Nowadays, urban areas in Jakarta become a growth potential in building a new marketplaces. Not only the new company was established in the urban areas, but also property business are about to enter a role of economic advancement in the recent years.

Speaking about properties, in modern society, there are two main properties that were available only in certain urban areas with unchangeable high popularity – apartments and houses.

Some of people – including you, must be asking several times what’s the difference between those two popular residence. In housing terms, both of which stands for living resident.

That places was indeed a primary needs for living. Should its have set of kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, shower rooms, and parking garage, it will be a perfect ideal living for your life. But for the terms of living, probably there is a constant distinctions among of two properties.

Do you prefer living in apartment or house in Jakarta? Here is an insight you must know about :


1. Meet a New Neighborhood

When you begin to have a lease either on living in apartment or house in Jakarta especially. First rule to become successful resident who will stay and living in those property, you shall maintain a good connection with them since you are new member of the hood and ought to learn regarding to the current environment you will settled on.

In Indonesia, the politeness and well-mannered behaviour was very well maintained and have been applied in the neighborhood from ages.

While on apartment, you cannot see your neighborhood often because all rooms are enclosed. You should go to apartments garden – swimming pools, children park, and fitness center.

Although you will rarely seen them around. But contrary from houses property, you are going to meet your neighborhood several times, even when you are not going anywhere from boulevards.

However, as they would be always surrounding your privacy space, you going to realize that you receive consequences of living in the houses in the neighborhood of Indonesia where they always want to know everything about news regarding to your conditions

Living in apartment or house in Jakarta in the terms of neighborhoods are not fully satisfying since you are sealed in each other room while on the other side houses is nice preferences to get socialize with the neighborhoods, you just need to restrict yourself of your personal spaces


2. The Ballad of Secondary Needs

Imagine whenever you take one single apartment units with your credit card and your choices is might be the best choice you ever had after looking over the places had been furnished well. In fact, apartments has given you good satisfaction of providing your secondary needs without paying addition bills.

But the thing you should bear in mind is when you should check your payment and remembering what time and dates you should pay the bills because they routinely come over knocking your doors in certain dates you have appointed to the apartments document

Meanwhile, your secondary needs isn’t included among your housing debts. If there are a TV debt collectors trying to argue about a long receipts that you haven’t done away with, you must pay directly to them before they invades inside your house.

So does happen to other stuffs that are using taxes such as electrics, waters, and your car in the old garage. It’s a risk of renting a houses. All secondary needs fee are apart from every primary needs unless you are living as apartment resident

Living in apartment or house in Jakarta, terms of secondary needs is quite simple rather than housing, where all debts and taxes queued in the lines of your door knob


3. Space Invasion

While houses can expands the field on to wide range, apartments only provides minimalist design. You ought to circumscribe the stuff on your booked room. But don’t worry, less doesn’t mean it will be not fit in. With the limited stuff, somehow apartments shows elegance and easily detects dusty area that can be cleaned.

As you know, Indonesia’s guest when they are attend to their friends or relatives place always bring in many souvenirs that will be loaded much spaces on your tiny scales apartment.

It’s the disadvantage of living in the Indonesia apartments compared to lease an house in Indonesia, the souvenirs that you received can be stored in every house components

Both of them are quite good when it comes to space availability. Only how to organize the furniture well when you are stay in apartment.

So before decide to living in apartment or house in Jakarta, considering this point either.

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4. Safety Issues

Most apartments or condominium have several layers of entry. Main door, emergency staircase door, and the door of your apartment. Since you are living in high buildings, there is might be a good chance of you being safer from burglary.

Huge piles of security will minimize your threat. Housing also can be secured as well if you put on a lot of safety gears – such as locks, keys, and emergency number since there are possibility of burglary that mainly target resident house.

But for smuggling cases, Indonesia apartments somewhat had to realize the effects of lack of patrol during the midnight. The recent news had reported about prostitution and substance abuse quietly flourished inside every room units.

