Family and Kids Friendly Hangout Place in Jakarta




Family Hangout Place in Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest metropolitan city in Southeast Asia. The capital city of Jakarta is a densely populated city, because Jakarta is a center of government, a business center, and also a cultural center.

Maybe one of the things you think about if you hear the word Jakarta is its traffic, but behind that, Jakarta has an allure and magnetism for everyone. It turns out that there are many beautiful tours in Jakarta that you need to visit with your family, of course, very friendly for children.

Besides the mall, Jakarta also has many interesting tourist attractions for you to visit. For those of you who decide to settle in Jakarta and want to spend a weekend with family, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to try a new place.

Whatever tourist attractions are suitable for children and families in Jakarta, here we summarize the list for you


Waterbom Jakarta

Swimming is a sport that is very pleasant for anyone, especially in the heat of the hot sun of Jakarta. Waterbom Jakarta which is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta has a very wide area, so you and your family are guaranteed to be satisfied to swim. In addition, the Waterbom also features several games, namely wave pool, twisted zone, kiddy zone, extreme zone, bomblazter, and hairpine zone.

There is also a children’s pool that is only 60 cm deep. if you are out of town and want to visit this tour, you can stay in the nearest apartment, Green Bay Pluit Apartment, which is only 3.9 KM from Waterbom.

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Jakarta Aquarium

Family Hangout Place in Jakarta

Presented by Taman Safari Indonesia and in collaboration with Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia, the Jakarta Aquarium at Neo SOHO is an international aquarium because it has more than 600 species. This giant aquarium in Grogol, West Jakarta is very suitable as one of the tours that educates children about aquatic animals, there are also theater shows that you and your family can enjoy.

The location is very close to Taman Anggrek Residence apartment which only has a distance of 1.1 KM to get to this tour. In addition, there is also a restaurant that is suitable for you to visit with your family because you can enjoy a delicious meal of chili to see cute penguins in a large aquarium.

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

This Indonesian-themed tourist attraction is located in East Jakarta. Mini garden is very suitable to be used as a tour with family because in addition to vacation spots, TMII can also provide education to children about Indonesian culture. There are regional platforms with national architecture from 33 provinces in Indonesia that show clothes, dances and regional traditions.

In addition, in the middle of TMII there is a lake that depicts the miniature of the Indonesian archipelago in the middle, cable cars, various museums, Snow bay waterpark, and Keong Mas IMAX Theater and Tanah Airku Theater, various recreational facilities make TMIII an area leading tours in the capital city.

Because this tour is a source of information and knowledge for all provinces in Indonesia, many who visit from outside the city, in order to save energy, you can rent one of the apartments close to TMII, which is only 3.8 KM, namely Green Palace apartment.


Ragunan Zoo

Family Hangout Place in Jakarta

This zoo located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta has a collection of animals consisting of 295 species and 4040 specimens. Ragunan zoo is the first zoo in Indonesia. There are lots of trees there, that’s what makes the air there cooler.

This tour is perfect for you and your family because you can hold a mat under the trees and be able to enjoy food or the environment with your family, besides that you can also provide education by introducing some animals to children.

If you are outside the area and want to visit it, you can rent an Aspen Residences apartment which is only about 4.1 KM from the Ragunan zoo.

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Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland)

Ancol dreamland is the most visited tourist spot and is always crowded starting from residents of Jakarta and outside Jakarta. Located in North Jakarta, this place is perfect to visit with family because it has many spots to gather and play. Ancol Dreamland presents a number of rides that can be enjoyed by all ages, namely Ocean Dream Samudra, Sea World, Dunia Fantasi, Atlantis, Faunaland, and Ancol beach pool. If you are a visitor from outside Jakarta, you can rent an apartment that is only 3.5 KM from Ancol, namely Ancol Mansion apartment.

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Ocean Ecopark

Family Hangout Place in Jakarta

Located adjacent to Ancol Dreamland, this Ocean Ecopark can make you closer to nature and sambal release the saturation of your work by gathering and playing with family here. Ocean Eco Park is divided into four rides. The first is Eco-Care, which is a place to learn to plant vegetables and plants properly and correctly, in this area your family will be invited to farm.

The second is Eco-Nature, here you and your family can see firsthand some of the rare animals that you normally see on TV. This vehicle becomes one of Eco-Island which is the third vehicle, which is in the form of an artificial lake inhabited by thousands of koi, catfish and carp.

And the last is Eco-Art, this is the most exciting vehicle because for one hour you will be entertained by the open-air stage theater performance Fantastique Magic Fountain Show.

For those of you who are looking for an apartment close to this tour, you can choose Mediterranean Marina apartment which is only 4.1 KM from Ocean Ecopark.

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Come visit tourist attractions in Jakarta, don’t just go to the mall. Those are some recommendations for tourist attractions that can be visited with family and are child friendly, don’t forget to note yes. I hope this information is helpful. Have a good vacation!

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