Everything You Need To Know About L'avenue

L'avenue is an integrated residential, where office, education, leisure and other activities are in one place. It is located in strategic location in South Jakarta. It only takes three minutes to reach CBD Sudirman and Kuningan from here. L'avenue was surrounded by many residentials that are being famous for it's green concepts, such as MBAU Triloka, Perdatam, Tebet and Pasar Minggu. 

L'avenue was developed by PT. Bintang Rajawali Perkasa. The main shareholder of this company, PT. Pulau Intan, is known as one of reputable contractor in Indonesia. Other shareholder, Sinar Multi Artha, is a finance company that affiliates with Sinarmas Group. Together, they established an integrated residential with organic concept. The building architecture is dominated by curved shapes on its facade. It symbolizes harmony and regularities within dynamic framework. 

General Information

  • Address: Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu Kav. 16, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Developer: PT. Bintang Rajawali Perkasa
  • Total Area: 12.000 sqm
  • Total Unit: 594 unit
  • Floor: 23
  • Tower: B, N, North, South
  • Contact:
    • Apartment: (021) 7918 0088
    • Marketing Office: (021) 7918 0088


You can see from siteplan above that L'avenue really brings green concept to residents. Pedestrian and asphalt lanes for cars were surrounded by trees and plants. Moreover, the siteplan also shows us pond and swimming pool which can deliver fresh atmosphere to residents. 

apartemen l'avenue

L'avenue Apartment Facilities

Residents can enjoy a lot of facilities in L'avenue apartment. Some are free and others are paid. If you are interested to know more about facilities in L'avenue, here are the list. 

Swimming Pool

kolam renang

There are several swimming pools in L'avenue. One of them is on the ground floor. You can get there by walking from the ground floor or from club house above. Although it is an outdoor swimming pool, the water temperature are cold and the Ph level is well maintained. Some part of the pool also located below apartment's ceiling, thus some residents who afraid of getting much sun exposure can swim freely. There are wooden benches around for residents to sit.  


On the 10th floors, there is exclusive skypool for residents. You can swim and seeing scenery around apartment at the same time here. The skypool begin to open at 09:00 AM to 22:00 PM. 


Residents who love doing exercise can use gym on the same floor as skypool. The gym, nevertheless occupied a medium room in apartment, the provide amenities are complete. You can find barbels, tread mills and even punching bag here. Residents can use these facilities without queuing.   

Club House

Club House Facade
Club House Interior

Club house is a perfect place for residents to make themselves comfortable, chatting and holding an important meeting. In L'avenue, there is a club house which occupied two floors, ground and first floor. Small couches are featured in this room and residents can get an easy access to ground floor swimming pool from here. 


When residents feel bored inside their unit, they can go out and breathe some fresh air in apartment's park that located on the first floor. This park has a nice neighborhood complete with shade tree and pond. Along with the increases number of residents, the park become more crowded. I saw children playing around in this park with their parents. When I was visited the park, I often see foreigner as well. The came from various country, from Asia to Europe. 

The good news is, you can do a lot of things in this park, including drinking coffee and even have your hair trimmed. There are cafe which provides various menu with different price range, from Rp 10.000 to above Rp 50.000. Here, you can also find Salon Rudi, where you can get the latest haircut for your new style. 

Futsal Field

Futsal field in L'avenue is located on the ground floor. It is lied away from the apartment, so residents don't have to worry if the ball would break the glass. The field is also encircled by futsal net, thus the ball will not bounce too far. 

Outdoor Playground

L;avenue has an outdoor playground which located on the ground floor, right next to futsal field. Your kids can play with swing ride and slide ride here. Since the playground's floor is equipped with fluffy grass, parents don't have to be worried of their kids safety. 

Tennis Court

For residents who are not interested in playing futsal, L'avenue provides tennis court on the ground floor. Residents can use it freely. The court is located next to swimming pool. 

Farmers Market

No need to go outside if you want to shop for daily needs, because there is Farmer's Market on the ground floor of L'avenue. This chain store provides live stocks for residents, including vegetables, fruits and food ingredients. The store is located indoor and featured with AC, thus residents can shop conveniently. 


