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Casa Grande Residence Review

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Review Apartemen

This time I had the opportunity to visit one of the exclusive areas in South Jakarta, Casablanca. This area is filled with shopping centers, outlets, restaurants, to exclusive apartment residences. One of the apartments is Casa Grande Residence.

Casa Grande Apartment is a luxury residence in South Jakarta. This apartment is in a very strategic location because it is close to office centers in the Sudirman and Thamrin CBD and embassy offices.

Having direct access to one of the largest malls in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka, this apartment offers convenience and luxury at once. Residents can easily reach exclusive outlets on foot.

Getting interested? The following is a full review of Casa Grande Residence.

Note: You can go directly to which part you want to know by checking directly through the contents of the article below, or start reading the review of Casa Grande Apartment from the first part for those of you who want to know in full about Casa Grande Apartment.


This apartment is located at Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

1. Close to several educational institutions such as:

  • 1.4 km to the Indonesian Highscope School
  • 2.3 km to Seven Strings Music School
  • 1.1 km to Jakarta 79 Public High School
  • 1.3 km to SD Negeri 67 Jakarta

2. Close to shopping centers such as:

  • Direct access to Kota Kasablanka
  • 1.8 km to Epicentrum
  • 1.1 km to Jembatan Merah Wet Market
  • 1.6 km to Kuningan Plaza Festival Mall

3. Close to health facilities and hospitals such as:

  • 1.8 km to Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital
  • 1.7 km to Tebet Regional Public Hospital
  • 2.8 km to Medistra Hospital
  • 4.4 km to Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central General Hospital

4. Close to public transportation facilities such as:

  • 3.1 km to Manggarai Station
  • 1.1 km to the Red Bridge Stop
  • 270 m to School Stop
  • 2.7 km to the Manggarai Bus Terminal


Casa Grande Apartments provides many facilities that you can enjoy as residents.

1. Adult Swimming Pool

For those of you who like to play water or have a hobby of swimming, Casa Grande Residence provides a very large swimming pool facility on the ground floor of the apartment. The swimming pool is very clean and well-maintained, with decorative plants surrounding it making the pool area seem very beautiful.

2. Children’s Swimming Pool

Not only for swimming pools for adults, this apartment also provides a swimming pool for the baby who has a hobby of playing water or maybe already interested in learning to swim.

3. Children’s Playground

This children’s playground is located next to the children’s pool, intended for small children who want to spend the afternoon with their peers.

4. Gym

For those of you who are following a strict diet program, in order to realize the ideal body requires regular exercise as well. This apartment provides a gym as a means to meet sports needs for your body fitness every day.

5. Jacuzzi

This apartment also provides a Jacuzzi for those of you who want to relax and cool the mind from the hustle and bustle of life in Jakarta.

6. Garden

On the ground floor, there are also garden facilities for residents who want to do refreshing in the green park, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Jakarta directly from your residence.



In terms of facilities, this apartment does not offer many facilities for apartment residents. However, with direct access to Kota Kasablanka, it was enough to cover the shortage of these apartments, because residents could immediately enjoy the mall facilities.

Although the atmosphere of the Kota Kasablanka mall is always crowded with visitors, the atmosphere when you enter the lobby of the Casa Grande apartment is very different. The atmosphere offered is very friendly and quiet, with a luxurious interior design.

Not to mention the main entrance of the apartment which is very grand with automatic doors, which makes the Casa Grande apartment seem more luxurious. The entrance gate of the vehicle is also very exclusive with strict guard always on standby for 24 hours.

You as a resident can also enjoy a relaxed and shady atmosphere near the swimming pool and garden facilities. In this area you can relax and let go of saturation with family or friends in the afternoon of Jakarta after full day activities.



The completeness of an apartment is not only judged by the many facilities offered by the apartment, but also the facilities outside the apartment which can also be enjoyed easily by residents.

At the Casa Grande apartment, permanent facilities outside the apartment can easily be enjoyed by residents. This makes this apartment classified as a superior apartment.

Here are some recommendations for places and facilities that you might like in the Casa Grande apartment area.

1. Munchies

Selling a variety of food choices with typical western and Indonesian characteristics, Munchies Dine & Bar is known for having a booth design similar to a bar, suitable to be used as a hangout place with friends. The location is right on the ground floor of Kota Kasablanka.

If you want to eat in Munchie, don’t forget to order their famous creamy and moist pasta. In addition, we also recommend Munchies meat menus, such as beef stroganoff. Munchies offers fine dining with a cozy atmosphere.

2. NOSH Kitchen

Not far from Munchies, on the ground floor of Kota Kasablanka there is also the NOSH Kitchen that we recommend for your visit. This restaurant offers typical Italian food which may be rarely offered by other restaurants.

