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Frequently Asked Question Tebet

Harga sewa apartemen di Tebet berkisar antara Rp4.170.000 - Rp18.340.000 per bulan.

Harga sewa apartemen unfurnished di Tebet mulai dari Rp3.500.000 per bulan.

Apartemen baru yang ada di Tebet adalah Bellevue Place.

Apartemen Tebet yang murah ada di Signature Park Apartment, Lavande Residence dan Cervino Residence.

Apartemen mewah di Tebet ada di Casa Grande dan SOHO Pancoran Apartment.
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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Tebet

Apartment for Rent in Tebet

Because of its strategic location, Tebet is a favorite residential area especially for people who have a myriad of activities. Apartments in Tebet such as Casablanca Mansion, Casablanca Apartments, and Signature Park Apartments are present as residential options that make it easier for residents to reach Sudirman CBD office centers and Thamrin business district. In addition, there are also Casa Grande Apartments that are directly connected to Kota Kasablanka Mall, making it easier for residents to shop for their daily needs. There are still Tebet Green and Kalibata City Square as shopping destinations in the region. Plus entertainment and culinary centers in Menteng and Kemang that can easily be enjoyed.

Apartments in Tebet such as The Lavande Residences, Cervino Village, and Signature Park Grande come with a choice of units ranging from 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The facilities provided are also luxurious and complete, including swimming pools, function rooms, fitness centers, jogging tracks, and more. Security is an important consideration so that the apartment is equipped with a 24-hour security system to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.

Tourism / Entertainment

As one of the areas in the south of Jakarta, Tebet has many interesting tourist spots to visit. Traveling to city parks can be the right choice, especially if the park visited is clean and well-maintained. In the forest of the city of Tebet, visitors can exercise lightly and enjoy the fresh air from shady trees. The park which is located on the Gatot Subroto road towards Cawang can also be used as a jogging place.

To enjoy the latest film, Tebet residents can come to Premiere Kasablanka, a  movie theater in Kota Kasablanka, 2nd floor in Casablanca Raya Jakarta Street. In the city of Kasablanka, visitors can also shop for various needs ranging from clothing to electronic goods.


In Tebet, there are many dining options, ranging from luxury, romantic to simple. To spend time with your partner, a place to eat with a romantic feel can be an option. In Tebet, it's not difficult to find a place to eat like this. One of them is MDL in Kota Kasablanka, Lantai Ground, Jl. Casablanca Raya. This restaurant has an elegant western style interior with a lot of furniture made of wood material. Beautiful chandeliers add to the romantic atmosphere here.

The appearance of colors dominated by black and white makes this restaurant look luxurious and classic. The next choice of romantic dining places is at Ground Up Delicatessen which is located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo No. 71C, Tebet. This restaurant has an artistic unfinished wall design. There are a number of unique paintings that are randomly displayed on the walls. The menus offered here are mostly European, including Italian. Visitors can enjoy a variety of choices of pasta and breakfast from the basic ingredients of bread.


Easy access to push Tebet is growing rapidly. Tebet residents can choose various types of transportation ranging from public transportation in the city, TransJakarta buses, or electric train (KRL) to reach various places.

At Tebet station, there are two feeder buses provided by PT Transportasi Jakarta on the route Tebet-Kampung Melayu and Tebet-Karet. The bus route connects passengers to TransJakarta corridor 6 via the Patra Kuningan stop and corridor 5 and 7 via the Jatinegara Market stop, RS Premiere bus stop, and Bidara China bus stop.

Other transportation services such as motorbikes or taxis can also be an alternative to various areas of the Tebet area. What's interesting about conventional motorcycle taxi services in Tebet is "Syariah ojek" which can be found on Jl. KH. Abdullah Syafi'ie Tebet Barat Jakarta. Passengers will receive prices for fair fees and friendly service from sharia motorcycle taxi drivers.

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