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Pos Pengumben

Tourist attraction

No need to go far to enjoy nature tourism that is close to the Pengumben Post. Srengseng City Forest on Jalan Haji Kelik is the right destination. This urban forest area has existed since 1995 and is very easy to reach by public transportation such as TransJakarta. In this place there are around 4800 trees with 63 different varieties. A variety of facilities are available in this urban forest from the parking area to the complete children's play area with a variety of games such as slides, seesaw and climbing games. Although visited in the afternoon, visitors will not feel hot because the area is very shady by trees.

Culinary tour

At Warung Sunda Ceu Kokom on Jl. Raya Pos Pengumben No. 34C, visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional Sundanese menus. Resto consists of 2 floors with quite a lot of table choices. Visitors can choose for themselves the dishes they want to enjoy. Uniquely, liwet rice in this place is served in pottery containers sprinkled with fried onions, basil leaves and jambal roti. Sundanese menu variety can also be obtained at Cibiuk Post Pengumben Restaurant. There are many types of chilli here such as sambal oncom and sambal terasi. Everything is presented in mortar made of stone. Fried and fried carp is a mainstay menu here.

Durian enthusiasts must visit Durian House on Jalan Raya Panjang Number 29, Pengumben Post Junction. A clean and air-conditioned place makes visitors feel comfortable enjoying this prickly fruit. Durian of various types is available here. Visitors can also enjoy a menu of processed durian such as compote durian, dodol, chips, ice cream, and durian juice. For the choice of cafe at Pos Pengumben, there is Owl House Coffee on Jl. Raya Pos Pengumben No.5A. As the name suggests, visitors will be greeted by a cute owl. Lighting cafes create a calm atmosphere, live music also makes visitors feel at home here. The coffee offered at this cafe is quite diverse ranging from Aceh, Papua, and Robusta coffee.


The busy Pos Pengumben area is supported by transportation facilities that make it easy to reach various regions. There is TransJakarta Corridor 8 which can be used to reach Jalan T.B area. Simatupang, Pondok Indah, Permata Hijau, Simprug, Daan Mogot, and Harmoni. To get to Mayestik, Blok M, or Joglo, you can use the Metromini S 70.

For microbus transportation options in Pos Pengumben, there is Mikrolet M09A which is the choice for Palmerah, Slipi, Tanah Abang, and Kebayoran Lama. While Mikrolet M 48 passes the Kalideres, Cidodol, and Cipulir routes.

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