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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Penjaringan

Apartment in Penjaringan

The exotic panorama of the sea is the advantage of the Penjaringan area. The availability of supporting facilities makes the apartment in Penjaringan a favorite choice as a place to stay such as Green Bay Pluit Apartment, CBD Pluit Apartment, and Pluit Sea View.

A variety of shopping options are available around apartments in Penjaringan such as Emporium Pluit Mall, Pluit Junction, and Pluit Village. The facilities available are also very complete starting from the jogging track, fitness center, swimming pool, 24-hour security, and more. Mitra Bahari Apartment, Laguna Pluit Apartment, and Condominium SeaView Pluit (GreenBay) provide a choice of unit types that range from type 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms to tenants who want a place to stay with more space choices.

Tourism / Entertainment

Penjaringan which is known as an industrial area is also a maritime area because of its geographical location. No wonder there are attractions related to maritime affairs. The Maritime Museum, for example, which is on Jl. Ps. Ikan No.1, being an educational tourist destination related to maritime affairs. The Maritime Museum collection includes ancient and modern miniature ships, shipping equipment, anchors, cannons, binoculars, and more. Visitors can also enjoy a collection of songs and stories of fishermen in this museum.

For the choice of shopping places in Penjaringan, there is the Emporium Pluit Mall which is located at Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya. This shopping mall is easily accessible from the Jakarta Outer Ring Road. In this mall, there are more than 250 tenants. Emporium Pluit can be an option to hang out with friends after office hours, for just window shopping or buying needed products.

Tourist options close to nature in Penjaringan are at Pluit Reservoir Park on Jl. Pluit Timur Raya No.12. Here visitors can have a picnic with family on weekends. Pluit Reservoir Park offers a typical panorama of a reservoir with a view of a multi-story building from a distance. Shady trees and green grass make the atmosphere cool to see the scenery while sitting on a mat and enjoying lunch. Another fun place for fun is in PIK Mangrove Forest. Here visitors can even camp with adequate facilities such as campgrounds or villas. Visitors can also enjoy various water tours, canoeing, or water cycling. This tourist attraction is perfect for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and close to nature.


As an area close to the sea, Penjaringan has many places to eat with seafood as its main menu. Call it Sushi Masa at Gray Building, 3rd Floor, Jl. Tuna Raya No 5. This place serves fresh and delicious Japanese seafood menu. Sushi becomes a mainstay menu in Sushi Masa. The atmosphere at Sushi Masa is always crowded on weekends. The place is not too wide but it is quite comfortable and makes visitors feel at home for long in this restaurant.

When looking for a restaurant with a lot of capacity, just come to Bandar Djakarta on Jl. Ancol Tourism Area. This restaurant also serves a seafood menu. Occasionally visitors can enjoy the live music that the manager provides to entertain the guests. While enjoying the meal, visitors will be greeted by the sea breeze even though they are indoors.

If you are bored with the seafood menu, there's nothing wrong with stopping by Bebek Tepi Sawah on Baywalk Mall, Ground Floor Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu. This place has an attractive concept, with Indonesian ornaments and the Balinese musical accompaniment. A place that is comfortable and clean and the menu offered makes visitors come again and again to this place. Don't miss enjoying the betutu duck and satay in here.

To enjoy coffee in Penjaringan, just come to Upo Coffee & Co. in Ruko Cordoba, Blok H No. 79, Jl. Marina Indah Raya. This coffee shop consists of 3 floors. One of the coffee serving options is 'mix your own coffee' where coffee, milk, sugar and ice cubes are placed separately. Unique, here the ice used uses a stainless cube so it doesn't change the taste of the drink.


The choice of public transportation modes in Penjaringan is quite diverse, ranging from large buses to public transportation. Penjaringan residents also have no difficulty finding other transportation facilities such as taxis or motorbikes, especially with the emergence of online-based transportation facilities that greatly facilitate daily mobility.

The TransJakarta Bus 9 corridor, which runs Pluit-Pinang Ranti, can be an alternative to reach the Jembatan Besi area, Latumenten, Grogol, S. Parman, Semanggi, and its surroundings. While the TransJakarta corridor 12 route Penjaringan-Tanjung Priok, is used to go to Mangga Dua, Jembatan Merah, and Sunter. There is also KWK B01 public transportation to go to Pluit, Jembatan Tiga, and Roxy.

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