Kuningan City Denpasar Residence Apartment Review




PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk. (APLN) is a real estate owner, developer, and manager in retail, commercial, and residential real estate segments with diversified holdings. APLN was established on July 30, 2004. As a leading developer in Indonesia, APLN have various property portfolios that spread all over Indonesia. Their portfolio includes Podomoro City, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resorts, Kuningan City, Senayan City, Lindetevets Trade Center, and many more.

One of Agung Podomoro’s Land masterpieces, Kuningan City, is inspired by Singapore’s Orchard Road. This complex is meant to be built as an international shopping area and to facilitate the leisure side of Jakarta. In Kuningan City, there is Denpasar Residences, a residential which provides a Balinese atmosphere to its residents.

If you are seeking an apartment that located inside Central Business District and gives you a unique ambiance, living in Denpasar Residence in Kuningan City would be perfect.

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Kuningan City Residence apartment located in Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18, Setiabudi, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta)

Close to many embassies

  • 550 meters to the Embassy of Malaysia
  • 800 meters to the Embassy of  Russia
  • 1,1 km to the Embassy of Algeria
  • 1,3 km to the Embassy of Laos
  • 1,4 km to the Embassy of Sudan
  • 1,5 km to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
  • 1,5 km to the Embassy of Poland
  • 1,6 km to the Embassy of Qatar
  • 1,7 km to the Embassy of Thailand
  • 1,8 km to the Embassy of Pakistan

Near to the shopping center

  • 450 meters to Ambassador Mall
  • 600 meters to ITC Kuningan
  • 1,6 km to Lotte Shopping Avenue
  • 1,7 km to Bellagio Boutique Mall
  • 2,1 km to Kota Kasablanka

Surrounded by many sports facilities, such as

  • 1 km to GOR Badminton Mega Kuningan
  • 1,2 km to Planet Futsal
  • 1,2 km to De Futsal
  • 1,3 km to Elite Club
  • 1,5 km to Grand Futsal Kuningan

Near to some transportation facilities, like

  • 2,7 km to Setiabudi Astra MRT Station
  • 3,4 km to Sudirman Station
  • 3,7 km to Tebet Station
  • 5,8 km to Manggarai Station



Kuningan City Residence has a complete well-maintained facility for its residents. If you become a resident, these luxurious and exclusive facilities are available for you.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

kuningan city denpasar residence swimming pool

The outdoor swimming pool is located on the 1st floor of Denpasar Residence. Even though the pool lies outside the building, the water is still cold. There are no sun exposures that can go through the pool. The pool depth is only 120 cm, so it is pretty save for your kids to swim, as long as you are carefully watching them.

When I was there, I could feel a breezy atmosphere beside the pool. It is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery since you can see many skyscrapers behind the swimming pool. I saw some expats sunbathing next to the pool. They whether used their own bench chair or a bench that is provided by apartment official.

You can find many green trees and plants around the swimming pool. Some of the trees were draped by a fabric with black and white checked pattern. This reinforces the Balinese ambiance here.

Operation Hours:

  • Weekdays: 07:00 – 22:00
  • Weekend: 06:00 – 23:00

Garden Pool

Adjacent to the swimming pool, there is a garden pool for residents. The garden pool is a perfect place for those who want to relax, read books, or even take a siesta. You can find many soft and pillowy couches around here.

Outdoor Playground

Walking in a few meters from the swimming pool, you can find an outdoor playground. This playground provides safety for your kids. The floor is layered by the fluffy green rug, so your kid’s won’t get slipped. This playground also encircled by a concrete parapet wall, it will guarantee your kid’s safety and they have no chance of falling.

There are three rides you can find here, swing ride, slide ride and a teeter-totter. These rides are in good condition and very well maintained.

Indoor Playground

Kuningan City Denpasar Residence Playground

If it is raining outside, you and your kids can move to the indoor playground and continue your activity. In this room, there are many toys for your kids to play with. Not only that, your kids could also play slide ride similar to the outside playground. The indoor playground is equipped with AC and the interior is well decorated.

Residents Lounge

Kuningan City Denpasar Residence Lounge

For those who love reading a book or magazine, there is a residents’ lounge to accommodate the need. This place is quite wide and comfy, very compatible for reading and chatting. The books that are provided here come from various genre such as science books, fiction, property magazines, English language books, and even Mandarin and Japanese books.


Kuningan City Denpasar Residence Gym

The gym in Denpasar Residence is located on the 1st floor and the room is quite spacious. This may be due to not many types of gym equipment provided here. There are 4 tread mills, 2 lat pull-down gym machines, 4 bike cycles, and some gym balls. Since there is enough equipment, you don’t have to take turns with other residents to work out. If you are a beginner to a gym workout, there is a complete guidelines of exercise movement posted on the gym wall.

Sauna and Steam Room

Not many apartments in Jakarta have saunas as their amenity. However, Kuningan City Denpasar Residence has it. Sauna and steam room is located next to the gym. You can steam bath yourself after the workout. Remember to not exceed the maximum time limit, of 30 minutes, in this sauna and steam room.


Be in the same room as the sauna, there is also a Jacuzzi. There are two types of jacuzzi tubs in this room, the round one and the square one. It is important to clean your body first before bathing in jacuzzi.

Tennis Table

You can find a tennis table next to the swimming pool. You should bring your own ball and bet if you want to play tennis table here.

Vending Machine

Although I could not find any supermarket around the facility floor, I found a vending machine adjacent to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the vending machine is malfunctioning, so I cannot purchase anything from there.