Living in apartment or house in Jakarta for seeking convenience and safety, both of them are still doubtful. But to pull through, you need awareness of locking whole room corners and always keep the keys under your eye surveillance.

So it doesn’t matter whether you living in apartment or house in Jakarta. Safety is the main thing you should consider.


5. Health and Wellness

In apartment, you freely can access into gym or swimming pool. Whether you buying one units of apartment, it will be includes apartment facility. No boundaries where you want and what time you can exercise, you can visit the gym everytime – or you want to go upstairs by stepping on emergency staircase for addition.

If you are chose neighbouring in the houses, your health access only includes jogging tracks and health parks around here. You must take out your cash whether you want to assign a gym memberships


6. Extra Amenities

It’s a consecutives necessity for every properties agent on ensuring customer amenities. Especially about you want to have unforgettable experience in entertainment.

Apartments usually built the residence under feasibility study of which part of region that could be ideal place, however, still sits down in the nearby areas in here. Because of their groups feasible discussion, the proximity access toward another places is remarkable.

The benefits you will have in Indonesia’s apartment is, the apartments always sits down beside of entertainment sites, for example, cinemas, shopping malls, and fitness center. In housing, you should go out of your house to reach entertainment sites.

And there are several phase you had better get to deal when you are heading to the entertainment sides around here. For instance, parking tickets, fill your car engines, and seeking parking spots whenever you arrive on the place

Living in the apartments in Indonesia for seeking amenities, they are really provide a good hospitality on proximity access. While on the Indonesia house, the proximity of amenities still need to be improved


7. Sales Transaction

Whether living in apartment or house in Jakarta, you have to buy or rent it right? As the time goes by, you must be bored when you just bounded in the same unit room from time to time. The apartments will lend their hands to make your room get promoted for sell since the rate of apartments demands become bigger in Jakarta.

When the buyer is coming and after you receives their money, you can apply to the higher types of units you want to resides on and stay up there immediately. In contrast to house, you should wait another house that are still under constructions while you are sad enough for waiting new buyer that said would come into your old house

Apartments in Indonesia could win this time than an Indonesian house. In topics of mobility and efficiency


8. Time Efficiencies

The affordable apartments prizes would gratify your expectations since it nearby city centre. You can save up your times and your money when you are going to somewhere else. You don’t need to lament about traffic congestions in Jakarta “Millenials” during evening.

If you are employee, this would be a good idea to maintain your busy schedule. Living in houses is also not a bad thing, but your budget expens drastically due to the fact you ought to paying amount of bills under your table compared to apartment where you only being charged for your rooms

For the case of time punctuality, Indonesia apartment has won the game in overall. Indonesia houses are beaten up by apartments strategic proximity


9. Little Cafe is a Good Thing

In apartments boulevard, you always have seen several kiosks or stores such as – Cafe, Ministore, or Food canteen. Apartments in each towers has their own kiosks that will stand up for 24 hours in Jakarta. You could only walk to reach there.

On the other hand, Indonesia house neighborhoods share a same place with apartments – would be several stores circling around the neighborhood. But when you want to reach the place, again, you must take a ride with vehicles off to your destination

So living in apartment or house in Jakarta winner in this point is apartment.


10. Maintenance Problematique

It has been mentioned on “The Ballad of Secondary Needs”, the maintenance team is always be there in every cases. Moreover, you are not allowed to pay them because it was apartments employee and they are only got paid by apartments.

Only you ought to waiting apartment technician to get ready in a hour with a reasons they are also doing trading jobs of repairing apartment things

Different from apartments, the Indonesia housing maintenance has a much ballad. If something broken, let’s call for air conditioner, you should call the maintenance by yourself and getting them paid with your money. Whether the tasks is done or not, you must pay them.

For this time, the apartment has won the qualification of maintenance issues in spite of their presence often resulting delayance, however, due to their works as apartment technician involves every resident in apartments



From all statements on the above about living in apartment or house in Jakarta, there is a difference about two residential sites in the internal sides. But both of them are ideal types of properties that will bring up your quality of life.

Have you considered that living in apartment or house in Jakarta yet?

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