F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Question

A. About Booking Procedure

1. Can I request special needs?

Yes, sometimes you can request special need to apartment related to us like adding or reducing furnitures, rent date agreement, etc. Please remember however that there are possibilities vendor/apartment owner will charge you extra for each additional component.

B. About Payment Procedure

1. How to use installment payment plan in Jendela360?

You can do it by swiping your credit card at our EDC machine and we will convert it directly into installment plan if the credit card is in partnership with us.

2. What banks has partnership with Jendela360?

Currently we have been in partnership with almost all major banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri, BRI, ANZ, Permata Bank, Panin Bank, and HSBC.

3. How do I use installment payment plan if my credit card has not been in partnership with Jendela360?

You can still do it with your current credit card with full payment, and then switch it through phone call to respective credit card banks with their programme.

4. How to use installment payment plan if I do not own credit card?

We are very sorry, currently we are still unable to receive installment plan without credit card.

5. What if I wish to do transaction with US dollar?

According to the regulations, every transaction done in Indonesia has to be paid in rupiah. So please exchange your dollar into rupiah beforehand.

C. About Renting Apartment

1. I am an apartment owner, can I entrust my unit at Jendela360 and how much money do I have to pay?

Sure, you can entrust your unit here without any charge or FREE.


2. Does Jendela360 serve buy and sale property?

YES. currently we can help you advertise you apartment unit, be it rent, buy or sell. To entrust your unit to us, please click here.


3. What are the advantages of Jendela360 compare to others?

With thousands of people looking for apartment through Jendela360, entrusting your apartment unit to Jendela360 is the most secure, comfortable, and more importantly, sold quickly. You don't have to trouble yourself because we do all the troublesome process from the very beginning till the very end. From listing, marketing, professional photos, bring potential customer for viewing, price negotiations, until dealing payment and signed contract are all done by Jendela360 for FREE. Profit sharing will only be paid if your unit is rented or sold by Jendela360. For more info about listing your unit please refer to rent your apartment page.


4. How much is the profit sharing fee need to be paid if my unit is rented or sold through Jendela360?

Profit sharing will only be paid if your unit is rented or sold THROUGH Jendela360. For rental propety, profit sharing that need to be paid is 8% from transaction value. For sell or buy, 2% for transaction value above Rp 3 Billion, 2.5% for transaction between Rp 1 - 3 Billion, and 3% for transaction value below Rp 1 Billion.


5. How long will it take until my unit is rented?

This matter is completely depends on price offered, quality unit, and how big the demand towards the entrusted unit is. However, based on feedbacks received from apartment owner who entrusted their unit to us, majority claimed that their unit are quicker to sell through Jendela360 compared to other way.


6. Do I have to accompany every visitors?

No need, this one of our advantages and responsibility entrusting your apartment at Jendela360, because we will handle all renting or selling process so that you can chill and relax yourself and enjoy your passive income without any difficulties. All you need to do is just entrusting the key and access card to us ( we will give receipt) and we will handle all process until your unit is rented or sold.


7. Can I entrust my apartment located in another city?

We are truly sory, as for now, we only operate within Jakarta and Tangerang. We can not help to advertise if your unit located outside Jakarta and Tangerang.