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Sudirman Central Business District or SCBD is a large economic area in Jakarta that occupied 45 hectares of land. About 13 hectares of SCBD used for green area and the rest was utilized for office building, public transportation, infrastructure, shopping center and residential. 

SCBD, along with Sudirman, Thamrin, Kuningan and roads that connect business district in Jakarta were forming imaginary sub-district called Jakarta’s Golden Triangle. This is where business, governance and urban activity took place. Therefore, any residential located inside the Golden Triangle is considered as strategic. 

One of residential stands within SCBD is Sudirman Suites Jakarta. It is an upscale apartment established by Pikko Group in 2018. The apartment features 21 floors with 400 units apartment in total.  

Sudirman Suites is located in the heart of business district. The exact location is on the corner of Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Bendungan Hilir. From here, residents can get easy access to various city landmarks, like Plaza Senayan and Plaza Indonesia. Although Sudirman Suites seems to has premium location, the rental price is rather moderate, compare to other condominium nearby. 

How about the condition inside Sudirman Suites Jakarta? Is it convenient to live there for a long term? Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit 3BR unit at Sudirman Suites, and this is my honest review of it.  

Note: You can go directly to which part you want to know by checking directly through the contents of the article below, or starting to read this review of the Sudirman Suites apartment from the first part for those of you who want to know in full about the Sudirman Suites.


This apartment is located in Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.36, RT.14/RW.1, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10210

1. Near to many shopping center such as:

2. Not far from educational institution, such as:

  • 750 meters to Atmajaya University
  • 1,6 km to London School of Public Relation
  • 2,4 km to LaSalle College
  • 5,2 km to Sahid University
  • 5,6 km to Binus School Simprug

3. Close to health facilities and hospitals such as:

  • 800 meters to Siloam Semanggi
  • 2,3 km to Sahid Sudirman Memorial Hospital
  • 2,3 km to Takenoko Clinic (Inside Sahid Sudirman Residence)
  •  2,7 km to SOS Medika Clinic

4. As for public transportation, the closest ones are:

  • 150 meters to Transjakarta halt: Bendungan Hilir
  • 150 meters to MRT Station: Bendungan Hilir
  • 1,5 km to Sudirman Station
  • 1,5 km to Semanggi Toll Road


Unfortunately, there are not many facility can be found inside Sudirman Suites Jakarta. This apartment provides basic facility, but not the additional feature. However, providing luxurious and relaxing ambiance are something Sudirman Suites really good at. You will like to live here for a long period of time, especially if you are a single-young executive. 

1. Lobby

lobby sudirman suites jakarta

Lobby in Sudirman Suites Jakarta is the first place you will encounter while entering the apartment. It is the place where you receive your guest or waiting for your driver to pick you up. The interior is very nice, with cozy and luxurious sofa, expensive marble on the wall and some elegant decoration like orchid arrangement and flower pot. While waiting your driver, you can read lots of magazine and enjoy free snacks too. Not to mention, the staff here is very friendly and they are ready to help you anytime.  

Going forward, you will meet three private lift with access card. There is pleasant smell in the corridor. The scent is not too strong, so it will not bother you. 

2. Infinity Pool

swimming pool sudirman suites jakarta

On the 5th floor, there is infinity pool. This is the featured facility at Sudirman Suites. You can enjoy Jakarta’s city lanscape while swimming here. Don’t want to get wet? You can still enjoy the vibe by sitting on a super cozy lounge chair. Furthermore, there is sound system that play relaxing western song. The easiest way to brighten up your mood whenever you want.  

3. Kid’s Swimming Pool

So, the swimming pool in Sudirman Suites basically has a letter “L” shape. The longest one at the front side is an adult swimming pool and the shorter one is kid’s swimming pool. The kid’s pool has shallow depth, therefore, it is save for your kids to swim at, with supervision. The pool features water slide and water fountain to add more excitement.   

4. Bar

Behind the pool, there is a bar with plenty of chair. It is the perfect place for you to socialize with other tenants. This bar also a great place to enjoy your meal. 

