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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Senen

Tourism / Entertainment

There are various tourist destinations available in the Senen area. As an educational tourism option, in Senen there is the Youth Sumpah Museum on Kramat Raya street Number 106. The building was formerly called Keramat Raya 106 Building and then changed to Gedung Sumpah Pemuda, because it was the place for the Youth Oath to be made in 1928. Besides being a place for political discussion, this place was the birthplace of Muhammad Yamin and Aboe Hanifah's literary works. Visitors can find various information related to the history of the Youth Oath in this place. The next historical place in Senen is the Pancasila Building on Pejambon Park street Number 6. The name of the Pancasila was taken from the speech of Ir. Soekarno about the foundation of the Indonesian people.

For shopping destination choices, just come to the Atrium Plaza on Senen Raya street Number 135. This mall is one of the oldest in Jakarta. This place is always crowded with visitors. The location is also easy to reach, just by walking from the Senen terminal, which is less than 500 meters away. In this mall, there are various shops that sell fashion and handicraft products. There is also a complete spare parts center on the top floor.

Looking for an open park in the Senen area? There is in Gunung Agung Park which is located at Kwitang Raya street. Shady trees cause a cool atmosphere in this park. Its location in the middle of the city makes this place just right to unwind. There are benches on the inside of the park that are about 8,000 m2 in size. There is also a jogging track that can be used for exercise.

For a more complete choice of sports facilities, in Senen there is the Planet Senen Sports Hall. The location is in front of Senen station. Inside the GOR there are dance studios that are visited by children and adolescents every Monday to Friday. But the most enjoyed facilities are the swimming pool. What is unique about this GOR is the Tekad Merdeka monument at the entrance to the swimming pool. This monument is proof that the Senen area is an important part of the nation's journey.


As an area that has been legendary in Jakarta, it is not difficult to find good places to eat in the Senen area. Ada Sate Khas Senayan is suitable for connoisseurs of satay. The location is in Melawai Building, Jl. Salemba Raya. This restaurant is quite spacious with an adequate parking area. Besides satay, there are also various other menu choices, such as jenggo rice and nasi kucing(small portion of rice). For the choice of drinks, there is brewed coffee and poci tea with sugar cubes that are right while enjoying the atmosphere in this place. As a choice place to enjoy Minang cuisine, in Senen there is Rice Kapau Sabana Bana Asli Bukit Tinggi on Jl. Kramat Raya No.15. although the place is in the form of a roadside tent stall the cleanliness is quite maintained. What makes visitors come back is the large portion of the side dish. Green beef jerky is one menu that must be tried.

Watt Coffee on Jl. Kwitang Raya No. 14 became the next culinary destination in Senen. Entering the cafe, visitors will be greeted by the retro-style vintage decor. This place is quite spacious and comfortable with a choice of seating in the form of an ordinary sofa or chair. There is a smoking area in the outdoor section. Some choices of coffee that can be enjoyed include americano, piccolo, flat white, and cappuccino. This makes visitors feel at home, here playlist with songs that are pleasant to hear.


Transportation infrastructure in the Senen area supports the mobility of its citizens to reach various areas inside and outside the city. The KRL at Pasar Senen station was never empty of passengers. This station serves business and economic class train routes with the aim of cities on Java.

As a choice of transportation modes in the form of buses, there is Kopaja P20 which can be an alternative to reach Gambir, Monas, Menteng, Kuningan, to Lebak Bulus. Metromini P03 is the choice to go to Cempaka Putih, Arion, and Rawamangun. To go to Johar Baru, State Printing, Utan Kayu, and Jatinegara, you can use Mikrolet M35. While Mayasari Bakti AC 122 is a transportation mode that serves the Salemba, Prumpung, Bekasi, and Cikarang routes.

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