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  • We will take your apartment photos professionaly
  • We will find buyer or renter for your apartment
  • We will accompany buyer or renter applicant to your unit
  • In average, apartment units in Jendela360 is sold within 14-30 days

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Things you must know

  • Competitive price increase chance of rental/sold by 100%
  • Clear and bright photos with minimum of 4 will increase chance of rental/sold by 50%
  • Apartment that is not rented will make you lose money by 10% per month

For example: you have X apartment with market value 60 million per month, if this unit is not being rented for a month then you will lose money as much as:

  • Rental earn loss for a month 1/12 x Rp 60,000,000 = Rp 5,000,000
  • Maintenance Fee and Service Charge approximately Rp 1,000,000
  • Total = Rp 6,000,000
    equivalent with 10% from annual rental fee.

Why do you need to entrust your apartment at Jendela360?


Professional photo for your apartment unit

Statistic showed that apartment with better and more representative photos will two times likely to get sold. Added with 360 virtual tour fiture we have, will make your apartment unit more compelling in customers eyes.


Listing in Jendela360 and all marketplace property in Indonesia.

As number one rank in google search engine for apartment search, Jendela360 is visited by thousands of people every day, in addition, we also do an extra mile by advertising your apartment unit throughout all marketplace in Indonesia so that your apartment unit can be sold faster.


Service to accompany potential customer to visit your apartment

Stop wasting your time! Jendela360 will accompany and help potential customer to visit your apartment unit, so that you don't have to trouble yourself wastingyour precious time.

How much is the fee for entrusting my apartment at Jendela360?


We will only collect profit sharing as big as 8% from rental value and 2-3% from selling vallue.


How to cooperate with Jendela360?


Register your apartment unit


Register your unit

Contact our team or fill the form placed in this page and our team will contact you as soon as possible to start cooperating process with Jendela360


Professional photo by Jendela360

Your apartment unit will be photographed professionaly by photographer from Jendela360 for free.


Online Listing

Other than being listed at Jendela360, the number one site for apartment in google search, we will aso advertise your apartment unit on all property marketplace in Indonesia, selling your apartment unit faster than ever.


Enjoy Selling / Renting Apartment Process without any trouble


Showing unit by Jendela360

You don't have to worry wasting your precious time to accompany potential customer visit to your apartment. These process will entirely be done by Jendela360s representative team who in charge to make sure all interaction with potential customer goes well.

Shake Hand


We will help your negotiation process from potential customer and apartment owner to make the process more pleasant and fast.


Enjoy your passive income

Rent Sign

Payment & Legal Signing

When potential customer has finished processing full payment, we will create leasing agreement contract which will safely secure both parties.


Register your next apartment unit!

Enjoy your passive income, and register your next apartment unit, or inform your friend how easy it is to cooperate with Jendela360!

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