Guide to rent apartment in Jakarta – Busy traffics, motor congestions in every line of roads, and bustling nightlife during weekend, perhaps, has becoming a common appetite for the city in which entitled as 9th largest city and 13th most populous city in the world.

The fact that cities vibrant atmosphere with a luminous light in each corner of the building resulting expatriates and local people came from another region were got in here to seek an income every single time.

Honest speaking, maybe living in the bustling streets in the heart of Jakarta district become a significant effete, adding by number of employee in the whole area of Jakarta are herding in each places when it happens to the rush hour.

Could it be a tragic when you are walking down on pavements right ?

As the main areas of governance and business, Jakarta living costs demand has reached the utmost high level in the present days.

Currently, the apartments is becoming a good decision for any expatriates or newcomers who want to settle in the heart of bustling districts.

The question is whether or not that apartment prize is offering decent prize and which part are you going to stay for the sake of not getting in to the road seam where machines will swamped in your ears when doing your daily routines.

Since Jakarta aside from its glamorous vibes, the city also gain title as “Source of Traffic Chaos” due to the fact that cars and motorcycles were dominating the road for whole time.

Particularly, when you are certain to rent the type you found strategic that prevent you from society heats but the prize surged on high rates.

Despite all chaos happened in the city, you can manage to pull through from those horrible cases. One thing you should know is no matter how many apartments you investigates, if you don’t understand the concept of effective buying, then perhaps you will be ended up in misery because you are going to fight the brutal traffic by yourself.

So how you can manage to buy ideal apartment that located in the strategic point that allow you to walk freely but with no extra expenses on your bank account ? Let’s check out !

Is it costly or cheaper than it had been commercialized on the pamphlets ? According to the reviewers, apartment living costs is 50% lower compared to the apartments in the United States.

A good news for foreigners and nomads to rush on their dream destination. Aside from beneficial matter for receiving diverse influence on your residence, you are saving up more money.

But there is an average prizes for apartment you have planned to afford. Each apartments gave an information about the living costs and each prize are stands for location that nearby its environment.

For example, if you were buying apartments, let’s say Sudirman district. That’s located around the business district, the chance of you are going to bring expenses out is substantially high and vice versa.

The living costs in Jakarta distinguished from people who live as foreigner and who live in rural areas. Foreigners, whenever they buy one units, will receives low costs and apartments have considered that they going to have more luxurious room rather than locals who were resides there.

Foreigners likely have their servings bigger than it expected. They are going to receives educational, medical treatment, and other utilities with fantastic rates. 

And now we are going to give you the guide to rent apartment in Jakarta. Follow these guide


4 Important Guide to Rent Apartment in Jakarta


1. The Difference of Foreign and Locals Accommodation

The first guide to rent apartment in Jakarta is accommodation.

The cost of accommodation within several suburbs in Jakarta’s apartment may be in a peak variables. Foreigners, mostly came from western country, would given a high rates by apartments, no matter which clothes they wore or how modest their outfit is.

Generally, foreigners who was sent to work on global organisation in Jakarta will assigned on to VIP units and their costs will be cheaper.

Instead, locals put rates according to what apartments had offered. If the prize they want to have is had a less spending, they will buy on less-spending unit.

It also happen otherwise, whether they want to rent higher rates, should they buy according to the unit prize they will rent.

The apartments where all of foreigners normally lived in are Sudirman Park and The Capital Residence, which are located in Central Jakarta around Sudirman district.

Why foreigners have to choose those two apartments ? Is because the range interdependency in offices are close to each other. They found it doesn’t bother their activities even in the crowds where they usually passing by

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2. Stores That Fulfill Your Needs

The second guide to rent apartment in Jakarta is Stores that able to fulfill your daily or monthly needs.

Mini cafes, stores, and kiosks always available in 24/7. In fact, the store selling local products, foreigners doesn’t find any international brand.

Local cosmetics and personal care such as shampoo, soaps, and cleaner, are solely given cheap prize than imported products which they usually found. Liquors, Vodka, Whiskey, or another alcohol drinks are really difficult to find around the Jakarta district.

They generally often sell in majestic shopping centre where you must grab a taxi to reach there. Most of the places, especially in cafe, are provides Wi-Fi access on.

For the cafe, foreigners often place themselves into biggest coffee chainstore, Starbucks, which has been eternal spots in every apartments building.

Accessibility to department store is also gives convenience that they sits nearby hangout areas. Resident could get down on the department store, so they can buy primary needs such as cooking properties, clothes, and cleaning stuffs


3. Transportation Choices

The next guide to rent apartment in Jakarta is transportation.

The access onward transportation could be regarded as substantially buzzing in every hour. Public transportation provides cheap fee in buses or mini-buses, Transjakarta bus is an alternatives to expatriates who want to freely rides to entire city corners.

Not only cheap prizes were part of necessity, but also safety of spaces are constantly secured and guaranteed. If you want to take your transportation experience wider, Go-jek (Online Motorcycle Taxis) and Bajaj (Indonesia’s tuk-tuk) is became your every need for exploring entire places you think exhilirating.

However, it is a best way to avoid your objection to travelling because you are afraid of stuck in the traffic. In support of thorough transportation business, you can experience the availability of ambitious Mass Transportation in Jakarta, MRT subway, sooner.

The MRT subway initiated the stations near to each apartments that have a plausible access on apartments where most foreigners resides


4. A Nice Efficiency to Improve Your Life Quality

And the last guide to rent apartment in Jakarta is efficiency.

Since apartments around Jakarta is nearby several offices and school. Proximity is a game-changer for you to get one unit. No wonder many expatriates are investing toward property around Jakarta.

Especially in the business district, the efficiency of time duration to be there on time are feasible owing to the fact all apartment which is located close to the company they are worked on.

Beside of range interdependency, apartment usually sits aside at the shopping center. Of all the entertainment sites, Jakarta apartments strategic location may be least exceptional. They are connected to several sites such as malls, cafes, or fancy restaurant.

University has been apartment consideration to make sure they build according to their interdependency principles. Every apartments units, for someone who wants to study in Jakarta, situated nearby well-known institution.

For example, U-Residence apartment are resides next to the popular local university, UPH. Some of the students able to rent an apartment whether pay by themselves or their parents.



So that’s all the 4 tips of guide to rent apartment in Jakarta.

Ultimately, all apartments unit might be situated around heart of business district and, however, the living costs in here is not a massive disappointment of having apartment in bustling city when you are understanding the apartment first.

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