Everything You Need to Know About Mediterania Garden Residence 2

Visiting Tanjung Duren area, I had the opportunity to visit one magnificent apartment in West Jakarta, namely Mediterania Garden Residence 2. Mediterania Garden Residence 2 apartment is located in a very strategic location in West Jakarta.

This apartment has easy access to the toll to various destinations in Jakarta, close to universities (Tarumanegara, Trisakti and Ukrida) and offices (APL Tower), even has direct access to Central Park and Neo SOHO, and is very close to Taman Anggrek mall and Citraland.

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 offers four types of units, studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. This strategically located apartment with complete facilities is perfect for all people including students who live alone or with roommates and office employees.

General Information

  • Address: Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No.Kav.5-9, RT.9 / RW.5, Tj. Duren Sel., Kec. Grogol petamburan, Kota Jakarta Barat, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11470
  • Developer: Agung Podomoro Group
  • Year of Launching: 2008
  • Total Unit: 2000
  • Number of floors: 37
  • Tower: Edelweiss (E), Flamboyan (F), Gardena (G), Heliconia (H), Jasmine (J), Kenanga (K)
  • Maintenance Fee: Rp. 18,000 / m2
  • No. Phone: (021) 56946888

Site Plan

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Apartment Facilities

Apartemen Mediterania Garden Residence 2 provides many attractive facilities that you can enjoy as residents.

Adult Swimming Pool

For those of you who like to play water or have a hobby of swimming, Mediterania Garden Residence 2 provides a very large swimming pool facility on the ground floor of the apartment. The swimming pool is very clean and well-maintained, with decorative plants surrounding it making the pool area seem very beautiful.

Children Swimming Pool

Not only for swimming pools for adults, this apartment also provides a swimming pool for the baby who has a hobby of playing water or maybe already interested in learning to swim.

Children's Playground

This children's playground is located next to the children's pool, intended for small children who want to spend the afternoon with their peers.


For those of you who are following a strict diet program, in order to realize the ideal body requires regular exercise as well. This apartment provides a gym as a means to meet sports needs for your body fitness every day.


This apartment also provides a Jacuzzi for those of you who want to relax and cool the mind from the hustle and bustle of life in Jakarta.

Jogging Track

For those of you who have a hobby of jogging or running leisurely in the afternoon of Jakarta, the Mediterania Garden Residence 2 apartment provides a jogging track as a place to channel your hobbies.

Basketball Court

Not only jogging tracks, in this apartment you can also channel your basketball hobbies or practice on the wide-sized basketball court that has been provided for residents.

Tennis Court

In addition to the basketball court, for those of you who have a hobby of playing tennis will feel very satisfied because this apartment also provides a tennis court. As a resident, you can play tennis as much as you like on this tennis court.

Open Garden

The open garden can be accessed by residents on the same floor as the jogging track floor. You can use this park as a means to relax with family or friends in the afternoon.


For those of you who don't have time to wash clothes because of the busyness that you have, there's no need to worry. As residents of this apartment, you can enjoy the laundry facilities provided to get clean clothes quickly and practically.

Basement Parking

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 provides facilities that may still have many apartments, namely large basement parking for apartment residents. You don't need to worry about your vehicle being exposed to rain and sunlight.


Outside the apartment lobby, there is a mini market, Alfamart and Indomaret, which has no doubt about the quality of the goods sold. A mini market is provided to make it easier for residents not to bother leaving the apartment area.

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Neighborhood

The atmosphere offered by the surrounding Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 apartments is always crowded. This is due to a very strategic location, which is surrounded by the biggest shopping centers in Jakarta. From this apartment you as a resident can even enjoy a tunnel directly to Central Park.

Shop houses that can be accessed by many people also add to the crowds in this apartment. But the outdoor atmosphere that always lives will change when you enter the apartment. Although the lobby is not too spacious, it is very quiet and comfortable.

A warm atmosphere will welcome you when you get to the floor of the facility, which is located by the pool and playground. This floor offers you a warm and relaxed atmosphere after a whole day of activities in Jakarta.

Entertainment Place Near Mediterania Garden Residence 2

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Apartment has a strategic location, making this apartment has easy access to entertainment places for you and your family.

Central Park

Also initiated by the Agung Podomoro Group (APG), residents of the Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 apartment have direct access to one of the high-end class malls in Jakarta. Central Park provides stalls of famous top product outlets such as Ace Hardware, Carrefour, CGV Blitz, Sogo, Vinoti Living, and Zara.

Taman Anggrek Mall

Not only Central Park, near the apartment, there is also another mall which is one of the largest malls in Indonesia with the most complete outlets filled with well-known brands. Taman Anggrek Mall provides high-end class outlets such as Best Pongs, Cinema XXI, Electronic Solutions, Hero, Inul Vizta, Metro, Paper Clip, and Uniqlo.

Fish & Cheap

Do you want to try western-style fish dishes around the apartment? There is no harm in trying to eat this one. A little walk from the apartment, this restaurant specializing in processed fish is open from 10.00-22.00. You can find it easily in the row of Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade.

Open Door

Places to eat that provide various types of food ranging from dessert, main courses, and this appetizer is not far from the apartment. Only on foot can you visit a dining place that carries the theme of the casual dining. The location is right in front of the main lobby of the apartment.

