Rent Apartemen Taman Puri Permata Hijau 3BR

Taman Puri Permata Hijau with 3 Bedroom unit (3BR) not only suitable for couples who already have 2 or more children. FYI, this apartment also became one of favorite apartments in Permata Hijau, South Jakarta.

Jakarta crowdedness make the apartment near by public facilities such as hospitals and others being the preferred ones. This apartment also very good for you who trying to avoid traffic jam and looking for a comfortable place to stay.

For further provide extra comfort to the residents, the apartment manager has provided many amenities such as ATM, Cable TV, Function Room, Grocery Store, Internet, Swimming Pool, Pet, Security & Playground. The apartment also provide a large parking space for residents. So, you do not have to worry about not getting enough space to park your vehicle.

For your information, Taman Puri Permata Hijau with 3BR provides three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathroom, but some apartment has one bathroom only. Area of this unit starting from 1m² up to 644m² and you need to pay maintenance fee every month with calculation Rp free per m²

To give you more comfortness and safety, Taman Puri Permata Hijau provides security system for 24 hours. Supported by 24-hour CCTVs, special access cards and security guards to maintain security at Taman Puri Permata Hijau. So you as a resident do not need to afraid if something bad happened in apartment environment.