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Sahid Sudirman Residence Apartment Review & Ratings

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Review Apartemen

Sahid Group is one of the largest hotel company in Indonesia. This company was established in 1953 by Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono. Until this time, there are 20 hotel all over Indonesia that was run by this company.  

Besides hotels, Sahid Group also expand their business to property. Along with Pikko Land Group and Dua Mutiara Group (Tan Kian), they have built an enormous complex located in Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Central Jakarta. This complex is called Sahid City. Sahid Sudirman Residence apartement lies in this region. 

Sahid Sudirman Residence is an elite apartment located in Central Business District (CBD) Jakarta. This apartment is surrounded by many famous shopping center, such as Grand Indonesia, Pasific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Semanggi, Sudirman Citywalk, etc. It is very suitable for businessman and executive who want to live in a comfy and strategic place. 


Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment located in Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 86, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat.


Surrounded by many shopping center, such as:

  • 230 meters to Citywalk Sudirman
  • 2,4 km to Grand Indonesia
  • 3 km to Plaza Indonesia
  • 3,5 km to FX Sudirman
  • 4,4 km to Sarinah
  • 4,6 km to Plaza Semanggi

Close to university:

  • 3,6 km to UNJ Kampus Setiabudi
  • 4,1 km to Perbanas Institute

Near to public facility

  • 50 meter to Murni Teguh Hospital
  • 90 meter to Sahid Nurul Iman Mosque
  • 290 meter to Setiabudi Astra Station
  • 2,5 km to Sudirman Station
  • 5,3 km to Polsek Metro Setiabudi 


These are facilities that Sahid Sudirman Residence has for its residents:

Swimming Pool

Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment has an outdoor swimming pool located on the 8th floor. This swimming pool was encircled by many green plants. There are palm trees that were planted in the middle of the pool. Residents who live on the 8A floor can see the pool with many skyscrapers as its background. It is also possible for them to jump into the pool from the balcony. 


Sahid Sudirman Residence also provides Jacuzzi for those who love to warm bath. The location of Jacuzzi is adjacent to outdoor swimming pool. It is lie below apartment ceiling, so sunlight cannot reach the pool. Around the Jacuzzi, you can find many benches which provided for all residents.

Multi Function Room

If you need a room for business meeting or other companies event, you can book multi-function room which located on the 7th floor. Remember to contact apartment official prior to book the room. The official number is posted on the multi function room’s door. 

Unfortunately, when I was there, the room was closed. It was very dark inside, so I cannot take any pictures inside the room.  


Not many apartments in Jakarta have a library inside their tower. In Sahid Sudirman Residence, there is a library which located on the 7th floor, adjacent to multi function room. This library provides chouches for visitors and AC to cold the atmosphere. This place is very suitable for college student who want to study or work on their project. It is also nice for those who really like reading and spending times with books. 

The library collection consists of many themes, such as books for children, an encyclopedia for children, books about property investment and even books that are written in Japanese.  


In order to keep your body healthy, it is important to do exercise regularly. Sahid residents have privileged to do this everyday because the gym is located inside the tower. You don’t have do go outside to do your exercise. 

Kids Playground

On the 7th floor, there is a wide indoor kids playground. The room is pretty cold, because it is featured with AC. There are many toys for your kids to play on. 


There is a clinic called Takenoko Clinic inside apartment tower on the ground floor. It is very helpful for residents who have a mild injury or sickness. You can have a consultation with healthcare practitioner here anytime. Takenoko clinic serves for several treatments, such as minor surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and so on. 


Whenever you feel hungry inside your unit, you can get down through the lift and eat at Misticanza Cafe. Here you can find variety of food from western to Indonesian, such as spaghetti, fetuchini, pizza, nasi goreng, etc. The price is not too expensive, by expending Rp 75.000 you can purchase almost all menu provided here. 


There are three types of room leased by Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment, 1BR, 2BR and 3BR. Residents don’t have to bring their own furniture to the unit, because they are already provided by apartment official, in other words, most of unit apartment in Sahid Sudirman Residence are leased in full furnished condition. 

For 1BR unit, there are one bathroom, AC, hot water tap, dining set, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine and television. The size of the unit is 40 sqm and the average price is Rp 14.670.000 per month ($ 1.050). If you think 1BR unit is too small for you, there is a 2BR unit which can accommodate your need. This unit has several amenities like, two bathroom, AC, hot water tap, dining set, access card, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine and television. The size of the 2BR unit is 84 sqm and the average price is Rp 21.012.000 per month ($ 1.505). 

3BR unit has similar amenities like 1BR and 2BR. AC, hot water tap, dining set, access card, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine and television are also featured in 3BR. The most significant difference between those three units are their sizes. The size of 3BR unit is 102 sqm and the average price for 3BR unit is Rp 29.724.000 per month ($ 2.129). 


Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment is encircled by several skyscrapers. The tower itself is not the highest among many Sahid City’s building. As a result, residents cannot see city view behind those skyscrapers. Their visions are blocked and the scenery become monotonous. The most thing residents would see is top of building nearby and glasses of skyscrapers. 

The scenery, nevertheless look unappealing, interior inside the tower looks quite interesting and luxurious. It is resembled with 5 star hotel’s interior with floor made from expensive marble. There are many lifts with access card inside the tower that can fasilitate every resident.

 Jendral Sudirman Street is visible from above, and so with people and vehicle who are passing by. However, noises from the vehicle below are not audible. 


Living in Sahid Sudirman Residence will give you many conveniences, because of many public facility and entertainment nearby.

Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

In 18th August, Indonesia became host for Asian Games 2018. This great sport event took place in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. Here, people can do all kinds of sport, from football, basket ball, tennis, swimming, fencing and even archery. This place has become favorite spot for people all over Jakarta to gather. Whether they are just jogging, playing badminton or watching their favorite football match, all things are available here.   

If you live in Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment, you can reach this place by driving for 26 minutes. 

FX Sudirman

FX Sudirman seems to be inseparable for Jakartans city life. There are a lot of famous brand can be found here, such as Starbuck, Tjap Toman, Wingstop and Tea Leaf which often become favorite places for Jakartans to hangout. FX Sudirman also featured many interesting restaurant, for instance, Mujigae, Marugame Udon, Pepper Lunch, Burger King, etc. 

FX Sudirman is excellences in terms of giving transportation services to their visitors. You can easily book grab bike or grab car from here, since they always stand by in front of FX. For you who live in Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment, you can drive your car for 30 minutes to get here.   

City Walk Sudirman

It only takes 5 minutes walking to get to City Walk Sudirman from Sahid Sudirman Residence. If you are a Japanese cuisine enthusiast, going to this mall is very recommended. Here, you can find many Japanese restaurant, such as Niku-Niku Udon, Kaihomaru, Kushibusubi, Echigoya, Bariuma Ramen, Gyukaku and Negiya. There are also lounge and bar placed here. 

Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum

Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum previously was an ordinary house occupied by Ahmad Yani, one of national hero from Indonesia. PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) had murdered him when the rebellion of G30/S PKI began to rise in September 1965. 

If you like historical tourism, visiting this museum will be a good choice. From Sahid Sudirman Residence apartment, you can get here by driving 2,7 km. Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum began to operate from 08:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Every Monday, this museum is closed. 

Setiabudi MRT Station

Indonesia recently has launched a brand new MRT. This become a huge sensation among Indonesians, because for the first time, we have our own underground transportation. If you live in Sahid Sudirman Residence, the access to get to one of MRT station is very convenient. It only takes 4 minutes walking to reach Setiabudi MRT station, the nearest station from Sahid Sudirman Residence. 

The route of the first phase of MRT development starts from Lebak Bulus on the south, and head north to Fatmawati station, Cipete Raya station, Haji Nawi station, Blok A station, Blok M station, Sisingamangaraja station, Senayan station, Istora station, Bendungan Hilir station, Setiabudi station, Dukuh Atas station and last Bunderan Hotel Indonesia station. You will get much priviledge if your office placed around that station. 

Sudirman Station

Another alternative for Sahid Sudirman Residence residents is Sudirman station. If your office is located in Central Jakarta or South Jakarta, riding a train can be very helpful. The nearest station form Sahid Sudirman Residence is Sudirman station. You can get here by driving 2,6 km. 


  • Number of Unit: 492

  • Number of Floor: 35

  • Maintenance Fee: Rp 21.700/sqm

  • Unit Type: 2BR and 3BR

  • It is suitable for students, employees, and newly married couples and those who already have children

Review: Sahid Sudirman Residence
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money


Sahid Sudirman Residence has a very strategic location in Central Jakarta. This apartment is surrounded by many entertainment facilities and shopping center, for instance, FX Sudirman, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, City Walk Sudirman, Plaza Semanggi, etc. You can get there only by driving for 15 minutes or less. Moreover, Sahid Sudirman Residence also located near to business district like Jl. Jenderal Sudirman. From here, you can access other Central Business District like Thamrin and Kuningan, since they lie on the same axis.

Besides its strength, Sahid Sudirman also has a weakness, like the scenery it provides. If you are looking for a great city view in Jakarta, here is not the best place. The scenery is very limited to one or two skyscrapers near the apartment and the city horizon is not visible.


Sahid Sudirman Residence Sewa BulananSahid Sudirman Residence – Unit SSRD013
Sahid Sudirman Residence Sewa BulananSahid Sudirman Residence- Unit SSRB010
Sahid Sudirman Residnece – Unit SSRC026


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