Open from 15.00-24.00, this place provides a variety of facilities, ranging from WiFi, cellphone chargers at tables, smoking areas, and of course the cozy atmosphere is also a mainstay of this eating place.

Public Facilities Near Mediterania Garden Residence 2

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Apartment  is surrounded by public facilities that can be enjoyed by the general public including you. The following is a list of some of the closest public facilities from Mediterania Garden Residence 2.

Dentist Clinic


This is the most important, the availability of a pharmacy for health matters You do not need to worry, the availability of pharmacies can also be reached easily from Mediterania Garden Residence 2. One of them is Century pharmacy.

Century is known for the availability of complete goods at affordable prices. To reach this pharmacy, you don't have to go far out of the apartment area to get the medicines you need.

Little Shine

Little Shine is a playgroup located in the Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 apartment area. Not only playgroup, this place also offers child care services. You as a resident can entrust Little Shine to take care and invite your child to play as long as you are not in residence.

Daily Mart

If you need items that you are looking for, it turns out there is no Alfamart or Indomaret in the apartment, you might try the Daily Mart. This mini-market provides everything in full, and offers a wide space.


PopBox is an automated locker system where you can pick up your packages anywhere and anytime. Working with eCommerce, PopBox will help you get the items you want.

In short, the items you buy online can be taken directly here without using a courier. Of course the items will be sent via Popbox that is closest to you.

Ways to Mediterania Garden Residence 2

1. From Bekasi
  • From Bekasi Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at Juanda Station, then walk about 140 m to Juanda Stop
  • From Juanda bus stop, take Transjakarta 8A for Grogol 2
  • Get off at S. Parman Podomoro City Stop, then walk about 500 m to the location
2. From Tangerang
  • From Tangerang Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at the City Park Station, then walk about 190 m to the City Park Stop
  • From the City Park Stop, Transjakarta boarded 3F for GBK
  • Get off at S. Parman Podomoro City Stop, then walk about 500 m to the location
3. From Bogor
  • From Bogor Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at Juanda Station, then walk about 140 m to Juanda Stop
  • From Juanda bus stop, take Transjakarta 8A for Grogol 2
  • Get off at S. Parman Podomoro City Stop, then walk about 500 m to the location
4. From Serpong
  • From Serpong Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at Palmerah Station, then walk about 190 m to the Pasar Palmerah Bus Stop
  • From the Palmerah Market Stop, take Transjakarta to 9E for the purpose of Grogol
  • Get off at S. Parman Podomoro City Stop, then walk about 500 m to the location

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Advantages

The Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Apartment has several prominent advantages that make residents comfortable staying in this apartment. Located in an elite area, the access offered is very easy to reach many places in West Jakarta. Not only that, this apartment also provides facilities that are classified as complete. Residents will be very spoiled with these advantages.

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Disadvantages

Not only the advantages, this apartment also has some visible bad sides. The first drawback is the small number of lifts. This will affect the length of time you wait for the elevator, because the elevator takes a long time to get to the floor you are standing. Not only that, some towers are classified as difficult to access because they have complicated routes.

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Rent Price Average

Mediterania Garden Residence 2 Sell Price Average

How to Rent Mediterania Garden Residence 2

Maybe many of you are wondering how to rent an apartment in Mediterania Garden Residence 2, whether it's how to rent Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The easiest way now to find information is to rent the Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 apartment by searching the internet. FYI, currently there are many apartment rental sites for daily apartment rentals, monthly rental and annual rent.

Some apartment rental sites that you can visit include Travelio,, Rumah123,, Mamikos, and also Jendela360.

For now, if you want to rent a daily apartment, you can visit Travelio,,, and Mamikos. On the website you will find apartment units that can be rented daily.

For those of you who plan to stay in an apartment for a long time, within three months, six months, or a year, you can access Rumah123 and Jendela360. Especially in Jendela360, you can convert annual apartment rentals to monthly with the help of 12x 0% installments using a credit card.

How to Advertise Mediterania Garden Residence 2

Then what about you who own the assets of the Mediterranean Garden Residence 2 apartment unit and want to rent it out for passive income?

Advertising and promoting your apartment unit properly is the key. Remember, not only are you advertising apartment units for rent, there are hundreds or even thousands of apartment units advertised for rent on the internet.

Sites like Rumah123, Mamikos,, and can be an option if you want to rent apartment units without intermediaries or through agents.

However, to advertise your apartment unit on these sites, you will usually be charged advertising fees with certain packages (based on the length of the advertisement, photo quality, etc.). Well, to advertise on the classified ad site, you need to prepare everything yourself, both ad content, photos, and later prospective renters will immediately contact you directly.

If you are a busy person and have no time to take care of everything, leaving an apartment to Jendela360 can be the right choice.

Why does it have to be Jendela360?

You need to note that leaving apartment ads on Jendela360 is free of charge or FREE. You don't need to worry about advertising content, taking good photos, and other marketing activities because you answer the questions of prospective tenants, accompany prospective tenants to visit the unit, to make contract letters because everything will be done by professionals in Jendela360.

If your apartment is successfully rented through Jendela360, then you owner of the unit gives profit sharing to Jendela360 worth 8% of the agreed rental price.

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