Everything You Need to Know About Cosmo Mansion

This time I had the opportunity to visit Cosmo Mansion, an apartment in the Thamrin area that has been established since 2005. This apartment is one part of the Jakarta Residence, which also consists of Cosmo Terrace and Cosmo Residence. As an apartment located in Thamrin, the Cosmo Mansion apartment is one of the favorite apartments in Jakarta.

As one of the favorite residences, Cosmo Mansion is not only inhabited by residents of Jakarta, but also inhabited by many expatriates who work or just stop by the tourist attractions. This is because not only have direct access to shopping, many embassy offices are located in the Thamrin area, where Cosmo Mansion stands.

Besides Thamrin City, Cosmo Mansion is also close to Jakarta landmarks such as Bundaran HI, Tanah Abang Market, Tanah Abang Station, Textile Museum, Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Menara BCA, UOB Plaza, Grand Indonesia, and many more. This apartment also stands close to government buildings, offices, and universities that can facilitate access of residents.

For those of you who are getting interested, here is a full review of the Cosmo Mansion apartment.

General Information

  • Address: JL. Thamrin Boulevard, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
  • Developer: Jakarta Realty
  • Year of Launching: 2005
  • Total Unit: 627
  • Tower: 1 (Single Tower)
  • Maintenance Fee: Free
  • Car Parking Fee: Rp. 300,000 / unit / month

Cosmo Mansion Apartment Facilities

Cosmo Mansion Apartments provide many facilities that you can enjoy as residents.

Adult Swimming Pool

For those of you who have a hobby of swimming or just like to play water, Cosmo Mansion offers a very large swimming pool facility on the 10th floor of the apartment. A clean and well-maintained swimming pool will make residents feel at home for a long time in this area.

Toddler Swimming Pool

Not only an adult swimming pool, this apartment also provides swimming pools for babies and toddlers, for those of you who want to teach your little one to play water early on.

Pool Bar

While swimming, you can order food and drink without having to get out of the pool. There is a pool bar in the pool area which can make it easy for you to rest.

Children Playground

Being in the pool area there is also a children's playground, complete with rides such as slides and small swings to spend the child's afternoon time.

Bird Park

As an apartment that has a very green garden area and facilities, Cosmo Mansion also built a small tree house in one of its parks. In small tree houses it is often a place for pigeons to build nests, adding to the natural impression of the apartment garden.


For those of you who are undergoing a diet program or trying to form a body to be more ideal, Cosmo Mansion provides free and complete gym facilities for residents.


Not only the swimming pool, this apartment also provides a Jacuzzi for those of you who want to relax, unwind after full activity in Jakarta.

Sky Garden

On the 15th floor of the apartment, there is a sky garden for residents who spend the afternoon relaxing while enjoying the beautiful views of the city of Jakarta welcoming the sunset. With a green theme can cool your eyes from the frenzied city of Jakarta.

Mini Market

On the floor of the facility on the 10th floor there is a minimarket for those of you who want to shop for snacks or cold drinks, without having to bother leaving the apartment area.

Cosmo Mansion Neighborhood

Located in the center of the Thamrin area, Cosmo Mansion is surrounded by places that are always crowded with visitors. This apartment is strategically located, with many easy access to various places in Thamrin. Residents will be spoiled with these accesses.

Even though it is strategically located and the atmosphere around the apartment is very crowded, you will feel a quiet and conducive atmosphere inside the apartment lobby. The lobby seems festive with decorations tailored to certain holidays, but still leaves a calm impression for visitors.

Access to the lobby also seemed exclusive, because visitors had to go up 2 floors with their vehicles to reach the Cosmo Mansion lobby. The apartment lobby is quite spacious, complete with parking lots that use electronic money access related to parking payments.

