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Story of Jendela360

Hello! Our story begins when two of our founder tells their problem they were facing during apartment rental process in jakarta, both are millenial generation that don't like something troublesome and of course appreciates simplicity, whereby one represents tenant, and the other represents apartment owner.

From Tenant

  • Difficult to find rental apartment information on internet
  • Apartment picture not representative
  • Difficult to contact the agent / owner
  • Should take time to make visits to various units
  • Payment method is burdensome because pay rental fee in cash upfront

From Tenant

  • Difficult to advertise rental of apartments on the internet
  • Difficult to take photos that are eligible to show on ads
  • It's hard to handle communication from prospective tenants
  • Must taking the time to accompany client for apartment visit
  • Many tenants are only willing to pay monthly

Why is this become a problem?

This has been unfortunate because apartments are the very needs for productive millenial generations in Jakarta. Comfortable apartment and close to office enable us not to waste our time and energy on the road, and alocate it to a more productive activity with friends and family.

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Our Solutions

Begin from this story, we decided to start Jendela360, a property startup that serve all apartment rental needs in Jakata. With comprehensive service from online and offline sides such as:

  • Transparan


    Information Searching Process with comfort and transparency

  • Transparan

    360 Virtual Tour

    360 Virtual Tour enabling online visitation to thousands of apartment unit

  • Transparan

    Customer Service

    Responsive & Helpful Customer Service

  • Transparan

    Offline Visitation

    Offline visit accompanied by our account representative.

  • Transparan

    Installment Plan

    Installment payment plan for 12 months

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