Looking for good coffee? Or are you looking for a cozy place to hang out?

In Jakarta, there are lots of the best coffee shops that are ready to serve you coffee lovers, with delicious coffee in a very comfortable and cozy place.

Coffee is still in high demand in Indonesia, especially in the metropolitan city of Jakarta. Coffee is a perfect choice for chillin and chatting with friends after work.

With high demand, coffee shops in Jakarta are very diverse. Here, we curate the best coffee shops in Jakarta, let’s check it out.

1. Djournal Coffee

djournal coffee shop jakarta

Djournal Coffee is a coffee shop that has succeeded in becoming one of the best coffee shops in Indonesia, which has opened branches in almost all major cities in Indonesia.

The specialty of Djournal Coffee is that the place is comfortable, delicious coffee, and the outlets are easy to find.

At Djournal Coffee you can choose various coffee brewing methods and the baristas don’t hesitate to share their knowledge.

Djournal Coffee already has 13 branches in Jakarta, mostly in malls, such as Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place, and Senayan City.

The variety of coffee offered is very diverse from bitter to hot, from the price range of 35k to 45k IDR, as well as delicious pastries. Very recommended for chit-chat or working place.

2. Anomali Coffee

anomali coffee shop jakarta

Anomali Coffee has been one of the most established coffee shops in Indonesia since 2007.

Anomali Coffee provides a distinctive taste of various coffee beans from all over Indonesia, such as Aceh Gayo, Flores, Luwak which have a unique authentic taste and aroma.

There are 7 Anomali Coffee branches in Jakarta, such as in Senopati, Kemang, Setiabudi One Building, Menteng, Pakubuwono Street, PIK Avenue, and Pondok Indah.

To be able to enjoy typical Indonesian coffee at Anomali Coffee, it is quite affordable, only around 30k to 40k IDR. In addition, you can also buy coffee beans directly.

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3. Toko Kopi Tuku

toko kopi tuku jakarta

Toko Kopi Tuku is very famous among young people for its milk coffee. Founded in 2015, the Toko Kopi Tuku went viral when President Jokowi came and bought Kopi Susu Tetangga in 2017.

Since then, sales have continued to increase with the best-selling menu, namely Kopi Susu Tetangga and the trend of Kopi Susu also continues to be favored by young people.

Toko Kopi Tuku already has many branches in Jakarta, the first one is in Cipete. I suggest that you buy with delivery via ojol for ease of purchase because every outlet is always crowded with visitors.

A glass of Kopi Susu Tetangga is priced at 18k IDR so it is very affordable and there are other menus such as tea and delicious cakes

4. Filosofi Kopi

filosofi kopi jakarta

Yup, this is the name of a coffee shop like in the film Filosofi Kopi, the story that is lifted is a fictional story from the Dewi Lestari novel.

The shooting location is still maintained, and it’s opened to the public as a coffee shop until now.

Filosofi Kopi has an industrial and vintage design style, making it a unique and instagrammable coffee shop. Strategically located in Melawai, so it is very easy to visit.

The price for a cup of coffee ranges from 25k-40k IDR and other pastries are also available.

5. Tanamera

tanamera coffee

Tanamera is a coffee shop that serves Indonesian coffee beans. The coffee beans sold at Tanamera have a distinctive taste of the archipelago such as Aceh Gayo, Mandailing, Toraja, and others.

Sold at a price range of 70k-85k IDR for a pack of Indonesian coffee beans. Tanamera has several branches in Jakarta such as in Kemang, Grand Indonesia, Pacific Plaza, Jl. Ahmad Dahlan, even already has a branch in Singapore.

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6. One Fifteenth Coffee

one fifteenth coffee

One Fifteenth Coffee was founded by Dody Samsura, the winner of the Indonesia Barista Championship in 2013 and as the first representative for Indonesia in the World Barista Championship.

You will be comfortable working and chit-chat in this coffee shop because the ambiance is very cozy and comfortable.

One Fifteenth Coffee can be easily found in Gandaria, Kemang, Menteng, Senopati, and even the Macan Museum. A glass of coffee for sale ranges from 30k-40k IDR with his favorite menu is Latte.


7. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

Who said that only supermarkets are open 24 hours? Coffee shop too!

Lucky Cat Coffee is different because it is open 24 hours. Located in Plaza Festival, Kuningan so it’s very strategic to visit by being in an office area.

The uniqueness continues when visiting Lucky Cat Coffee, the front looks small but when you come inside, there is a large coffee shop with a large tree in the middle, making it an icon for this coffee shop that has an open space layout.

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