5. Gym

fitness center sudirman suites jakarta

You don’t have to sign up for gym membership at Sudirman Suites Jakarta, because apartment official has provided gym with full equipment for free. This gym occupied minimalist room (but not too small) that holds various gym equipment. 

The equipments are cardio equipment, weight-lifting equipment, gym balls, etc. The gym facility at Sudirman Suites starts to open from 6 AM to 24 PM. It almost 24 hour, so you don’t need to worry about missing your exercise, even though you are working overtime. 

6. Parking Lot

Sudirman Suites provides several floors for parking, starts from B1. Since there are not many tenants in Sudirman Suites, you can see many vacant spot left in the basement. 


Most of units leased by Sudirman Suites are one bedroom and three bedroom. Amenities in 1BR and 3BR unit includes 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining set, AC, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine and access card. There is no significant different between 1BR and 3BR in terms of amenity, except for their size. 

Both one bedroom and three bedroom type of unit has spacious room size. The size of 1BR unit in Sudirman Suites is 40 sqm and for 3BR unit, the size is 73 sqm. Regarding the rental price, 3BR is more expensive than one bedroom. The price of 3BR unit is Rp13.550.000,00 ($945,02) per month, while three bedroom unit is Rp17.100.000,00 ($1197,03) per month. 

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit 3BR unit on the 9th floor in Sudirman Suites. This unit has spacious room filled with elegant small-scale furniture. Making the interior looks even wider. You can place a new furniture inside without trouble, as there are many empty space available. 

Dining room, living room and kitchen are combined into one room. Although the three room were combined, there is still a long gap between each room. Therefore, tenants can complete their task like cooking, eating or watching TV separately and conveniently. 

The 3BR unit in Sudirman Suites has fully-equipped kitchen. If you rent fully furnished unit at this apartment, you will get kitchen with a wide wooden cabinet, stainless refrigerator, water sink, dining set, microwave, stove, etc. 

There are three size of bedroom in Sudirman Suites 3BR, the two medium size and the small one. The medium room size is very suitable for couple. It provides city scenery through the window. One room even offers you experience to enjoy city landscape right next to your bed. As for the small bedroom, there is no window. But the central air conditioner is working just fine. 

The Medium Size Room In Sudirman Suites

sudirman suites jakarta for rent

The Medium Size Room That Offers City Scenery Next to Your Bed

The Small Bedroom


Even though Sudirman Suites is located inside the SCBD, which is known as the busiest district in Jakarta, the apartment still has calm atmosphere. This may due to not many occupants in Sudirman Suites. The building architecture is also sound proof to the outside noise.

Next to apartment building, there is Sudirman Street, the most prominent street in SCBD. It connects office building, public facilities and shopping centers that are lies within SCBD. You can get to the street by the time you leave the basement. However, Sudirman Street often jammed during rush hour. Therefore it is important to anticipate it before leaving your apartment.

There is sidewalk spanned along Sudirman Street. Residents can use it to stroll around the neighborhood. The sidewalk connects Sudirman Suites with other residential like Sahid Sudirman Residence. During weekend, the sidewalk will transform into a nice jogging track. 

As for nature landscape, Sudirman Suites Jakarta encircled by open spaces that is functioned for future development. Krukut River spanned on the north side of apartment. It’s heading South. 


As residents of Sudirman Suites, you can get easy access to many public facilities in SCBD, such as:

