Tiga, and surrounding. Mikrolet M16 can be used to reach Pasar Minggu, Kalibata, and Jatinegara.

There is KWK S05 to Pejaten residents who wants to go in the direction Rawa Bambu, Mampang, and Warung Jati. And Kopaja P06 to reach Senen, Salemba, Jatinegara, and Kampung Melayu. In Pejaten it is also not difficult to find a motorcycle taxi or taxi as a choice of transportation to a farther place.

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