F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Question

A. About Booking Procedure

1. Can I request special needs?

Yes, sometimes you can request special need to apartment like adding or reducing furnitures, rent date agreement, etc. However, please note there are possibilities that vendor or apartment owner will charge you extra for each additional component.

B. About Payment Procedure

1. How to use installment payment plan in Jendela360?

Payment with installment system can be made in 2 ways: (1) credit card installments (2) fintech installment without credit card. Please contact our property advisor for more information.

2. Which bank's credit card has partnership with Jendela360?

Currently we are in partnership with almost all major banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, Bank Permata, Panin, Niaga, ANZ, Citibank, Maybank, Standard Chartered dan HSBC.

3. How do I use installment payment plan if my credit card is not in partnership with Jendela360?

You can still do it with your current credit card by making full payment. Then change it by calling your credit card customer service following any program available in that bank.

4. How to use installment payment plan if I do not own credit card?

Don’t worry, you can still rent the property you selected with installment without credit card from our partner fintech company. In regard to the application procedure, please contact our property advisor for more information.

5. Can I pay with US dollar?

According to Indonesian rules, all transaction need to be done in Rupiah, so please exchange your dollar in rupiah beforehand.

C. About Renting Apartment

1. I am an Apartment owner, can I list my property on Jendela360?

Of course, you can list your property here, without any charge (FREE).

2. Does Jendela360 serve buy and sale property?

YES. currently we can help you advertise you apartment unit, be it rent, buy or sell. To entrust your unit to us, please click here.

3. What are Jendela360 advantages compare to other property website?

There are many reason to list your property on Jendela360. For example, we will do the listing process and photography for FREE. For more information please check here listing your property.

4. How much is the profit sharing fee need to be paid if my property is rented or sold through Jendela360?

For property owners, we will not charge any fee for rental transaction. If there is any sell or buy transaction above Rp 3 Billion, we will charge 2% profit sharing. 2.5% profit sharing fee for transaction between Rp 1 - 3 Billion. And 3% for transaction below Rp 1 Billion.

5. How long will it take until my unit is rented?

It is completely depends on the quality of your property, price you offered, and market condition.

6. Do I have to accompany every visitors?

It is better not to trouble yourself, you just need to give your property keys and access card to use, and we will handle all enquiry or needs until the property is rented.

7. Can I rent my property located in other city?

Apologize, we are currently only operate within Jakarta and Tangerang. We can’t help you if your property is outside these two cities.

What's so Special About Jendela360?


Quality and 360 Photo

Representative photos and 360 virtual tour make sure you don't waste your time for units you don't like..


Complete information & Transparent

All units in Jendela360 has been verified. You can also view the detail of all information


Online Booking

Book your favorite unit online. Our team will be happy to accompany you to see your favorite unit without any charge.


Can be paid monthly

Use your credit card to switch to monthly installment plan (0%) so you don't have to pay with huge amount up front.

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