There are three types of rooms leased by Kuningan City, Denpasar Residence, 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR. The amenities in the 1BR unit include 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining set, AC, hot water tap, access card, refrigerator, washing machine, and television. For 2BR and 3BR, the amenities include AC, hot water tap, dining set, 1 bathroom (for 2BR), 2 bathroom (3BR), access card, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, and television. Apartment officials also equipped those three units with internet and cable TV.

The most noticeable difference between the three units is their room size. The size of the 1BR unit is 59 sqm, 90 sqm for the 2BR unit, and 114 sqm for the 3BR unit. For the price range, a 3BR unit is the most expensive, Rp 30.000.000 ($ 2.145) per month, followed by a 2BR unit, Rp 23.000.000 ($ 1.650) per month, and 1BR, Rp 15.380.000 ($ 1.100).

I had an opportunity to visit the 2BR unit in Denpasar Residence yesterday, and in my opinion, it was an amazing unit. The room is quite large and the brightness level is very good. You can find a large window in each room, for example in the living room and bedroom. The windows allow sunlight to go through, then enlighten your room. The kitchen and dining room, nevertheless are compacted into one room, they still seem spacious. You can walk here and there without any hindrance. If you have kids, this unit is a good place to live. There are kids’ rooms with one bed and a couple of room with two beds. From the balcony, you can see not so many skyscrapers around your neighborhood. You have a broad vision and the scenery is awesome.



Kuningan City Denpasar Residence put the Balinese ambiance in their apartment in an exact proportion, neither too excessive nor lack of nuance. You can easily find Balinese ornament in the apartment lobby, such as Visnu sculptures, Balinese umbrellas, Balinese carvings, and trees draped with black and white checked pattern fabric.

These kinds of ornament become less and less visible once you are ascending the tower. However, if you were in the facility floor, the ornament would reemerge.

In terms of noisy sound issue, I can’t find any disturbance here. I just hear a very tiny sound from car horn below. Since a mosque is adjacent to Denpasar Residence, you can also hear adzan from the facility floor. This might be a bit bothering for expats, however, I’ve never heard such a sound in a unit.

If you are seeking a place to enjoy Jakarta’s city view, Denpasar Residence in Kuningan City can be a great choice. Even from the 1st floor, many top of skyscrapers are visible. From the unit I’ve been visiting (21st floor), I saw Jakarta’s city horizon filled with low rise building (fancy houses are the most common one) and some skyscrapers.

In public spaces, you can find many surveillance camera which can guarantee your safety.


The awesome facility is not the only charm Kuningan City Denpasar Residence has. They also have some attractiveness like

Kuningan City Mall

Updating fashion style and shopping for daily necessities would be no problem for Denpasar Residence residents, since Kuningan City Mall is located right next to the apartment. Residents can get there by walking from the apartment loby. Kuningan City Mall has a concept of ‘back to the city’. They address the changing lifestyle of the people in the fast-moving Jakarta City.

Kota Kasablanka

Another alternative for Denpasar Residence to shop or eat out is Kota Kasablanka. It only takes 28 minutes to drive (2,2 km) from the apartment if you want to get here. There is a complete category you can find here, in Kota Kasablanka.

Start from beauty products, jewelry, accessories, outfits, home furniture, entertainment, etc. You can also find many famous brands opening their brand here, such as Adidas, Ace Hardware, CinemaXXI, Batik Keris, Lock n Lock, and many more.

If you feel hungry while strolling around Kota Kasablanka, you can drop by to a famous Japanese restaurant, such as Kintan Buffet, Abura Restaurant, Menya Sakura, etc.

Ambassador Mall

Ambasador Mall is one of the Shopping Centers in Kuningan, located in Jl. Profesor Doktor Satrio Kav. 25 (Karet Kuningan). You just need 6-minute walk from Kuningan City Denpasar Residence if you want to reach this place. In Ambasador Mall, you can find many electronic devices, computers, cameras, book stores, gadgets, fashion stores, etc.

If you are a fan of video game or love watching movie, Ambassador Mall is a great place to hunt for your DVD cassette. The operation hours start from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

ITC Kuningan

Next to Ambassador Mall, there is ITC Kuningan which built-in 7 storeys, If Ambassador Mall is meant for a middle-high visitor, ITC Kuningan is suitable for a middle-low visitor. The goods here are available at a cheaper price than the goods from Ambassador Mall. You can also find many little stalls in ITC Kuningan.

Setiabudi MRT Station

If you like using public transportation to go to your office, you can try riding the MRT from Setiabudi Astra Station. The distance between Setiabudi Astra Station and Denpasar Residence is only 2,5 km. You will experience the first Jakarta subway if you have decided to ride MRT from Setiabudi Station.


For ex-pats who were assigned to work in one of the Embassy in Indonesia, they have a great privilege if they decide to live in Denpasar Residence. The reason is, that most of the embassies in Jakarta are located in Kuningan and Setiabudi, which is very close to Denpasar Residence. Some embassies can be reached just by walking, for example, the Embassy of Malaysia and the Embassy of The Russian Federation. The rest are very accessible from here, you just need at least 10 minutes driving to reach them.


  • Number of Units: 980
  • Number of Floors: 40
  • Maintenance Fee: You can call the apartment marketing support for the details on (+62) 812 9249 4782
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR and 3BR
  • It is suitable for employees, ex-pats, newly married couples, and those who already have children
  • Apartment Nearby: The Elements (1,5 km)
Review: Kuningan City Denpasar Residence
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money


If you are seeking an apartment with great facilities and a good neighborhood, I would recommend living in Denpasar Residence. Many luxurious facilities can be found here and they are very well-maintained. Finding a good shopping center is not hard too. Kuningan City located next to the apartment and you can reach it by walking through the lobby. For expats, Denpasar Residents is an ideal place for living, since many embassies were sitting close to the apartment.

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