5+ Best Residential Neighborhoods in Jakarta




For those who just arrived in Jakarta, finding a suitable place to stay is an immediate need. When you first coming to this city, you must be feeling a bit awkward because Jakarta is obviously different from your hometown. Learning the culture of the city and the ways that fill it must be a big challenge for you who haven’t come to this city before.

In Jakarta, there are a lot of houses and apartments that can be your living options. But before choosing a stay to live in, taking a tour to some of Jakarta residential neighborhoods is a must. Maybe some of you already heard about several best neighborhoods in Jakarta like Kuningan or Pondok Indah, however, there is still some best residential neighborhoods that might more interest you to reside in. So, here are the details of best residential neighborhoods in Jakarta.

1. Menteng

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

Starting with Central Jakarta, Menteng is one of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods. This area is probably the most expensive area in Jakarta because Menteng contains so many museums, embassies, and government offices of Indonesia, making the area has a lot of huge lands. It was also used by the Dutch colonial proximity for banking and business district. Hence, there are also many historical landmarks that have renovated but still have the sense of Dutch colonial on it.

Menteng area is close to Jakarta biggest business districts which are MH.Thamrin and Sudirman. Because of that, there are some apartments nearby to help the residents efficiently get in to the districts. The apartments are Menteng Park, Menteng Executive Apartment, Menteng Regency and Cik Ditiro Residence. All the residences that are built in Menteng are also encouraged by the cool atmosphere of the area which planted by lots of tall and shady trees. There are also some shopping malls nearby which are Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Sarinah which make Menteng as one of the most premier and luxury location to live in Jakarta.

2. Sudirman

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

Sudirman is one of the most convenient areas to live in Jakarta. This area is already set as a center of business district in the city which is named Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Many expatriates are living and working in this area because the development of business in the SCBD area is one of the most efficient business districts in Asia Pacific.  Therefore, there are many of the high rise apartment buildings in this Central Business District which are run by 5-star hotel operators and offer a luxury lifestyle. Complete facilities are normally offered so you don’t need to leave the building to go to the gym, take a relaxing swim or watch a movie in their private on-site movie studio. The recommended apartments are Sudirman Residence, Sudirman Park, Thamrin Residence, Sahid Sudirman Residence, etc. Moreover, the nightlife trend in Sudirman is also one of the reasons that make the area feel special.

3. Kuningan

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

Located around JL. Rasuna Said, Kuningan is filled with a lot of housing developments favored by expatriates. Patra Kuningan is one of the favorite areas with well-planned and fresh neighborhood around the area. It is said that Kuningan has become one central business district area in South Jakarta due to the development around Mega Kuningan area. Because of that, new offices and apartment towers are highly built in this area to help the efficiency. The apartments around this area are Aston Rasuna Apartment, Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence), Bellagio Residence, Ascott Kuningan Jakarta, etc.

For the shopping malls, you can reach notable malls like Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, and Grand Indonesia for only 15 minutes away. Other than that, some international schools also placed nearby which are Jakarta Intercultural School’s Pattimura and Jakarta International School.

4. Senayan

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

In recent years, the area surrounding the Senayan complex has been home to the development of high rise apartment towers in Jakarta. The proximity to the Senayan Office Towers, night life, shopping and services contained in several large Senayan-area malls have made this area more popular with those that prefer to live in an apartment. Large malls in Senayan include Senayan City, FX Center, and Plaza Senayan. Moreover, the advanced offices in Senayan Towers I, II, III and the Senayan Golf Course are also the reasons why expatriates prefer to live in apartments such as FX Residence, Senayan City Residence, Permata Senayan Apartment, and Residence 8 Senopati.

5. Kebayoran Baru

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

Besides Kuningan, there is also one favorite area for expatriates in South Jakarta which is named Kebayoran Baru. This area is a well-planned neighborhood with large homes and tranquil sensation filled with tall trees and shady atmosphere. Some of Jakarta executive offices like the Jakarta Stock Exchange, the Energy Building and Bapindo Tower are also located in this area which makes it a preferred area to live. Moreover, the location is also near malls such as Pacific Place, Pasaraya, Blok M, Senayan City, FX Center, and Plaza Senayan which is so convenient for the residents to go shopping. With all the perfect qualities, no doubt that elite apartments like Oakwood Suites La Maison, Wijaya Executive Mansion and Wijaya Executive Suites are available in this area.

6. Pondok Indah

Best residential neighborhood in Jakarta

A well-planned and strategic area with cool atmosphere is the characteristic of Pondok Indah. This area is also one of the best neighborhoods in Jakarta regarding that the area is quite complete with Pondok Indah shopping malls and business districts around it. There are also some of international schools like British International School, Jakarta Intercultural School, and Jakarta International School. Moreover, to reach another elite area in Jakarta, the toll access of Pondok Indah is really flexible which can ease the resident’s transport. Therefore, there are some 5-star apartments with decent facilities in Pondok Indah. They are Pondok Indah Golf Apartment, The Bellevue Suites Apartment, and Pondok Indah Residence.


All of these neighborhoods are the most recommended areas in Jakarta to live in. Most of the Jakarta people also consider them as the best places to enjoy the city. It’s such a perfect start for those who want to live in Jakarta.


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