If you like having Japanese food as your dish, you may want to eat at "Daisho" restaurant on the ground floor. Here you can find various menus from Japan, including sashimi, sushi, tepanyaki, nabe, teishoku, etc. By expending Rp 50.000 to Rp 100.000 you can purchase one of the menu. 

Parking Lot

It is important for apartment to has sufficient parking lot, since most of residences have their own vehicle. Thankfully, L'avenue has wide parking lot. It is occupied two floors at once, B1 and B2 floor. 


Since L'avenue is located within business district in Pancoran, the neighborhood around the apartment is more likely to be busy and crowded. On the side of apartment, there is Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu which tend to be jammed during rush hour. Gridlocked often occured at Pancoran as well, so residents should have anticipated it. 

The scenery around apartment is not really nice.  However, it is not bad either. The surrounding is filled with houses (from poor houses to the fancy one) and some high-rise building. 

The circumstance inside apartment itself is a bit crowded, not only by residents, but also by college students and lecturer of  Sampoerna Academy. They are concentrated in apartment's park on the ground floor. However, all of those crowd are completely disappear when you are in your unit. 

Today, some part of apartment are under development. For example on the entrance, ground floor facility and jacuzzi. However, it didn't disturb residents at all. 

If you want to know what are public facilities nearby, here are the list. 

Scenery of Fancy Houses From 17th Floor
Scenery of Poor Houses From 17th Floor
The Area That Is Under Development

Sampoerna Academy

L'avenue might be one of the best apartment in Jakarta that serves its residents by the availability of education facility. Sampoerna Academy lies within this complex and it is consist pre-school, elementary, junior high, senior high to university. Sampoerna Academy has been accredited by Cambridge International Examination. They were using a method called "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts dan Maths) which also applied to many school institution in America. 

Tria Dipa Hospital

Tria Dipa is the nearest hospital in L'avenue. The distance is 400 meters away from the apartment. Tria Dipa hospital become one of the main healthcare provider in Pancoran, since this hospital also serves for citizen in settlement nearby. The 24-hours facility in Tria Dipa hospital include ICU, surgery, radiology, laboratory, pharmacist, ambulance, etc. Other healthcare services are pediatric, teeth, lungs, urology, heart disease, kidney, etc.   

Cawang Station

The nearest station from L'avenue is Cawang Station. It is 2,3 km away from the apartment. From here, you can reach Tebet Station, Manggarai, Cikini, Sudirman, Jakarta Kota Station, etc. 

Entertainment Venues

Although L'avenue has given all great facilities to residents, surrounding entertainment venues are still desirable. As residents, you can get there only by driving for some minutes. 

Kalibata City Square

If you are not satisfied with available goods in Farmer's Market, you can go to Kalibata City Square. It is 2,1 km away from L'avenue. Kalibata City Square featured up to 160 tenants that sell food, beverage, fashion item, electronics, appliances, etc. This place can also be a good place to hang out with friends, because there are many tasty restaurants and cafe. 

Kota Kasablanka

Kota Kasablanka is a shopping center located in Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88. It is officially launched in August 31st 2012. Inside the shopping center there are various tenants from famous company in Indonesia, such as Carrefour, H&M, Starbucjs, J.CO, Lacoste, Pull & Bear, etc. You can also find all you can eat restaurant like Kintan Buffet. In addition for those of you who like watching movie, there is Cinema XXI. Residents of L'avenue can reach Kota Kasablanka by driving for 27 minutes from the apartment.   

How to Get to L'avenue

Heading to L'avenue:

  • From Lippo Thamrin:

    • Walk for 4 minutes to Sarinah bus halt.

    • Take Transjakarta bus corridor 9D (Pasar Minggu - Tanah Abang)

    • You will go pass Bundaran HI halt, Tosari 1, Dukuh Atas, Dukuh Atas 3, Karet Sudirman 1, Flyover Karet 2, Plaza Sentral, Bendungan Hilir 1, Komdak 2, Menara Mulia, Gatoy Subroto LIPI, Kartika Chandra, Centennial Tower, Gatot Subroto Jamsostek, Balai Kartini, Kuningan Barat, Tegal Parang 2, RS Medistra, Pancoran Barat, Bidakara, Santo Lukas, Pancoran, then Perdatam. 

