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Review Residence 8 Senopati

All Jakartans for sure know one of elite areas located in South Jakarta called Senopati. Senopati is known for as an elite complex where most expats and old-rich people of Jakarta lived. That is why Senopati area is more exclusive than any other elite areas in Jakarta. Beside known as an exclusive residential complex, Senopati nowadays also growth as an office complex and one of elite entertainment centers in Jakarta. Senopati also known as a strategic area, because it is close to SCBD and other business district like Kuningan and Semanggi.

One of exclusive apartment residences nestled in Senopati is Residence 8 Senopati Apartment. Residence 8 Senopati Apartment is an apartment complex developed by PT Agung Sedayu Group, one of the most well-known property developers in Indonesia. Many office buildings, residential complexes, and shopping centers built by Agung Sedayu Group.

Residence 8 Senopati Apartment becomes a part of superblock complex called District 8. There are 7 other buildings located in the complex, including Treasury Tower, Eternity Apartment, Infinity Apartment, District 8 Office Tower, District 8 Office Tower 3, District 8 Residential Tower 3, and District 8 Hotel/ Residential Tower.

Located in Senopati makes Residence 8 Senopati Apartment surrounded by supporting facilities. The apartment is close to premium health facilities, for example RS Pusat Pertamina, RS MMC, and RS Medika Permata Hijau. Besides health facilities, there are some leading educational facilities, such as: Singapore International School, Jakarta International School, and SMA Negeri (State Senior High School) 82 Jakarta. The Apartment also near several malls, such as FX Sudirman, Senayan City, and Pacific Place.

Residence 8 Senopati Apartment has 756 units of apartment within a 59- storey building. Those units have various types offered, from type 1 BR to 3 BR.  Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit a 1BR unit at the Tower 3, 19th Floor of Residence 8 Senopati Apartment. If you are curious with the unit condition, environment around, facilities offered by the Apartment, and supporting facilities surrounding, you can check this review.


Jl. Senopati No.8, RT.8/RW.3, Senayan, Kec. Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12190

1. Close to several hospitals:

  • Pertamina Central Hospital (3.1 km)
  • MMC Hospital (5.7 km)
  • Medika Permata Hijau Hospital (6 km)

2. Close to educational facilities:

  • Apple Tree Pre-School Purnawarman (50 m)
  • Singapore International School (390 m)
  • Jakarta Intercultural School – Pattimura Elementary School (800 m)
  • SMAN (State Senior High School) 82 Jakarta (880 m)
  • Brazillian Soccer Schools Indonesia (640 m)

3. Close to shopping and entertainment centers:

  • FX Sudirman (780 m)
  • Plaza Senayan (1.1 km)
  • Senayan City (1.1 km)
  • Pacific Place (1. 6 km)

4. Close to public transportation access:

  • Jl. Senopati Bus Halt (260 m)
  • Senayan MRT Station (2 km)



Residence 8 Senopati Apartment has various exclusive facilities to all residents. Those facilities are not accessible to everyone, because you have to use the access card and fingerprint to use the facilities. Most facilities are centered at the 7th floor and shared with another tower, so residents in each tower can use those facilities with ease. Here are facilities in the 7th floor:

1. Adult Swimming Pool

Residence 8 Senopati Apartment Swimming Pool

The adult swimming pool at Residence 8 Senopati has a 1.2 m depth with not an enormous size. The swimming pool is well-maintained, the water is maintained at normal pH levels. So, residents who use the adult swimming pool will not get irritation on the skin after using the pool. There also has life vest facilities offered by the swimming pool officer, so if you do not have adequate swimming skills, you can borrow the life vest.

2. Children Swimming Pool

Children Pool Residence 8 Senopati

If your children want to swim, but your children do not skillful enough to swim at the adult swimming pool, children swimming pool is the best choice for your children to swim at. With an average of a half meter depth, your children can swim and play slide safely. Children swimming pool is also close to the adult swimming pool, so you can watch your child swim and play when you are swimming at adult swimming pool.

3. Gazebo

Residence 8 Apartment Review

Beside the adult swimming pool, there are four gazebos that three of them are equipped with tables and chairs. And one of those gazebos is equipped with tables and sofas. In this gazebo, you can gather with your family or watch your family member swimming at the pool.

4. Sunbath

Residence 8 Senopati Facilties

Other facilities around the swimming pool is a sunbath chair. There are 10 sunbath chairs provided by The Apartment equipped with two big umbrellas. You can do sunbathing at the sunbath facilities to make your body and soul healthier. It is recommended to do sunbath before 8 am in the morning or after 5 pm in the afternoon.

