Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) 2BR Fully Furnished



2 BR


1 Bathroom


Fully Furnished


64 m2


High Floor


Ubud Tower


Access Card(s)

Water Heater


Dining Set




* Unit amenities may vary. Please confirm with our staff first.

Apartment Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) unit KUCC064

With direct access to Kuningan City Mall, Denpasar Residence combines modern elements and Balinese exoticism located in a strategic place because it stands right in central business or Jakarta Golden Triangle (Thamrin, Kuningan, Sudirman), close with embassies, Mega Kuningan, and other shopping district (Ciputra World, Mall Ambassador, ITC Kuningan).
Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) two bedrooms is the most ideal choice for you who are just married, young couple with kids, or just sharing room with roomate, but also there are possibilities for you who stay alone but prefer extra space while keeping your privacy. As bonus, you can offer this extra room to your families, friends from other cities whenever they visit.
With strategic location at Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. Puri Park View has clearly become a better choice for you who wish comfort life in Jakarta Selatan area but also keep maintaining strategic location, and close with important places such as schools, offices, hospital, and restaurants in Jakarta Selatan.
Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) with two bedrooms. With this size, this type of unit is categorized as spacious and comfortable to live wheter you are alone or have just started to build families, ideally one to four person. Not only two bedrooms, Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) with two bedrooms also serves comfortable interior in living room and kitchen, making you more comfortable living in this unit.
For you who fond of healthy lifestyle and body shape, no need to worry because at Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) there is gym facility that you can use in your spare time. The Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) also provide other amenities such as AC, Access Card(s), Water Heater, Kitchen, Dining Set, Refrigerator, Bed(s), and TV. In addition, you can make use of jogging track facility to train your stamina by running in the morning or evening.
Don't forget when you choose apartment, you need to observe which apartment has the best security system. Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) is categorized as apartment which concern about tenant safety proved by the availability of 21 hours CCTV, access card, and security personnel who is on duty 24 hours for 7 days a week.


Basket Ball Court

Cable TV

Function Room

Grocery Store



Jogging Track

Swimming Pool

Tennis Court





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