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Kuningan Place is a complex apartment and office located in Kuningan. Developed by PT. Kemuliaan Megah Perkasa (A subsidiary of Artha Graha Group), this complex apartment has three towers, Infinia, Ultima (which consist of 32 floors and 351 units) and one of office tower of 18 floors (Lumina). The building itself is not too large and has a simple yet exquisite design. It was designed by an Australian architect called Denton Corker Marshall. He also designed many other building in Indonesia, including Australian Embassy in Jakarta

Kuningan Place sit in an empty place, on north side of Kali Cideng (Cideng River). The area around the apartment are still under development. There is no landmark nearby, except Rasuna Epicentrum which is just 1 km away. 

If you work in the Kuningan Business District, living in Kuningan Place would give you a lot of convenient, since you only need a couple of minutes to reach Jalan Rasuna Said and less than 20 minutes to access Jalan Sudirman or Mega Kuningan 

Note: You can go directly to which part you want to know by checking directly through the contents of the article below, or start reading a review of this Kuningan Place apartment from the first part for those of you who want to know the whole about the Kuningan Place apartment. 


Kuningan Place apartment located in Jl.Kuningan Utama Lot 15, Menteng Atas, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta. 

Close to many offices

  • 140 meters to Bank Mandiri Jakarta, Multivision Tower
  • 850 meters to Allianz Tower
  • 1 km to Bank Mega Kuningan Tower
  • 1,2 km to Gedung Lippo Kuningan

Near to shopping center and entertainment facilities

  • 650 meters to Epicentrum XXI
  • 1 km to Plaza Festival Mall Kuningan
  • 2,2 km to Kota Kasablanka
  • 2,2 km to Kuningan City
  • 3,3 km to Metropole XXI

Close to some public transportation, such as

  • 2,1 km to Setiabudi Astra MRT Station
  • 2,5 km to Sudirman Station
  • 3,2 km to Manggarai Station
  • 3,3 km to Cikini Station

Near to some parks

  • 1,3 km to Taman Tangkuban Perahu
  • 2,3 km to Taman Menteng
  • 2,4 km to Taman Suropati



Kuningan Place apartment facilities lie on a separate floors inside the tower. It is pretty hard for non-residents to find these facilities. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in Kuningan Place is located on the ground floor, adjacent to main lobby. This pool has a form of “T” shape and occupied a large area in a courtyard. Even though it is located next to lobby, residents still can get their privacy, because there is a concrete wall beside the pool that blocked the vision of visitors from lobby. 

The water inside the pool is rather cold. Sun exposure is not really affecting the water temperature. There are some benches around the pool for residents to sit and relax. 


Kuningan Place’s gym is located on the first floor, next to aerobic room. From here, you can see swiming pool below. Gym equipment provided here is surprisingly very complete. You can find many barbels, tread mill, lat pull-down gym machine and other equipments here.

The room is rather small, compare to other gym I have visited. Many amount of equipment inside the gym make this room looks even narrower. However, the gym room doesn’t have door, so the air sirculation is very good inside. 

Aerobic Room

Located next to the gym, there is also an aerobic room for residents who love to workout in motion. This room has a large space which can accomodate many residents. Inside the room, there is also a large mirror to help residents and instructor for doing aerobic.  


When we don’t have enough time to do our own washing, the presence of laundry can be very helpful. Luckily, there is a laundry room below ground floor. 


There are three types of room leased by Kuningan Kuningan Place apartment, 1BR, 2BR and 3BR. Most of units in Kuningan Place are leased in fully furnished condition, so residents don’t have to bring their own furniture after moving. The amenities in 1BR unit includes 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining set, AC, hot water tap, access card, refrigerator and television. For 2BR and 3BR, the amenities include AC, hot water tap, dining set, 1 bathroom (for 2BR), 2 bathroom ( for 3BR), access card, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine and television. Apartment official also equipped those three units with internet and cable TV. 

The unit sizes in Kuningan Place are 39 sqm for 1BR, 72 sqm for 2BR and 200 sqm for 3BR. For the rent charge, 3BR unit is the most expensive in price, Rp 27.000.000 ($ 1.925) per month, followed by 2BR unit, Rp 10.850.000 ($ 774) per month and 1BR unit, Rp 7.500.000 ($ 535). 

One week ago, I had an opportunity to visit 2BR unit in Infinia tower, Kuningan Place. This unit sit on the 7th floor and located on the back of apartment. The scenery provided here is not really amazing. You could see many empty spaces filled with bushes and wild grass below. Sometimes you could also see pickup truck passing by, since the surrounding area are still under development. The scenery below are dominated by human settlement, whereas downtown skyscrapers are far behind. 

The scenery, nevertheless looks unappealing, the unit itself is very comfy and spacious. The presence of large glass in living room and bedroom also reinforce the impression of “broadness” and increased brightness level inside.

