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Tanjung Duren

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Tanjung Duren
Tanjung Duren


The origin of the name Tanjung Duren began in the Dutch colonial period. In the past, this area was overgrown with durian trees. It also happens that the area overgrown with durian trees is the contour of the land in the form of a cape (land jutting into the sea). Therefore this area is called Tanjung Duren up to now even though in this region there are no more durian trees and have turned into luxurious residential areas and modern shopping centers.

Apartment in Tanjung Duren

The rapid demand for housing in Jakarta is not directly proportional to the availability of existing land. So do not be surprised if now property developers choose to build vertical housing such as apartments in a strategic area, one of them is Tanjung Duren. In addition to its strategic location, Tanjung Duren was chosen as an apartment residential area due to complete public infrastructure factors starting from JORR W2 Toll Road, malls, offices, to universities.

Some apartments in Tanjung Duren also come with a modern concept. Like the Central Park apartment which is still in one area with Central Park Mall and Taman Anggrek Mall. Not only modern, apartments in Tanjung Duren are also rented at affordable prices, such as Mediterania Garden Residence 1. Other choices of apartments in Tanjung Duren are Royal Mediterania Garden Residence, Westmark Apartments, Taman Anggrek Condominium, and Apartments Madison Park.

Tourism / Entertainment

Aside from being a shopping destination for the citizens of the capital, two large malls in Tanjung Duren namely Taman Anggrek Mall and Central Park Mall are also often used as tourist destinations in the city. For those who want to invite families on vacation on weekends can visit some   entertainment tenants at Central Park Mall such as Blitzmegaplex, KidzStation, and Fun World.

In addition to Central Park Mall, one of the entertainment icons at Tanjung Duren which is also the most hits is Ice Skating Sky Rink, which is in Taman Anggrek Mall. This  ice skating rink  is for all ages. If lucky, visitors can also watch  professional ice skating athletes  practicing and not infrequently Sky RInk is also the  venue  for   international scale ice skating competitions.

Tanjung Duren is also inseparable from the pulse of its nightlife which is a place for partygoers. Nebula, the nightclub located in Central Park Mall presents a futuristic and luxurious feel. The Partygoers continued to be invited to sway with the accompaniment of music remixes from famous DJs of the capital.


It is undeniable if the Tanjung Duren area is a delicious culinary paradise in the capital. Various types of culinary can be easily found here. Not a few restaurants and food menus are legendary culinary, which is a trademark of the Tanjung Duren area such as Bu Nanik Fried Banana and Sop Duren 88.

In the Bu Nanik Fried Banana shop, culinary lovers are not only served with the legendary fried banana. A menu of Honey Fried Sweet Potatoes, Honey Fried Pineapple, Honey Fried Jackfruit, and various grilled rice.

Culinary at Tanjung Duren is incomplete if you haven't tasted Sop Duren 88. Culinary lovers, especially durians, are guaranteed to be satisfied to eat frozen durian meat which is cut into boxes and mixed with milk, cheese and coconut. Not to mention there are additional black sticky toppings, green bananas and cendol which are guaranteed to shake the tongue.

For those who want to taste home-cooked food, must come to Restu. At Restu visitors are served a variety of home menus at prices that are friendly to the bag. Located in the lobby tower of Dahlia Garden Mediterranean Residence I, this dining area is often invaded by customers, especially at lunch time.


As a densely populated area and many offices, transportation in Tanjung Duren is very much needed to support activity and mobility. Various types of land transportation modes can be found in the Tanjung Duren area ranging from city transportation (angkot), buses, online application-based transportation, to TransJakarta. If you choose to use public transportation or city buses, please pay attention to the number or direction listed on the angkot that will be used or can ask the driver or angkot conductor. The average fare for angkot / mikrolet / city buses through Tanjung Duren ranges from Rp.4,000-Rp.6500.

Whereas the nearest TransJakarta bus stop is the TransJakarta S Parman Central Park / Podomoro City / Taman Anggrek Mall stop serving the route Lebak Bulus - Harmoni (corridor 8), Pinang Ranti - Pluit (corridor 9), Grogol 2 - Harmoni (variation corridor 8), PGC - Grogol 2 (variation of corridor 9).

In addition to the availability of various modes of transportation, the Tanjung Duren area has facilities and infrastructure such as toll roads, namely Grogol Exit Tol (Inner City Toll Road) and Tomang Exit Tol (Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road).

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