1. Lotte Shopping Avenue

Lotte Shopping Avenue is the nearest shopping center from Sudirman Suites. It is only 1,6 km away from the apartment. At Lotte Shopping Avenue, you can find various tenants from famous brand start from GF to 5F. Some tenants in GF are Elle, Harnn, Hermès Paris, Samsonite, Issey Miyake Parfums, La Prairie, Lacoste, Laurige, Lumigarnet, Noche, Pavillion, Pierre Cardin Paris, Scholl, Samsung, etc. In 1F, you can find Coldwear, Et Cetera, Fila, i Eye, Hush Puppies, Jack&Jill, Levis, Luire, Miniso, Monet, etc. Food tenants dominate LG floor, like Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perfect, Carl’s Jr, Breadlife, Chatime, Gonzo’s, Pan-Ya, Pop Chop, etc. As for 2F, there are American Tourister, Digimap, Floral Home, Golf House, Jansport, JYSK, Joseph, King Koil, Krups, Lazboy, Le Metier, Lock & Lock, Lojel, Manzone, Mundo, Nail, etc. In 3F, you can find Fitness First, !Toast, First Love, Kidz Station, Marutama, Noodle King, Miyagi, Ootoya, Polo, Pigeon, Scoop, Ta Wan, etc. Tenants on the next two floors, 4F and 5F are Batik Keris, British Council, Burger King, Genk Sushi, Oriental Money Changer, Potato Corner, Watson, Cinema XXI, Lotteria, Food-Avenue, Arirang Dental Clinic, V Golf, etc.

2. FX Sudirman

Another lifestyle center close to Sudirman Suites is FX Sudirman. It is an 8-storey shopping center which not only provide shops, but also entertainment venue. Stores like Daily Foodhall, Daily Fresh, Et Cetera, The Executive and others are available here. As for food and beverage, there are Chatime, Mr. Donut, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Starbucks Coffee, Wing’s Stop, etc. What about entertainment? FX Sudirman offers many option of entertainment. On the 7th floor there is CGV Cinema, a place where you can watch latest movie, not only Western film, but also Asian film. On the 5th floor there is SM Entertainment, a Korean independent record label, talent agency, producer and publisher of K-pop music, that is currently opening their branch in Jakarta. Whereas on the 4th there is JKT48 Theatre, a place where you can watch live performance of JKT48, the one and only Indonesia’s idol group. 

3. LaSalle College

LaSalle College is international academy of design located near Sudirman Suites. LaSalle College Jakarta is a subsidiary of LCI Education from Canada. The academy offers diploma and bachelor degree to students. Majors like Fashion Business, Fashion Design, Makeup Artist, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Photography are available at LaSalle College Jakarta. 

4. Siloam Semanggi Hospital

Siloam Semanggi Hospital is the first private hospital in Jakarta that dealing with cancer disease. This hospital provides many healthcare service such as examination for early cancer, oncology surgery, dialysis, radiotherapy, etc. Siloam Semanggi hospital also known for its modern building with advance medical equipment and experience medic staff. On the top of building, there is helipad for emergency condition. The distance between Siloam Semanggi Hospital and Sudirman Suites is only 800 meters from apartment. 

  • Adress: Jl. Garnisun Dalam No. 2-3 Semanggi, 12930, Indonesia
  • Visiting Hours: 11:00 – 13:00 and 18:00 – 20:00
  • Phone: 021-2996-2888
  • Emergency: 1-500-911
  • Website:



  • Unit Type: 1BR and 3BR
  • Towers: San Fransisco, Santa Monica Bay, Miami Bay, Hawaian Bay and Manhattan Bay
  • Developer: Pikko Group
  • It is suitable for employees, married couples with or without kids, expatriates, entrepreneur and executive
Review: Sudirman Suites Jakarta
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money
  • Building Quality


Sudirman Suites is a great apartment for entrepreneurs, employees, and executives to live, because of its promising location. It stands right next to Sudirman Street and closes to much famous shopping center in Jakarta. The atmosphere inside the apartment is very calm and relaxing, enable residents to get total rest. Unfortunately, facilities provided by apartment official is very limited. There is no additional feature, besides the basic facilities. However, I’m sure Sudirman Suites would add its number of facilities since this apartment is still under development.


Sudirman Suites Jakarta 1 BedroomSudirman Suites Jakarta- Unit SSUB004
Sudirman Suites Jakarta 1 BedroomSudirman Suites Jakarta- Unit SSUB006
Sudirman Suites Jakarta – Unit SSUD006


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