2BR unit in Kuningan Place has a wide living room complete with couch, television and glass table. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoying your freetime. On the back of living room, there is a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, drawer and wastafel. There are two bedroom in total, a double bed for you and your spouse, and a single bed for your kids. However, the balcony inside the unit is very narrow. Because of the limited space, you cannot drying many clothes in balcony. The balcony is featured with metal trellis, so you don’t have a broad vision outside balcony. 



As explained above, the area surrounding Kuningan Place apartment are still under development, so the scenery are dominated by greeny empty space and human settlement. Sometimes you could see many pickup truck passing by, but the vehicle noise is not too audible from unit. 

Kuningan Place was already occupied with some residents, so it is not quite anymore. However, the condition inside the tower and lobby is not overcrowded and still conducive to a new comer. When I was there, I don’t see any expats living here. Most of residents were locals and Chinese-Indonesian. 

I didn’t experience bad traffic when I was there. I went out at 01:00 pm and leave the apartment at 05:00 pm. The traffic became terrible after work hour, since there were many offices located close to apartment. 


For Kuningan Place residents, going to these places can be very near

Rasuna Epicentrum

Rasuna Epicentrum is the largest superblock in Jakarta with a total area 53,6 hectare. Inside this superblock, there are apartments, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping center, school, college and so on. For those who are moviegoers, I would recommend to watch movie in Epicentrum XXI that is located in Epiwalk inside this superblock. It has a large studio (can acommodate about 520 visitors) and the sound systems are amazing. For Kuningan Place’s residents, you only need to drive for 2 minutes to get to this place. 

Plaza Festival Kuningan

Even though there are not so many restaurant near Kuningan Place, residents can always find delicious food here in Plaza Festival Kuningan. This mall is located on Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Rasuna Epicentrum, Kuningan. The distance is 1 km away from Kuningan Place apartment, pretty close right?

If you are a fan of fast food, eating at Plaza Festival Kuningan can be a good choice, because there are many fast food brand like McDonald’s (24 hours), KFC, Bakmi GM, Hartz Chicken Buffet, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, A&W Restaurant, Solaria, and Dim Sum Inc opening their branch here. You can also find many coffee shop, ice cream and donut store inside Plaza Festival Kuningan, such as Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, J.CO Donuts, Starbucks, etc. 

Setiabudi Astra MRT Station

Stuck in the middle of traffic in Jakarta can be quite frustrating. This is the major problem Jakarta’s citizen often face. Fortunately, for Kuningan Place residents, the location of MRT station is quite near, just 2 km away from apartment. You can take online transportation to get there. It only took 13 minutes driving to reach Setiabudi Astra MRT station. 

From Setiabudi Astra, you could go to Bundaran HI station by passing Dukuh Atas station. You can also head to Lebak Bulus station on the south by going passing Benhill station, Istora station, Senayan station, Sisingamangaraja station, Blok M station, Blok A station, Haji Nawi station, Cipete Raya station, Fatmawati station and then Lebak Bulus station. 

Tangkuban Perahu Park

Finding a green open space in Jakarta is definitely not an easy task. However, there are many parks that can be found in South Jakarta, such as Menteng Park, Suropati Park and Tangkuban Perahu Park. The last one is the nearest from Kuningan Place apartment. It is 1,3 km away and you can reach it by driving for 5 minutes. 

There are a lot of activities can be done in Tangkuban Perahu Park, like playing basketball, jogging and other exercises. There is also kids playground inside this park. If you feel tired after exercising here, you can find many food stall around, for instance tempe mendoan, chicken grilled, mie ayam (chicken noodle), etc. The major shortcoming of this place is it is not very well maintained.  


  • Number of Unit: 351
  • Number of Floor: 32
  • Maintenance Fee: You can call the apartment marketing support for the details 
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR and 3BR
  • It is suitable for employees, newly married couples and those who already have children
  • Apartment Nearby: The Elements Apartment (750 meters) 
Review: Kuningan Place
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money


For an employee who works around Kuningan Business District, living in Kuningan Place is definitely a good choice. This apartment is surrounded by many offices and to get there, residents only need to drive in less than 30 minutes. The other advantages of living in Kuningan Place is the unit their provided which is very comfy and spacious.
If you want to live in a residence that provides an amazing scenery, here is not the best place. The only thing you’ll find around your apartment is a large open space with human settlement. There are not many skyscrapers nearby.
You also have to put more effort on finding a good restaurant and entertainment facilities, since none of those can be found in a radius of 1 km from apartment, except Epiwalk (650 meters) and Plaza Festival Kuningan (1 km).


Kuningan Place Apartment – Unit KPCC005
Kuningan Place Apartment- Unit KPCB002
Kuningan Place Apartment – Unit KPCC002


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