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Tanjung Priok

Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Tanjung Priok
Tanjung Priok

Apartment for Rent in Tanjung Priok

The potential of the property business in the Tanjung Priok region shows a positive development. This encourages the emergence of a variety of apartment choices in Tanjung Priok. There is Maple Park Apartment that comes with affordable rental prices for many people such as newly married couples, young professionals, as well as families with young children.

Green Lake Sunter Apartment provides a spacious green area so that the beautiful and fresh atmosphere can be enjoyed by residents in addition to facilities such as a swimming pool, children's playground, fitness center, and 24-hour security system, and more. Whereas Sunter Park View Apartment was built by PT. Alam Jaya Perkasa is also an apartment choice in Tanjung Priok which provides studio type units, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

Tourism / Entertainment

Tourist destinations in Tanjung Priok are quite diverse. For example, Lake Sunter, which is on Jl. Danau Sunter, Sunter Jaya. This place is a favorite tourist destination for fishing hobbyists, especially in the holiday season. Here there are various types of fish ranging from tilapia, gold, catfish, carp, and cork. The vast and clean lake and beautiful scenery make this place very comfortable for those of you who have a hobby of fishing. In addition to fishing activities, you can also ride a duck boat and water skiing provided by the lake manager.

For the choice of open parks in Tanjung Priok there is the Bugis Park, on Jl. Bugis Raya, Kebon Bawang. In this 4000 square meter park, you can breathe fresh air while enjoying the beauty of various types of plants.

For those of you who want to hang out while shopping at Tanjung Priok can come to Sunter Mall, located on Jl. Lake Sunter Utara. This mall consists of 5 floors and is filled by a variety of tenants such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, bookstores, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas 21. You also do not need to worry about getting your children to come to Sunter Mall because there is a children's play area available. Fun world that is located on the 3rd floor. Your daughters can play various diverse and exciting games. You as a parent also will not feel bored, because Fun World Sunter mall also provides a Karaoke room.


Places to eat in the form of restaurants and cafes are increasingly thriving in the Tanjung Priok area. Aside from being a place to eat, often culinary destinations are equipped with live music or other entertainment that makes visitors feel more comfortable. No exception at Ndoro Café located on Jl. Gadang No.3, Sungai Bambu. This cafe consists of 2 floors with 3 themes, namely laundry, workshop, and dining room. Free wifi and playground facilities are also available, single organ performances and live music on weekends. Some of the unique menus that you can also enjoy at this café include cakalang indomie, indomie tuna green chili,  rainbow burger, black bread, and more.

It's not complete if you don't taste seafood while in Tanjung Priok. Sedap Sari Seafood which is located at Jl. Gorontalo No. 5C serves a diverse menu of processed seafood ready to pamper your tongue. Fish soup is the most champion menu in this place. The sour and savory and spicy taste makes this one menu so refreshing. Other recommended Sedap Sari Seafood menus are rica-rica chicken and grilled squid.

Tanjung Priok also has a food court that is not less crowded than other food courts in Jakarta. One of them is Meet The Boss having its address at Jl. Canal cans. In this food court, there are 8 tenants who provide a variety of foods ranging from light to heavy menus. Meet The Boss consists of 2 floors, the first-floor concept of a young child is on the second floor with a concept of lesehan and sofa. The next culinary tour, in Tanjung Priok there is Sate Blora Cirebon Pool which is located at Yos Sudarso Street. This place can be an alternative culinary tour for those of you fans of the satay menu. Not only chicken satay and goat satay, but you can also order a bowl of fresh goat soup as your dining companion.


Tanjung Priok has transportation support facilities in the form of terminals. The integrated Tanjung Priok terminal is located at Tanjung Priok Station Park Street. This place is the base for AKAP buses, Metromini, angkot, and mikrolets. That way, it is certain that those of you who are in Tanjung Priok will have no trouble reaching various areas by using public transportation facilities.

There is Mayasari Bakti PAC 49 to go to Senayan, Sudirman, and Yos Sudarso. To reach Cawang, Utan Kayu, Rawamangun, and Sunter can use PPD 43. Mikrolet M 14 can be an alternative to Koja, Kalibaru, and Cilincing. While Metromini T 41 is a mode of transportation to get to Semper, Plumpang, and Pulo Gadung.

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