Rent Apartemen Apartemen Semanggi 2BR

Apartemen Semanggi two bedrooms is the most ideal choice for you who are just married, young couple with kids, or just sharing room with roomate, but also there are possibilities for you who stay alone but prefer extra space while keeping your privacy. As bonus, you can offer this extra room to your families, friends from other cities whenever they visit.

Talking about location, apartment located in Slipi, Central Jakarta can be said as prima donna in Central Jakarta area because it is placed closely with important places such as schools, hospital, shopping mall, and restaurants.

It's necessary for you to know that Apartemen Semanggi with two bedrooms provides different room sizes, starting from 1m² up to 644m². And more importantly, you need to pay maintenance fee every month with calculation free per m²

To increase comfort of staying for its tenant, this apartment offers various comprehensive facilities such as ATM, Basket Ball Court, Cable TV, Function Room, Grocery Store, Gym, Internet, Jogging Track, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Laundry, Restaurant, Security & Playground provided specifically for tenant.

Don't forget when you choose apartment, you need to observe which apartment has the best security system. Apartemen Semanggi is categorized as apartment which concern about tenant safety proved by the availability of 21 hours CCTV, access card, and security personnel who is on duty 24 hours for 7 days a week.