Entertainment Place Near Cosmo Mansion

Not only the complete facilities provided by Cosmo Mansion, you can also enjoy entertainment venues outside the apartment, precisely the Thamrin area. This area is known for its many shopping centers and restaurants that serve typical food from various parts of the world. Here are some restaurant recommendations that might be suitable and can spoil your tongue.

Paulaner Brauhaus

Located about 2 kilometers from the apartment, you can find restaurants that offer German specialties. Located near the welcome monument, the Paulaner Brauhaus restaurant serves German-style cuisine that is ready to pamper your tongue. This restaurant also provides halal dishes, but the specialties highlighted are the quality of beer that is served to visitors.

Oku Restaurant

For those of you who are bored with Japanese specialties provided by public restaurants, maybe it's time you try cuisine in Oku restaurants. This Japanese restaurant with classic modern style can satisfy your tongue's curiosity about Japanese cuisine which is served with the best quality.

Little India

If you don't like European specialties, you can visit Little India Restaurant. As the name suggests, this restaurant serves Indian specialties that are ready to pamper your culinary soul. Cuisine that is rich in herbs and spices is served to you with very good quality.

Not only restaurants, the Thamrin area is also famous for many other interesting places. All these places can be accessed easily and quickly from the Cosmo Mansion apartment. The following are interesting places that you can visit as apartment residents.

Dapur Mie

For those of you who like various types of processed noodles, this place will be a good destination for you. Dapur Mie is on the 1st Floor of Blok C Thamrin City. Starting from chicken noodles, godog noodles, fried noodles, etc., all are provided at this restaurant.

Mau Lagi Martabak

For those of you who are curious to try this Indonesian specialty, Mau Lagi Martabak can be your reference. Soft martabak plus a lot of flavors, can make you want to try it again and again. Martabak here can be served in 2 toppings at once.

Tanah Abang Market

Another reason why staying at Cosmo Mansion is very pleasant is one of them is close to Tanah Abang Market. The existing market has long been known as the largest wholesale center in Jakarta. In Tanah Abang Market, you can find various items ranging from fashion, household appliances, to accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. Tanah Abang Market is famous for the prices of cheap goods.


Sarinah Thamrin Plaza is the first mall in Indonesia. This mall is also well-known as a place for creative industry activists in the country, making this mall always crowded with visitors, from domestic and abroad.

Public Facilities Around Cosmo Mansion

In addition to entertainment venues, there are facilities around Cosmo Mansion that can help you as residents with very easy access. These facilities can be accessed by the public around the apartment area, in contrast to the facilities inside the Cosmo Mansion which are exclusively residents.

Clothes Laundry

For those of you who don't have time to wash clothes because of their daily activities, laundry is available in the Cosmo Mansion area to make it easier for you to clean your clothes. Your clothes will be clean in a matter of days without having to carry dirty clothes out of the apartment area.

Bag & Shoes Laundry

Not only laundry clothes, in the apartment area there are also special laundry for your shoes and bags. In this dress up you can wash your beloved bags and shoes, also serve waterproof and recoloring requests.

Skin Care Clinic

For those of you who really prioritize beauty, Leviderma is ready to help you enhance your appearance with more natural skin care.

Diva Karaoke

Karaoke can be an alternative for entertainment and stress relief, and Diva Karaoke can be one of your choice places. With a large selection of songs offered, you can sing your favorite songs, alone or with friends and family.

Gold's Gym

If you are bored with gym facilities at the Cosmo Mansion apartment, or maybe the gym apartment is full, Gold’s Gym can be your alternative to exercise. With complete facilities and a comfortable atmosphere, you can build your ideal body without having to burn the famous Jakarta sun, which is very hot.

Ways to Cosmo Mansion

1. From Bekasi
  • From Bekasi Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at Gondangdia Station
  • From Gondangdia Station, walk about 60 m to Gondangdia Stop
  • From Gondangdia bus stop, take Transjakarta in 1H direction, then get off at Simpang Blok A bus stop
  • From the Simpang Blok A stop, take Transjakarta in the direction of DA2, then get off at Thamrin City Stop
  • From Thamrin City Stop, walk about 290m to the location.

