Rent Apartemen Bintaro Park View 2BR

Bintaro Park View with two bedrooms is one of the most wanted apartment in district Bintaro, South Jakarta. Other than offering comprehensive facilities, and reasonable price, it is also supported by a strategic location, so there is no wonder why this place is wanted by many renter be it from young couple with children, just married couple, and even employee or private who stays alone but wishes to have extra space inside apartment.

Talking about location, apartment located in Bintaro, South Jakarta can be said as prima donna in South Jakarta area because it is placed closely with important places such as schools, hospital, shopping mall, and restaurants.

It is necessary to know that Bintaro Park View with two bedrooms has the size between 1m² up to 644m². The size that we think is just the right size for apartment with two bedroom type in urban areas. Not to big resulting easy cleaning, and yet still wide and comfortable enough to live in. It should also be noted that with this size, service charge cost will become less expensive in approximately 20.000 every month. An amount match with comfort, environment, facilities offered at Bintaro Park View.

Bintaro Park View is categorized as apartment that has comprehensive facilities. Facilities which in general can only be found in apartment such as ATM, Cable TV, Function Room, Grocery Store, Gym, Internet, Jogging Track, Swimming Pool, Laundry, Restaurant, Security & Playground provided full in apartment which located in strategic area of South Jakarta. You can make use of your spare time to shape your body at gym, or even light training such as swimming, or morning jog.

The other aspect you need to know in choosing apartment to live if safety. Fortunately Bintaro Park View has already been installed with various security features such as access card, 24x7 security and cctv located in various strategic point in Bintaro Park View, this will make tenant live with peace without any threat.