5. Outdoor Playground

Residence 8 Apartment Playground

Other facilities provided by the apartment to your kids is an outdoor playground. Your kids can play slides and seesaw in the outdoor playground. It is recommended not to use the playground after 10 am or before 4 pm, because the temperature can be hot enough. It is because there are no trees or canopies to protect your kids from sun rays.

6. Indoor Playground

Residence 8 Senopati Playroom

If your kids want to play in the playground at noon, the indoor playground is the best choice for your kids to play at. The indoor playground equipped with some amenities, for example floor carpet, slides, and hobbyhorse.

7. Crystal Gym

Residence 8 Senopati Gym

Other facilities provided to make residents healthier is a crystal gym. Crystal gym is usually used by residents to do yoga. When I visited the crystal gym, the place is empty. There is no yoga mat provided. There is also a restroom facility inside the crystal gym equipped with closets and some room also equipped with bathtub. But when I saw the restroom, I saw “no entry” sign on the door of some restrooms. I think, the restroom inside this crystal gym is still on development.

8. Indoor Fitness Center

There is also an indoor fitness center at the 7th floor of the apartment. Because of a limited access, I could not enter the indoor fitness center. If you want to use this facility, you have to use your access card and fingerprint. So, I just saw the fitness center from the outside. As I saw, the equipment inside the fitness center is complete and maintained well.

9. Park

If you want to enjoy your afternoon time by reading a book outside the building or gathering by your friends, you can use park located beside the lounge. There are wood benches that nestled below the tree. So, you can sit there without feeling hot or dazzled by sun rays.

10. Lounge

Residence 8 Senopati Lounge

If you want to enjoy a tea or some dishes at the afternoon, or having dinner with your friends, you can use lounge located at the 7th floor near indoor playground. The lounge is equipped with various models of tables and chairs. There is also a bar inside the lounge. The lounge access is also limited to the residents. Like other facilities, The lounge is accessed by the access card and fingerprint.

When I visited the lounge, there is no one use the lounge. I think it is because I visited the lounge at noon, so many residents are still working. But when I visited the bar, I saw there is no bar equipment like dish rack, stoves, and glasses. There is also no both lounge and bar staff found in this place. I think this facility is still under development.


Located in the heart of Jakarta doesn’t make this apartment has noisy atmosphere. The ambiance you will feel when entering the apartment is calm. You will feel tranquility like at the suburban area, thanks to silencer feature applied on each unit of this apartment. From the Tower 3, the view you will get from this apartment is a view of the city with many skyscrapers rising to the sky of Jakarta. You can also see a park that grown with trees, so it could make the complex has a green atmosphere.

The lobby at the Tower 3 of Residence 8 Senopati Apartment is designed with a modern-minimalist style. The floor at the lobby has a wood pattern, so it makes the lobby more luxurious. The lobby is equipped with chairs and sofas that can be used by anyone. When you were at the lobby, you could listen to various instrumental music that played by the apartment management.

Residence 8 Senopati Lobby


Generally, there are three types of room leased by Residence 8 Senopati Apartment. Those room types are 1 BR, 2 BR, and 3 BR. The 1 BR unit is equipped with various amenities, including AC, kitchen set, refrigerator, bed, access card, dining set, electricity, and TV. For 2 BR and 3 BR units, Those units are equipped with AC, water heater, dining set, electricity, beds, access cards, kitchen set, refrigerator, washing machine, and TV.

The most differences between three types of units are their room size. The 1 BR unit has 76 sqm until 94 spm wide. Then, the 2 BR unit has 133 sqm until 170 sqm wide. And for the 3 BR unit, it has 180 sqm until 255 sqm wide.

The rental price for each unit type is also different. The rental price for 1 BR type is starting from IDR 14.000.000/ month (fully furnished). For the 2 BR type, the rental price is starting from IDR 30.000.000/ month (fully furnished). And for the 3 BR type, the rental price is starting from IDR 36.650.000/ month (fully furnished).

I had an opportunity to visit the 1 BR unit at Tower 3 of Residence 8 Senopati Apartment. The unit has 76 sqm wide and fully furnished amenities. For 1 BR unit, the room in the unit that I have visited has a spacious space. The living room, kitchen, and dining room are in the same space. For the dining room, there is a small dining table provided for one to two persons. And for the kitchen, it is equipped with an electric stove and a number of cutlery.  The living room has a big sofa, a small table, and TV. So, you can enjoy TV entertainment with your friends or your spouse. If you want to add more furniture with small to medium size, you can put it in the living room.

