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A strategic location might be the very first thing and one of the most crucial things when it comes to looking for a place to live. Surely you don’t want something in the middle of nowhere with no easy access. While strategic location is undoubtedly an important thing, sometimes it is not always the case for apartments.

When it comes to apartments, other things must be considered. Things that you might not even have to think about when getting a landed house. In most cases, apartments are located in the middle of the city with direct access to the main road, which already helps you to cross location issues out of your list.

But, having great access doesn’t guarantee a great experience while you’re living in it. That’s where Samara Suites Apartment came to solve your problems.

Samara Suites Apartment has everything you’re looking for in an apartment. Not only it offer you convenience and simplicity, but also endless comfort in your everyday life. Located in the heart of Jakarta, Samara Suites Apartment is the perfect example of how your apartment life should be. 

Number of public facilities surrounding this apartment will guarantee to make your life easier. You can find everything, from schools to universities, office buildings, hospitals, and even public transport located right across your street. Put together with direct access to the main road, Samara Suites Apartment is the perfect choice for you.



Samara Suites Apartment is located in Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 64 No.177 A, RT.9/RW.1, Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta. It is located on one of the most well-known roads in Jakarta, giving you first-hand experience of the city life of the area.

1. Schools Nearby

  • 1 km to Sekolah Yasporbi
  • 1.1 km to Universitas Paramadina
  • 1.6 km to Universitas Sahid Jakarta
  • 1.7 km to Sampoerna Academy
  • 2.8 km to Finland Intercultural School
  • 4.9 km to New Zealand School Jakarta

2. Hospitals Nearby

  • 650 m to Medistra Hospital
  • 1.8 km to Mampang Prapatan Regional Hospital
  • 2.9 km to Brawijaya Hospital Saharjo
  • 3.3 km to Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital
  • 4.2 km to Siloam Hospitals Semanggi

3. Supermarkets and Shopping Centers Nearby

  • 400 m to All Fresh
  • 1 km to Super Indo
  • 2.9 km to Kasablanka Mall Jakarta
  • 3.1 km to Kuningan City Mall
  • 3.4 km to Kalibata City Square Mall
  • 3.5 km to Lotte Shopping Avenue

4. Office Buildings, Convention Centers, and Auditorium Halls Nearby

  • 300 m to Menara BRILiaN
  • 500 m to Smesco Indonesia
  • 1.5 km to Menara Bank Mega
  • 1.8 km to Erasmus Huis
  • 2.6 km to The East
  • 3.7 km to Tokopedia Tower
  • 4 km to Balai Sarbini
  • 5.5 km to Jakarta Convention Center

5.  Public transport nearby

  • 200 m to West Pancoran Bus Stop
  • 550 m to Pancoran LRT Station
  • 2.6 km to Cawang Commuter Line Station
  • 4.3 km to Bendungan Hilir MRT Station
  • 4.5 km to Istora Senayan MRT Station



Samara Suites Apartment provides you with facilities for your coziness and to give ease into your day to day life.

1. Luxurious Lobby

review samara suites apartment

Lobbies often serve as the face of the building. Right when you enter the apartment, a luxurious lobby will welcome you into the sophisticated living that you will find in the Samara Suites Apartment. 


2. Infinity Pool

Samara Suites Apartment provides you with an infinity pool like no other. Enjoy a beautiful panorama of the sky while you swim in a pool on the sky deck. You can also relish your relaxing time under the sun with the sun lounge by the pool.


3. Fitness Center

review samara suites apartment

The swimming pool is not the only facility to support your healthy lifestyle. Samara Suites Apartment also provides you with a fitness center with various equipment.


4. Kids Room

Let your children explore their creativity in the Kids Room, a facility designated to boost your child’s knowledge, competence, and artistry through fun and educating equipment and tools. The Kids Room is also the place where they start to learn social interactions.


5. Terrace Sky & BBQ Area

review samara suites apartment

It is always nice to see other people in the area and the Terrace Sky in Samara Suites Apartment could be the perfect place for you to build an interaction with other residents. Have a lively quality time with your family and friends with a delicious meal at the BBQ Area which is located right on the terrace.



While it is obvious that the apartment is located in the heart of the city, Samara Suites Apartment still offers you a rather quiet ambiance. Even though it can be accessed directly from the main street, the building itself is located a little bit farther back into the area. 

It is quite obvious that the apartment was constructed as a “Business Apartment”. For one thing, Samara Suites Apartment is located in the middle of a business district with many office buildings surrounding the apartment, including some of the biggest corporations in the country, such as Trans Media and Tokopedia.