2. From Tangerang
  • From Tangerang Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at Batu Ceper Station
  • From Batu Ceper Station, take the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Train, get off at BNI City Station
  • From BNI City Station, walk about 860m to the location.

3. From Bogor
  • From Bogor Station, KRL ride leads to Jakarta, get off at Manggarai Station
  • From Manggarai Station, take the KRL to Jakarta Kota, get off at Gondangdia Station
  • From Gondangdia bus stop, take Transjakarta in 1H direction, then get off at Simpang Blok A bus stop
  • From the Simpang Blok A stop, take Transjakarta in the direction of DA2, then get off at Thamrin City Stop
  • From Thamrin City Stop, walk about 290m to the location.

4. From Serpong
  • From Serpong Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at St. Tanah Abang
  • From Tanah Abang Station, walk about 250 m to St. Tanah Abang 2
  • From St. Stop Tanah Abang 2, boarding Transjakarta in the direction of 5F or 8C
  • Get off at Thamrin City Mall Stop, then walk around 290m to the location

Cosmo Mansion Advantages

Located in Central Jakarta, precisely in the Thamrin area, making the Cosmo Mansion apartment surrounded by many interesting places of Jakarta, so residents have easy access to various places in Jakarta. This apartment also offers complete and well-maintained facilities for residents.

Cosmo Mansion Disadvantages

Finding locations, especially the lobby of Cosmo Mansion, is not easy for people who are first visiting this apartment. Payment of parking using electronic money can also be an obstacle for some people who do not know the payment system. In addition, the number of elevators in the apartment is limited, so it takes a long time to go up and down using the apartment elevator.

Cosmo Mansion Rent Price Average

Cosmo Mansion Sell Price Average

How to Rent Cosmo Mansion

Maybe many of you are wondering how to rent an apartment at Cosmo Mansion, whether it's how to rent Cosmo Mansion daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The easiest way now to find information on leasing a Cosmo Mansion apartment is to search the internet. FYI, currently there are many apartment rental sites for daily apartment rentals, monthly rental and annual rent.

Some apartment rental sites that you can visit include Travelio,, Rumah123,, Mamikos, and also Jendela360.

For now, if you want to rent a daily apartment, you can visit Travelio,,, and Mamikos. On the website you will find apartment units that can be rented daily.

For those of you who plan to stay in an apartment for a long time, within three months, six months, or a year, you can access Rumah123 and Jendela360. Especially in Jendela360, you can convert annual apartment rentals to monthly with the help of 12x 0% installments using a credit card.

How to Advertise Cosmo Mansion

Then what about you who own the Cosmo Mansion apartment unit assets and want to rent it for passive income?

Advertising and promoting your apartment unit properly is the key. Remember, not only are you advertising apartment units for rent, there are hundreds or even thousands of apartment units advertised for rent on the internet.

Sites like Rumah123, Mamikos,, and can be an option if you want to rent apartment units without intermediaries or through agents.

However, to advertise your apartment unit on these sites, you will usually be charged advertising fees with certain packages (based on the length of the advertisement, photo quality, etc.). Well, to advertise on the classified ad site, you need to prepare everything yourself, both ad content, photos, and later prospective renters will immediately contact you directly.

If you are a busy person and have no time to take care of everything, leaving an apartment to Jendela360 can be the right choice.

Why does it have to be Jendela360?

You need to note that leaving apartment ads on Jendela360 is free of charge or FREE. You don't need to worry about advertising content, taking good photos, and other marketing activities because you answer the questions of prospective tenants, accompany prospective tenants to visit the unit, to make contract letters because everything will be done by professionals in Jendela360.

If your apartment is successfully rented through Jendela360, then you owner of the unit gives profit sharing to Jendela360 worth 8% of the agreed rental price.

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