Rent Apartemen Marbella Kemang Residence 2BR

Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment with two bedrooms is one of the most wanted apartment in district Kemang, South Jakarta. Other than offering comprehensive facilities, and reasonable price, it is also supported by a strategic location, so there is no wonder why this place is wanted by many renter be it from young couple with children, just married couple, and even employee or private who stays alone but wishes to have extra space inside apartment.

Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment with two bedrooms is strategically located, do you still remember? Clearly this is one of the benefit that you could make as your main consideration. Important places such as school, hospital, offices, and shopping centre are easily reached.

It's necessary for you to know that Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment with two bedrooms provides different room sizes, starting from 1m² up to 644m². And more importantly, you need to pay maintenance fee every month with calculation free per m²

For you who fond of healthy lifestyle and body shape, no need to worry because at Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment there is gym facility that you can use in your spare time. The Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment also provide other amenities such as ATM, Basket Ball Court, Cable TV, Function Room, Grocery Store, Gym, Internet, Jogging Track, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Laundry, Restaurant, Security & Playground. In addition, you can make use of jogging track facility to train your stamina by running in the morning or evening.

One more thing that you need to concern is the security factor. Surely you will tend to choose the most secure, comprehensive and modern apartment available. Luckily, these things can be obtained at Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment that has been well equipped with access card system, 24 hours cctv, and security staff who are ready to help keeping a safe environment to stay at Marbella Kemang Residence Apartment for seven days a week.