    • From Perdatam halt, you just need to walk for 1 minute (122 meters) to reach L'avenue apartment. 

  • From West Kuningan:

    • Walk for 4 minutes to Gatot Subroto Jamsostek bus halt

    • After that, take Metromini on route S 640 (Pasar Minggu - Tanah Abang).

    • You will go pass Balai Kartini, Kuningan Barat, Tegal Parang 2, RS Medistra, Pancoran Barat, Bidakara, Pancoran Tugu, Santo Lukas and eventually arrived at Perdatam halt.

    • You can walk for 1 minute to reach L'avenue from here.


From L'avenue

  • Heading to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII):

    • You can walk or order online transportation to get to Pancoran Tugu bus halt.

    • Then take corridor 9 (Pinang Ranti - Pluit). You are going to pass Tebet BUMD halt, Cawang Cikoko, Cawang Ciliwung and finally Cawang Uki.

    • From here, TMII can be reach by walking or ordering online transportation. 

  • Heading to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport:

    • Go to Pancoran Tugu bus halt by walking for 10 minutes.

    • Then take 9A (PGC - Pluit) bus corridor. You will go pass Tebet BUMD bus halt, Cawang Cikoko, Cawang Ciliwung and finally Cawang UKI.

    • After that, you can reach Cawang UKI 2 bus halt by walking for 3 minutes and take Transjakarta bus on JAK-20 route (Lubang Buaya - Cawang UKI).

    • You are going to pass Pintu Transjakarta 1, Pertigaan Usman Harun, Pintu Transjakarta 2, Pertigaan Jengki Raya, BKKBN, Puri Ardhya Garini, Gereja Oikoumene, Gg. Mawar, TPU Kebon Pala, Jl. Komodor Halim, Kelurahan Halim Perdana Kusuma, Jembatan Lama, SMAN 67 Jakarta, SMPN 218 and Padang Golf Halim.
    • From Padang Golf, you can reach Halim Perdana Kusuma airport by walking or ordering online transportation. 

The Advantages

The main advantage of living in L'avenue is we can enjoy exclusive facility. L'avenue provides complete facility to residents, start from three swimming pool which are lie in three different floor, jacuzzi (under renovation), gym, kids playground, cafe, futsal field, tennis court, club house, etc. In addition, residents can also eat delicious food at restaurant on the ground floor. Shop for daily needs is also convenient for residents, since there is Farmer's Market on the same floor as restaurant and food court. 

Another advantage L'avenue has is the units they provide. I had an opportunity to visit 2BR unit on the 17th floor in L'avenue, and in my opinion, it was a comfy unit. First the unit size is large (104 sqm), if you place minimalist furniture, you'll get even wider room. You can run here and there in this room and do a simple exercise. Second, the brightness level inside is good. This is due to enough large window in every bedroom. Last, the room is soundproofed. I never heard any loud sound from outside in this unit. 

In terms of location, L'avenue sit in a strategic location in South Jakarta. Its location lies close to the border between South Jakarta and East Jakarta, thus it is easy for residents to access Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (5,9 km) and entertainment venue in East Jakarta, such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Besides, reaching Sudirman and Kuningan region is not difficult from here. 

The Disadvantages

The most visible disadvantage of L'avenue is surrounding scenery. It is very monotonous with not much high-rise building nearby. The scenery is dominated by houses, some are fance and other are poor. 

For those who like living in tranquil place, here is not the best place. Apartment's park on the ground floor often crowded by visitor, residents, college students, elementary students, lecturer, etc. 

Regarding apartment unit, the disadvantage I found is the absence of balcony. Although washing your clothes in the unit is possible, finding the right place to dry it out is very difficult. Other alternative you can go down to ground floor and do the laundry on Londre. 

The Average Rental Price of L'avenue

The Average Selling Price of L'avenue Apartment

How to Rent L'avenue Apartment

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