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Gandaria Height is an upscale apartment comprising 2 towers of 32 and 34 of floors. It is part of Gandaria City, an 85.000 m2 superblock developed by Pakuwon Jati that featured Gandaria Mall, Gandaria 8, Sheraton Hotel and Gandaria Height itself. The developer of Gandaria Height is originated from Surabaya and have a good reputation among Indonesians. Some of their portfolio include Kota Kasablanka, Casa Grande Residences, etc. 

Gandaria Height laid within a diverse environment. The neighborhood mostly are low-to-upper class housing. Apartment surrounding might seem busy all time, but condition inside apartment is totally different. 

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit 1BR room on the 11th floor at Gandaria Height and here is my experience about it. 


Jl. KH. Moh Syafi’i Hadzami. No. 8 Kebayoran Lama RT.10/RW06, Kebayoran Lama Utara, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Gandaria Mall is the nearest shopping center from Gandaria Height apartment and it is become main attraction for residents. Beside Gandaria Mall, other public facilities and infrastructure can also be found around the apartment, such as:

Several universities:


  • 3 km to Binus School Simprug
  • 2,2 km to Lentera School
  • 3,7 km to Jakarta Intercultural School Pattimura
  • 900 meters to Sahabat Montessori
  • 2,5 km to Integrated Children Academy


  • 1,2 km to Muhammadiyah Hospital
  • 1,7 km to Gandaria Hospital
  • 2,2 km to Pusat Pertamina Hospital
  • 5,8 km to Pondok Indah Hospital


  • 210 meters to Gandaria 8



All facilities in Gandaria Heights apartment are at the 5th floor. Residents can go to this floor by using exclusive access card. The facilities are

1. Adult Swimming Pool

Gandaria Heights Swimming Pool

Gandaria Height has an outdoor infinity pool which provides broad scenery to Jakarta’s town landscape. It is an 121-meters-length of pool encircled by palm trees. Although it is an outdoor swimming pool, the temperature is still nice, because the pool laid in shade of Gandaria Height towers. Around the pool, there are some outdoor benches for residents to sit on and relax.

gandaria heights swimming pool

2. Jacuzzi

Gandaria Heights Jacuzzi

Right next to infinity pool, there is a jacuzzi. The size is smaller than infinity pool and it can holds at least six residents at once. Jacuzzi in Gandaria Height provides comfy ambiance, featured many green plants around its side. While bathing in, you could enjoy Jakarta’s city landscape from above. 

3. Kids Swimming Pool

Gandaria Heights Kids Pool

Infinity pool is not compatible for your kids, unless, they had proper swimming skill. If your kids still want to play with water, they could swim at kid’s swimming pool, just a couple steps from infinity pool. The pool size is very wide and the depth is safe, even for your 2-years-old kids. Above this wide pool, there is a smaller pool functioning as little jacuzzi for your kids. 

Gandaria Heights Jacuzzi

4. Kids Playground

Gandaria Heights Playground

Another facilities for your kids is Kids Playground. The available rides here include swing ride, slide ride, hobby horse, etc. 

5. Reflexology Path

Reflexology Path Gandaria heights

Adjacent to kids playground, there is a circular reflexology path. It is very useful to release pain of bare foot, especially for elder.

6. Garden

Although the size of the garden is not big, it is suitable enough for residents to jog in the morning. There are grasses, green trees, trees with flower and other plants that amplify the beauty of this garden. Estate gardener also maintain the park regularly. You seldom meet them at this floor. 

7. Tennis Court

Gandaria Heights Tennis Court

For those who are interested in playing tennis and playing lots of akun free fire game, could visit tennis court located next to playground. It is a rectangle court encircled by wire fence and some palm trees along its side. I’ll recommend you to not to play tennis here during daytime, as temperature here can be very hot. 

8. Gym

Gym Gandaria Heights

Gym is only facility at the 5th floor that located indoor. It featured complete gear and television, so residents could enjoy tv show while exercising.

9. Parking Lot

Gandaria Heights Parking Lot

Residents would never experience lack of parking space, since Gandaria Height apartment has sufficient parking lot which occupied three floors. 


The first thing I notice after reaching Gandaria Height apartment was a severe gridlocked. It took me almost one hour to get to apartment from Meruya Ilir. During office hour and lunch time, the traffic jam can be more severe, since there were many employees worked in and around Gandaria Mall and Gandaria 8. Jl. KH. Moh Syafi’i Hadzami, a street where Gandaria Height sit, is also strategic, thus many vehicle passing by through this road.  

However, when I was at Gandaria Height, the crowded neighborhood in street Moh Syafi’i Hadzami was completely disappeared. Exclusive entrance in front of apartment has created distance from apartment to the bustling road. I cannot hear any car horn or other vehicle sound here. The neighborhood is nice and calm. 

