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Pulo Gadung

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Pulo Gadung
Pulo Gadung

Apartment in Pulo Gadung

Although it is known as an industrial center, it does not mean it is difficult to find an apartment in Pulo Gadung. In fact, there are many choices of apartments in this area. There is Callia Apartment located in a location with easy transportation access, also close to Mall of Indonesia (MoI), ITC Cempaka Mas, and Mall Artha Gading. Whereas Tifolia Apartment built by Duta Member Realty Tbk offers very complete facilities starting from the grocery store, jogging track, children's playground, swimming pool, 24-hour security, and more.

Gading Icon Apartment, another apartment in Pulo Gadung, offers shelter in a beautiful environment so the atmosphere feels very comfortable. Whereas Oak Tower Apartment provides convenience for residents to reach many places because the location is only 5 minutes from the inner city toll road access.

Tourism / Entertainment

Although it is known as an industrial area, it does not mean that there are no tourist attractions that you can visit in Pulo Gadung. In fact, there are many places that can be used as fun tourist destinations. Tamah Herbal Pulo Gadung located on Jl. Finance Raya has been named a tourist destination for medicinal plants in Pulo Gadung. This park has an area of 1500 m2 and is planted with more than 144 types of medicinal plants. The park, which is equipped with a waste bank and compost house, is not only a tourist destination but also a field of study for students and the general public who are interested in herbal plants.

To enjoy the sensation of riding a horse you don't need to go far because in Pulo Gadung there is a Pulomas Horse Race. When entering the parking lot, visitors are welcomed by the many horses that can be rented. When carrying along family, wagon or horse carriage can be another alternative to get around in this place. At the Pulomas Horse Race, you can find things related to horses such as horse stables and horse racing courts. Horse riding is also available at this place.

Taman Pintar on Jl Waringin Raya, Kayu Putih could be the next tourist destination. This park has an area of 3,104 square meters and is equipped with a jogging track, healthy track, gazebo, and children's play area. Plants and trees in this park have complete information about the types and uses. Your sons and daughters can also enjoy games such as swings, slides, rotating windmills, and more.

There are two choices of shopping destinations in Pulo Gadung, namely Pulo Gadung Trade Center and Arion Mall. Pulogadung Trade Center (PTC) consists of 4 floors and is near the terminal so you can easily reach this place. Whereas Arion Mall is on Jl. Young man. The mall built on an area of 2000 m2 consists of 5 floors. Here visitors can find a variety of shops ranging from bookstores, department stores, to watching films in the Arion 21 cinema.


Pulo Gadung area has a variety of dining options. You will not be difficult to find a place to hang out with your friends after office hours around Pulo Gadung. There is Kedai Locale on Jl. Balai Pustaka, Rawamangun, which has a very unique design. Seats made of rattan and brick walls create a cozy tavern atmosphere. Kedai Locale provides Indonesian menus such as fried rice, oncom, oxtail soup, rujak ice cream, and more. The place is not too broad but comfortable and not noisy.

Kongkow House can be your alternative culinary destination in the next Pulo Gadung. The restaurant is located at Jl. Alu-Alu No.1, Pulo Gadung serves a variety of Indonesian and European menus. Homey atmosphere, varied menu, and affordable prices make this one dining place worth visiting. For those of you who want to enjoy food while taking pictures in an instagram-able place, in Pulo Gadung there is a Pause restaurant located on Jl. Pope No. 91D - 91E, Rawamangun. The interior design in this place is quite unique plus antique wall hangings and chairs. The menu presented also varies. Visitors can choose traditional to modern menus. Rawon spaghetti, grilled rice, and rib soup are some menus that can be enjoyed here.


The transportation facilities in Pulo Gadung are supported by the presence of Pulo Gadung Terminal which is one of the largest terminals in Jakarta. In this terminal, there are AKAP, TransJakarta, metromini, and microbus busses. Residents of Pulo Gadung will have no trouble traveling in and out of town.

You can use TransJakarta corridor 2 to get to Cempaka Putih, Senen, and Gambir. There is TransJakarta corridor 4 to reach Rawamangun, Matraman, Manggarai, and Dukuh Atas. To get to Kampung Melayu, there are choices of Microbuses M02, M21, and M27. Whereas for the Utan Kayu and Manggarai areas, you can use the S49 Metronome, or KWK T23 to get to Kalimalang.

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