14 Best Favorite Apartments for Expatriates in Jakarta




For every foreigner or expatriate that is currently working in Jakarta, seeking for a temporary stay could be very difficult. Usually, the expatriates prefer to rent an apartment rather than a landed house due to its practicality and strategic location. Furthermore, most of them are already getting used to a vertical stay in their hometown. So, here we inform the lists of 14 best favorite apartment for expatriates in Jakarta.

Are you an expatriate in Jakarta? Here are 14 best suitable apartment for you

Thamrin Residence

Thamrin Residence, apartment for expatriates in jakarta

With its strategic position that is near from Bundaran HI (Hotel Indonesia), there is no doubt that many expatriates choose to stay in Thamrin Residence to easily reach workplaces. Moreover, Thamrin Residence is also situated above Thamrin City shopping center which is mostly known for its Fashion store, making the residents could easily fulfill their needs as well as go shopping.

Taman Kemayoran Kondominium

This apartment is located near Mega Glodok shopping center which is mostly filled by the Indians. One of the apartment’s advantages is that there is an Indian restaurant and a supermarket of Indian foods that make the residents comfortable. Besides that, the access towards the highway is also accessible which really ease the residents’ transports. Taman Kemayoran Kondominium is also situated near several notable schools and institutions.

1 Park Residence

In Gandaria area, there is 1 Park Residence that becomes a favorite apartment for Japanese expatriates. Adapting with the residents, the apartment provides daycare, a Japanese restaurant and supermarket filled with Japanese foods. Other than that, 1 Park Residence is only 650 meter distance from Gandaria City Mall which is not really far for the Japanese who usually walk along the road.

Pakubuwono Residence

This apartment is mostly inhabited by many expatriates and also has a really strategic location. The residents could get into Gandaria, Blok M, and Senayan area with only a short time.  Besides that, there are also some rare facilities in Pakubowono Residence which are Library and Indoor Pool.

Belleza Apartment

This vertical residence is connected with the center of Belleza Shopping Arcades and exactly located across ITC Permata Hijau. With easy access towards Senayan and CBD Sudirman, there is no wonder why many expatriates choose to stay in this Belleza Apartment.

Permata Hijau Residence

Permata Hijau Residence is located near GOR Pertamina which is also inhabited by many expatriates especially from South Korea. With easy access towards business center in Senayan, no wonder the expatriates choose this place to stay. In Fact, Syahrini, an Indonesian singer, also has a unit on this apartment.

Senayan Residence

The apartment that offers Senayan golf view is called Senayan Residence. This apartment is located in a strategic location which is so easy to reach Senayan and Permata Hijau area. Senayan Residence is also a favorite vertical stay for expatriates due to its simplicity of reaching business center area.

The Capital Residence

As a vertical residence that is located in the center of CBD Sudirman and near Pacific Place mall, no wonder that many expatriates stay in The Capital Residence. Besides its strategic location, this apartment also has a nice architecture and complete facilities.

Purnawarman Executive Mansion

The residents of Purnawarman Executive Mansion also have an easy access to reach Senayan and CBD Sudirman, making this apartment inhabited by many expatriates from different countries. Moreover, this apartment is actually located in Senopati area which is the center of many instagrammable restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, Blok M area, the center of entertainment and culinary, is also reachable from Purnawarman Executive Mansion

The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna

In the district of Jakarta Golden Triangle, specifically Kuningan, there is The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna which becomes one of expatriate favorite apartments especially the Indians. With its position that located inside Rasuna Epicentrum complex, the residents could easily reach the workplaces around Kuningan, seek entertainment and culinary in Epicentrum walk, as well as go shopping in a supermarket filled with Indians foods.

Casa Grande Apartment

Casa Grande Apartment, an apartment that is directly connected with Kota Kasablanka Mall and Eighty Office Tower, is also one of the apartments that mostly inhabited by expatriates from many countries. Besides its integration with office building and shopping mall, Casa Grande Apartment also stands in a strategic position near Kuningan, Tebet, and Mega Kuningan so that it eases the residents’ daily activities.

Kemang Village Apartment

A vertical residence that located in Kemang Village superblock and directly integrated with Lippo Mall Kemang is called Kemang Village Apartment. This apartment is also one of the residences that mostly inhabited by expatriates. Kemang Village Apartment definitely offers convenience for the residents to explore entertainment and culinary of Kemang.

Pondok Indah Golf Apartment

Known as elite district, Pondok Indah is also an area that mostly inhabited by expatriates. One of expatriate favorite apartments in here is Pondok Indah Golf Apartment. Along with its name, the apartment offers a golf field view that is very elegant. With its position that is near Pondok Indah Mall and toll access, no wonder that many expatriates choose this apartment for living.

Oakwood Suites La Mansion

Situated in Blok M area, this serviced apartment gives the residents a total convenience to seek for entertainment and culinary around it. Moreover, Oakwood Suites La Mansion is also located across Langsat Park and Ayodya Park which are green open spaces that nowadays are very rare in Jakarta. These places could be a fun relaxing place during the weekend.

So, from many expatriate favorite apartments above, which one does fit you or your expatriate buddy? Jendela360 will help you to find your ideal and suitable apartment.

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