I found many residents in the lobby, but not in facility floor. The neighborhood in facility floor is rather quite. It is probably because residents were working during my visit. The most thing I saw there is estate gardener who were doing their job. They either showering plant, cleaning up swimming pool or sweeping the floor. 

What about edifices surrounding apartment? Well, since lower-to-upper class housing dominates the apartment neighborhood, you will rarely see skyscraper. Some are visible, if you have choose certain unit that facing northward and westward. However, if you choose unit that facing other two direction, the most thing you will see is middle-to-upper class housing and top of Gandaria Mall.

Gandaria height best view



Gandaria Height provides complete unit type, start from 1BR, 2BR to 3BR unit. Amenities in 1BR unit includes 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining set, refrigerator, washing machine, AC, TV, and access card. For 2BR and 3BR, the amenities include AC, hot water tap, dining set, 3 bathrooms (some unit has 2 bathrooms), access card, kitchen, washing machine, TV, refrigerator and television. Apartment official also equipped those two units with internet. 

Gandaria Height has large size unit, varying from 40 m2 to 117 m2. The size of 1BR unit is 40 sqm, 94 m2 for 2BR and 117 m2 for 3BR. In terms of rental price, 3BR is the most expensive among other unit. The price of 3BR unit is Rp 27.900.000 ($ 2000) per month, when 1BR unit is Rp 16.700.000 ($ 1196) per month and 2BR unit is Rp 20.500.000 ($ 1468) per month. 

1BR unit in Gandaria Height has spacious room compare to other 1BR unit in Jakarta. It has living room combined with kitchen. Although living room and the kitchen was separated without border or partition, it is well positioned. You still have enough space walking or doing your activity in living room, while the other cook. You can even placed a new furniture in living room, since there were many space left. 

Gandaria Heights 1 Bedroom

The bedroom has smaller size, but it still looks spacious. There are high closet, a double bed, a dressing table and a television inside. The room also featured large window, AC and a door leading to bathroom. In the bathroom, there are lavatory, toilet and bathtub.    

One biggest shortcoming of this unit is the absence of balcony. There is just an empty room (probably for storage room) enclosed by trellis. Residents might have difficulty in drying clothes.


Thanks to location where Gandaria Height sit, the surrounding apartment are full of public facilities, like: 

1. Gandaria Mall

Gandaria Mall is the main attraction for Gandaria Height residents, where various tenants start form fashion store, book store, entertainment venue and food court took place. Some of tenants you will find here are Gramedia, Adidas, LC Waiki, Giordano, H&M and many more. Gandaria Mall is also the right place to hold a meeting or hangout with friends, since there were many restaurants, cafe and food court, like Gyu-kaku, Pizza Hut, Solaria, Pepper Lunch, Ta Wanm Sushi Tei, etc. 

2. Kebayoran Lama Bus Stop

There is a good news for Transjakarta user who lived at Gandaria Height, Kebayoran Lama bus halt is only 400 meters from the apartment. Residents can reach the halt by walking for at least 4 minutes. This halt provides route 8 and 9E which lead to Lebak Bulus, Harmoni Central Busway and Grogol 2.

3. Kebayoran Train Station

The nearest train station from apartment Gandaria Height is Kebayoran Station. From here, you could head to Tanah Abang station (pass through Palmerah Station), Duri Station, Maja Station and not far from Manggarai Station (Train Station Central in Jakarta). 

4. Gandaria Hospital

Easy to get health treatment is one of the major advantage for Gandaria Height residents, since Gandaria Hospital is only located 1,7 km away from apartment. This hospital was first  established in 1988. They originally provide limited treatment for patient, such as surgery and Otorhinolaryngology. But today, they have expanded their health service including gynecology, pediatric, urology, etc.

For more information, please contact:




  • Maintenance Fee: Free
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR and 3BR
  • Towers: A and B
  • Developer: Pakuwon Jati
  • It is suitable for students, employees, married couples with or without kids and expatriates
Review: Gandaria Heights
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money


The major advantage of living at Gandaria Height is getting easy access to the office (Gandaria 8) and shopping center (Gandaria Mall). The apartment also laid in a strategic location, adjacent to Jl. KH. Moh Syafi’i Hadzami, one of the busiest roads in West Jakarta. Transjakarta bus halt and Train Station located not far from the apartment that would give advantage to residents who prefer took public transportation. In terms of unit, every unit leased here is very spacious. Facilities in Gandaria Height is complete as well. However, the disadvantage of living at Gandaria Height is the inevitable gridlocked.


Gandaria Heights – Unit GHTC009
Gandaria Heights- Unit GHTB001
Gandaria Heights – Unit GHTD010


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