Mainstay menus such as garlic oxtail pasta, Alfredo pizza with flatbread, and southern style buttermilk fried chicken are ready to spoil your tongue. Not to mention the mainstay beverage offered is Blushing Dragon, a blend of dragon fruit, apples and oranges that is very refreshing.

3. Kintan Buffet

Who said if the BBQ menu is only suitable for American dishes? In Kota Kasablanka there are Kintan Buffet outlets that offer Japanese-style BBQ dishes that are a pity to miss.

For those of you BBQ fans, you should try this special menu at the All You Can Eat restaurant. Kintan Buffet offers premium Japanese BBQ dishes with a classy atmosphere and pleasant atmosphere.


As one of the big malls in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka certainly has a department store, namely Sogo. At this department store you can look for needs related to style and clothing ranging from cosmetics, bags, to clothes.

Sogo in Kota Kasablanka is also quite extensive with offers of complete types of goods from world-renowned products. Don’t forget to visit this department store on certain days, because there will be many attractive discounts for you.

5. Cinema XXI

Who doesn’t know this place? Cinema XXI is one of the oldest and best cinema service providers in Indonesia. You as a resident of Casa Grande can enjoy new films, both local and foreign, at Cinema XXI Kota Kasablanka.

If you are a fan of movies, of course the existence of Cinema XXI in Kota Kasablanka will greatly facilitate you. In this place you can watch movies and relax with your family and friends. There is no need to be afraid of being late to watch a movie because you only need to walk directly from Casa Grande to reach this cinema.

6. Inul Vizta

Not only the cinema, Kota Kasablanka Mall which has direct access from Casa Grande Apartments also offers a pleasant karaoke place. Inul Vizta can be your means to sing and relax with family and friends.

With a complete selection of songs, from the latest songs to old songs, you will feel satisfied singing at Inul Vizta. Don’t forget to order a drink when you sing in the room, so that the sound is always fresh and vibrant.

7. ATM Center

Although there is no ATM Center facility inside the apartment, you as an occupant can easily access the facility at Mall Kota Kasablanka. Therefore, direct access to Kota Kasablanka from Casa Grande is an advantage for apartment residents.

Not only the ATM Center, in Kota Kasablanka you also have large bank outlets such as Bank Mandiri, BCA, and BNI. This of course will greatly facilitate you as a resident of Casa Grande Apartments to access these large banks.

8. Alexander Dental Care

Toothache can greatly interfere with your daily activities. As residents of Casa Grande apartments, you need not worry because in Kota Kasablanka there are dental health care services available to you.

Alexander Dental Care is a dental clinic using the best laser machines, which can patch teeth without bur using laser light. You will feel well-groomed teeth as well as comfort while doing dental care at this clinic.

9. Century Healthcare

Century Healthcare is one of the largest pioneers in health and beauty retailing with a wide network throughout Indonesia. You can get a complete health product that is sold freely and can be purchased with a doctor’s reference.

Available at Kota Kasablanka Mall, this one retailer also provides quality beauty products that are safe and clinically tested. Century Healthcare comes with the concept of ‘Healthy Whole’, called Wellness.

10. Carrefour

The unavailability of minimarket facilities at Casa Grande Apartments does not mean you will be confused to buy daily necessities. You can easily reach one of the largest modern markets in Indonesia, namely Carrefour, in Kota Kasablanka.

Just by walking through the Casa Grande direct access to Kota Kasablanka, down one floor from the nearest escalator, you can already buy your daily needs at this place. Carrefour is well-known for its complete inventory and large space so it feels relieved for visitors.

11. JNE

For those of you who want to send items easily, don’t worry. You as a resident of the Casa Grande Apartment can find a well-known shipping service, namely JNE, in Kota Kasablanka. Only on foot, you can send your goods through JNE with good conditions to the destination.

12. Londre

The absence of laundry facilities in the Casa Grande apartment does not mean you have to wash your clothes yourself. To find the closest laundry service, you only need to walk to Kota Kasablanka. There is a Londre outlet that can wash your clothes clean and on time.



  • Maintenance Fee: Free
  • Developer: Pakuwon Group
  • Unit Total: 350
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • It is suitable for students, employees, and newly married couples and those who already have kids
Review: Casa Grande Residence
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Neighborhood
  • Building Quality
  • Value for Money


Casa Grande Apartment offers an exclusive residence in the middle of Jakarta. This apartment has a very strategic location, with a very metropolis environment. Although the facilities offered are not as complete as other apartments, the quality of the apartment is maintained very well. Not only that, direct access to Kota Kasablanka is also an advantage of this apartment.


Casa Grande Residence – Unit CAGD019
Casa Grande Residence- Unit CAGD016
Casa Grande Residence – Unit CAGC032


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