Inside the bedroom, you will find a king size spring bed equipped with two pillows. So, it could be used for two people. You will also find a big wood cupboard and a work table equipped with chair inside. There is also a bathroom inside the bedroom with a shower, washstand, and shower. If you want to find a bathtub, the bathroom at 1 BR unit is not equipped with a bathtub feature.

The 1 BR unit also has big windows and wide balcony. From the unit, you can see a city view with various skyscrapers in Jakarta. It will be beautiful if you see the city view at night.

If you are a single person or a young married couple, but still don’t have kids and want to live in Residence 8 Senopati Apartment, the 1 BR unit is the best unit to lease. Because it provides a fully furnished unit with a spacious space and calm ambiance, so you can live in the unit comfortably.


Suropati area is an exclusive area that has many supporting facilities to level up your living. So, there is no doubt that residents of Residence 8 Apartment will find many interesting places, such as:

1. FX Sudirman

FX Sudirman is a 7 storey-mall located in Sudirman area, South Jakarta. It is an entertainment and shopping center that has many tenants, from fashion tenants, beauty tenants, and food and beverage tenants. Those combination of tenants will make your shopping activities more colorful and enjoyable. And also, FX Sudirman becomes one of places for young Jakartans to gather with their friends because of many restaurants, cafes, and bars located there.

2. Pacific Place

Beside FX Sudirman, one of shopping and lifestyle icons in SCBD Sudirman is Pacific Place. Pacific Place is a 6-storey shopping center that has many premium tenants located there, for example: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hard Rock Cafe, and etc. There is also Kidzania, a recreational center where kids can try various jobs that usually done by adults.

3. Gelora Bung Karno Sport Complex

Gelora Bung Karno Sport Complex is a huge sport complex in Jakarta that located in Gelora, Central Jakarta. There many sport venues that lies within the complex, including Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Istora Gelora Bung Karno, and Gelora Bung Karno Aquatic Stadium. The sport complex is close to Residence 8 Senopati Apartment, only 2.6 km from the apartment. You can do afternoon or night jogging surrounding the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium.

4. Pertamina Central Hospital

Pertamina Central Hospital is one of leading hospitals located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The hospital is well-known for its complete facilities and has many experienced doctors. For further information, you can call the hospital at (+62 21) 721 9000 or access the website at

5. Senayan MRT Station

Senayan MRT Station is the nearest MRT Station from Residence 8 Senopati Apartment. This MRT Station is the first underground MRT Station in the MRT Jakarta network. Senayan MRT Station is integrated with various public transportation, including:

  • TransJakarta : Corridor 1, 4C, 6M, 9C, T11, S21, BW4, GR1
  • Metromini : P15 and S640
  • APB : JP03A
  • PPD : 210, 213, P43, AC10, AC11, AC15, P43, AC17, AC78, ACB02, and APTB08
  • Kopaja : P19, S13, and S602
  • Mayasari Bakti : P16, P50, P51, AC35, AC50, AC52, AC61, AC62, AC70, and AC133
  • Bianglala : AC44, AC102, and C100B
  • Steady Safe : AC46 and AC86
  • Himpurna : P64, P72, P77, and P94
  • KWK : T20
  • Jasa Utama : P125
  • Tasima : P153
  • DSU : P157
  • ARH : AC139
  • MB : APTB07 and APTB13
  • SJML : APRB11



  • Maintenance fee: Please contact for more information
  • Developer: Agung Sedayu Group
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • It is suitable for businessmen, professional workers, and families who want to live at an exclusive and modern residence
Review: Residence 8 Senopati
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value For Money


Residence 8 Senopati Apartment is an exclusive residence nestled in the most strategic and the most elite complex in Jakarta. The apartment also close to some premium facilities, like malls, hospitals, schools, etc., and close to various business areas like SCBD, Mega Kuningan, and Thamrin. Besides its strategic location, Residence 8 Apartment also offered various facilities to make residents enjoy when living. Those conditions are advantages for those who reside in this apartment, and also make Residence 8 Apartment is an ideal place for living. All facilities, location, and atmosphere offered by Residence 8 Senopati Apartment make the apartment suitable for businessmen or professional workers who need exclusive, tranquil, and strategic residence. The apartment was also suitable for families who need a modern residence located in a premium area.

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