Rent Apartemen Pakubuwono Residence 2BR

Pakubuwono Residence is one of the most in demand apartment, especially unit with two bedrooms. As the matter of fact, there is no wonder why Pakubuwono Residence two bedrooms type has become one of the most searched, because this type of unit serves quite spacious room allowing every room from bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom well organized and not to cramped.

Talking about location, apartment located in Pakubuwono, South Jakarta can be said as prima donna in South Jakarta area because it is placed closely with important places such as schools, hospital, shopping mall, and restaurants.

Located in the heart of Pakubuwono, there is no wonder Pakubuwono Residence has become one of the most apartment in demand for potential tenant who loves simplicity staying in vertical residence such as apartment. Practical because Pakubuwono Residence is located in a strategic area and close with shopping centre, school, university, and also supporting facilities such as hospital and restaurant.

For you who fond of healthy lifestyle and body shape, no need to worry because at Pakubuwono Residence there is gym facility that you can use in your spare time. The Pakubuwono Residence also provide other amenities such as ATM, Basket Ball Court, Cable TV, Function Room, Grocery Store, Gym, Internet, Jogging Track, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Laundry, Restaurant, Security & Playground. In addition, you can make use of jogging track facility to train your stamina by running in the morning or evening.

The other aspect you need to know in choosing apartment to live if safety. Fortunately Pakubuwono Residence has already been installed with various security features such as access card, 24x7 security and cctv located in various strategic point in Pakubuwono Residence, this will make tenant live with peace without any threat.