Best Jakarta Apartments with Fancy Infinity Pool




Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

Living in apartments has become a lifestyle for some people in modern cities. There is no doubt that the services and the facilities of apartments can fulfill many people’s needs these days. One of favorite facilities in apartments is the swimming pool. In a landed house, swimming pool is still rare to be found. But in apartments, swimming pool is such a required facility that an apartment must have.

Moreover, through some innovations, the swimming pool’s design in several elite apartments has been beautified to an infinity pool. Turnouts, this infinity pool concept has made the apartments more elegant and comfortable or even looks more artistic in the eyes. Here are the best Jakarta apartments with fancy infinity pool you shouldn’t miss.


Senayan City Residence

Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

One of best Jakarta apartments that have an infinity pool is Senayan City Residence. A 5-star comfort of its facilities is the quality that the apartment provides. The infinity pool is placed in each of the apartment towers and it is also designed to enjoy the panoramic view of Senayan Golf Course and Jakarta City skyline. There is also a Jacuzzi alongside the infinity pool which both of them regarded as the upscale facilities of the apartment.

The apartment is considered to be one of the most exclusive apartments in Jakarta. Located in the center of the city, Senayan City Residence also has a high accessibility which surrounded by many offices and notable shopping malls like Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, and FX Sudirman.

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Four Winds Apartment

Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

Four Winds is a luxurious and prestigious apartment in Senayan. The apartment applies a well and luxury living stay that offers the residents with exclusive services and facilities. The infinity pool in this apartment is set with a theme called “Swimming In Horizon”. Just imagine yourself swimming in the sparkle of Jakarta while relaxing in the pool’s horizon that straight to the shining skyline. After swimming you can also lay down in an oval-shaped bench near the pool and sipping your favorite drinks. All these convenience are only available in Four Winds Apartment.

Located near Senayan, the apartment has a strategic location which is just a few blocks away from Senayan City, SCBD Area, and many more. It only took a few minutes to reach the most prestigious shopping center in Jakarta as well as the business district.

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Ciputra World 2 Apartment

Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

Another best apartment that has a nice infinity pool is Ciputra World 2 Apartment. The apartment is a real high class apartment inside a new mixed superblock of Ciputra World. There are 3 towers in the apartment which are the Orchard Satrio, the Residence and Frasers Suite Serviced Apartment. The infinity pool is placed in each of the towers which also become one of the apartment’s favorite facilities. The design of the infinity pool is quite long and surrounded by relaxing benches for the residents to enjoy.

Located in JL. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Ciputra World 2 Apartment has an unlimited access towards many financial offices, shopping malls, and art district that surround the area. The apartment also has an easy access towards Mega Kuningan Business District and others new landmark developments. It is such a convenient place to live in.

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1 Cik Ditiro Apartment

Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

Moving to Menteng area, 1 Cik Ditiro Apartment also has a full service of infinity pool. It is such a tranquil apartment to be placed an infinity pool due to its fresh and clean environment. The friendly neighborhood of Menteng also support the relax ambience of the infinity pool, making the residents more comfortable. One special thing while enjoying the pool is the classic taste of Jakarta known by the characteristic of Menteng area itself. The design of the infinity pool is surrounded by an old-style lamp that placed near the pool.

Located in Gondangdia street Menteng, 1 Cik Ditiro Apartment has an easy access towards the biggest business district in Jakarta which is MH. Thamrin and Sudirman. It may only take 10 minutes to reach the areas. The environment of the apartment is also nice marked by a lot of cozy and trending places in the areas of Sarinah and Juanda.

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The ST Moritz Apartment

Best Apartment with Infinity Pool in Jakarta

An infinity pool is also placed in ST Moritz Apartment, specifically in its new presidential suite tower. It is a new tower of Saint Moritz developer but it already attracts special attractions who want to live in a luxurious and discrete apartment. The infinity pool looks a bit quiet and tranquil because the presidential suite only has limited units on the tower. The design of the pool is also cozy with wooden materials as its dominance.

The Saint Moritz Apartment is also supported by its strategic location which is situated in the most developing area of West Jakarta. Notable shopping malls like Puri Indah Mall, Lippo Mall Puri, and PX Pavilion are near the apartment’s area which really gives extra convenient for the residents.

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So, from all the apartments above, which infinity pool do you like the most? Indeed, the combination of full pool and skyline never deceive the comfort. It’s fantastic.

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