Samara Suites Apartment also shares the same area with a mixed-use building that consists of several office rooms, a meeting room, and a co-working space. 



Speaking of the surrounding areas, you cannot miss these places when staying in this area of Jakarta. From shopping centers, and museums, to city parks, here are some places you going to love:

1. Lotte Mall Jakarta

review samara suites apartment

Lotte Mall Jakarta currently still holds the title of one of the spacious upper-class malls in Jakarta. Unlike most other shopping centers in Jakarta, Lotte Mall was established by a South Korean corporation, Lotte Group.

Being a mall from South Korea, the Korean Pop culture has become the backbone of the mall. Right from the lobby, Star360 will welcome you with walls of Korean idols’ handprints and autographs.

Further to the main atrium, you will see Kwangya, a cafe and merchandise shop from a Korean entertainment company, SM Entertainment. This place also displays physical albums, vinyls, and costumes that were worn by the K-pop idols.

Lotte Mall also established a new area in late 2022 within the mall called “Lotte Alley”, a Korean-Japanese-themed attraction where you can take unique pictures for your Instagram. You can also step up your game by renting a Korean School Uniform to wear while you visit.


2. MoJA Museum

(Source: Sindonews)

Speaking of aesthetic and Instagrammable spots, you are going to love MoJA Museum. MoJA Museum has been notorious for being a modern museum among youngsters for years.

The museum exhibits some of the most unique interactive art which even allows you to take pictures and become part of the exhibition. It is even more exciting because MoJA Museum also offers roller skates to make your visit more exciting.

Looking for a place to express yourself? MoJA Museum has MoPAINT where you can have fun while getting creative with color paint. Just make sure you are wearing one of their plastic raincoat so you don’t get your clothes dirty.


3. Balai Sarbini

review samara suites apartment

Balai Sarbini is an auditorium hall often used for concerts and other activities. What made this hall unique is the fact that it is located in the same area as a shopping center, Plaza Semanggi. While most concerts require waiting in line for a long time, you can wait while having your lunch in the food court or sipping coffee at the coffee shop.

The small capacity that it has makes it quite distinctive from other halls. But it is the small capacity that makes Balai Sarbini provide you with a closer and more intimate experience with the stars of the show.


4. Gelora Bung Karno


When it comes to concert halls, of course, you have to include the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Sports Complex. Located not far from Balai Sarbini, GBK has several places that have a history of being a concert venue, such as Istora Senayan, Tennis Indoor Stadium, Madya Stadium, Indonesia Arena, and even the GBK Main Stadium.

Of course, GBK still serves its initial purpose as a sports complex. If you are bored with going to the same gym over and over again, you can visit GBK for a run around the main stadium. 


5. Blok M

review samara suites apartment

Blok M is the perfect place when you want to start your culinary journey. Blok M itself is a shopping complex with its well-known shopping center, Blok M Square, and Blok M Plaza. You can find clothes, bags, and even shoes at low prices. It is also a very famous spot for thrifting.

It is the area around the shopping center that has numerous culinary that you don’t want to miss, from local cuisine like Gultik, Soto Jakarta Bang Madun, and Bubur Ayam Barito, to restaurants that provides other Asian dishes, like Futago Ya, Haka Dimsum, Claypot Popo, and Marafuku.


6. Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park


After spending the day shopping and exploring food in Blok M, now it’s time to sit and relax at the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park. The park that is better known as Taman Literasi, is a city park that has been revitalized to become a green public place. 

They didn’t name it a Literacy Park for nothing. As you can already tell from the name, this park has a library with various options of books to read. You can also bring your book and read it there.

Not to worry, because this park is not exclusively for those who want to read a book. You can still have a sit and enjoy some calming time in the middle of a bustling city.


7. Tebet Eco Park

review samara suites apartment

Another place for you to pause in the restless city is Tebet Eco Park. Located not very far from Samara Suites Apartment, Tebet Eco Park could be your next destination for the weekend.

Lush greenery with a calming ambiance will greet you when you enter the park. Coming here for jogging is not a bad idea, considering this park has a total of around 7.3 ha. Don’t forget to bring your kids as well, because Tebet Eco Park also has a children’s playground for your kids to play. Also, there’s nothing bad about having your kids spend time in the park.



  • Number of units: 292 units
  • Number of floors: 38 floors
  • Unit types: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • This apartment is suitable for businessman, corporate

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