Everything You Need to Know About Puri Imperium

Visiting the Kuningan area, I had the opportunity to visit one of the oldest apartments but still with a luxurious feel in Jakarta. The apartment is Puri Imperium.

Located in Kuningan, this apartment which has been built since 1996 has a very strategic location with easy access to many other exclusive areas that surround, such as Menteng, Sudirman, and Thamrin.

Although classified as an apartment that has been built for a long time, the quality of Puri Imperium is still very awake. Some of the facilities provided are also still very well maintained and suitable for use.

Interested to find out more? The following is a complete review of the Puri Imperium Apartment.

General Information

  • Address: Jalan Kuningan Madya, Kav. 5-6, South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia 12980
  • Developer: PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk.
  • Total Units: 69
  • Unit Type: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • Tower: 1 & 2
  • Maintenance Fee: Contact the Apartment
  • Internet Network: Indihome
  • No. Telephone: (021) 83791010

Puri Imperium Apartment Facilities

Puri Imperium Apartment provides many facilities that you can enjoy as residents.

Basketball Court

For those of you who have a hobby of basketball, do not need to look far away to play basketball outside the apartment. On the 3rd floor of Puri Imperium Apartments, there is a half-court basketball court that you can enjoy with friends.

Children Playground

Puri Imperium Apartment also provides a vehicle to play for your child. By visiting the 3rd floor of the apartment, you can invite the baby to play with their peers, spending a sunny afternoon.

Children Swimming Pool

Not only a vehicle to play, in this apartment facilities are also available for children who love to play water, or have a hobby of swimming. This circular children's pool will be a fun and safe entertainment facility for children.

Relaxation Garden

On the 3rd floor of the apartment, there is also a spacious garden that you can use to relax. Surrounded by ornamental plants and protected the roof from the sun, will make relaxing in this garden to be cool.

Green Area

Slightly separated from the park facilities, you can find a green area on one side on the 3rd floor of the apartment. You can enjoy the fresh air in this area surrounded by beautiful green plants.


For those of you who are running a diet program and want to exercise without having to be exposed to the sun, Puri Imperium Apartment provides extensive gym facilities. Not only extensive, but the equipment available is also very complete.


Not only is the garden available to relax, but this apartment also provides a Jacuzzi facility for your leisure facilities. Bathing in the jacuzzi will make you feel tired and become more relaxed.

Mail Room

Are you waiting for a package but not in a residential area? Do not worry. Puri Imperium Apartment provides a mailroom consisting of many mailboxes for each occupant unit.

Adult Swimming Pool

Do not miss one of the facilities that are also owned by many other apartments, swimming pools. This apartment provides a swimming pool with a size that is not large but surrounded by shady trees, making this area very cool and comfortable.

Tennis Court

For those of you who have a hobby of playing tennis, you can invite your friends to play together at Puri Imperium Apartments. On the 3rd floor of the apartment, next to the relaxing garden, there is a large tennis court for residents.

Puri Imperium Neighborhood

Puri Imperium Apartment has a very strategic location with easy access to many exclusive areas of Jakarta. Call it like the Menteng, Sudirman, and Thamrin areas.

But this does not necessarily make the environment around the apartment to be very full and crowded. On the contrary, having exclusive access makes Puri Imperium Apartment surrounded by a beautiful and calm environment.

When you enter the main lobby, you will be presented with spacious and luxurious interior design, making you feel like one of the residents in this apartment. The parking space provided is also extensive and exclusive, with additional basement parking for residents.

Entertainment Place Near Puri Imperium

Not only complete facilities and exclusive environment, but Puri Imperium Apartment also has a strategic location, making this apartment surrounded by many entertainment places that you can visit.

Hause of Rooftop

Not far from the location of the apartment, you as a resident can reach the Hause of Rooftop. This restaurant is a modern restaurant that offers not only delicious cuisine but also a comfortable dining atmosphere.

When entering the entrance, you will be presented with a beautiful and neatly arranged interior decoration. In addition, one of the advantages offered by this restaurant is that you can eat while enjoying the atmosphere of the sunset.

A homey interior atmosphere, plus a very appetizing dish will spoil you spending time at Hause of Rooftop. Visit this restaurant to get a different sensation from eating your meal.

Sport Cafe N Shisha

Are you a sports fan? Do you also like visiting cafes to hang out casually? If yes, Sport Café N Shisha provides a unique place that combines the two things, sports and café.

A spacious place but still has a cozy impression is ready to entertain your visit to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city of Jakarta. The sports-themed mural design, with the addition of other sporting ornaments, adds a sporty impression to this café.

For business meals, you can order ranging from heavy food to light snacks which of course are very delicious. You can also order shisha with your friends while joking.


Shopping malls become one of the easy alternatives for refreshing while taking your loved ones on weekends. As a resident of Puri Imperium, you can easily reach Epicentrum Kuningan.

Epicentrum offers many products from well-known tenants available there. A variety of products ranging from clothes, shoes, cafes to restaurants are available and you are ready to visit.

One of the best of Epicentrum Kuningan is Epicentrum XXI which is famous for its magnificent and almost always crowded visitors. You can invite your loved ones to watch a new movie on weekends.

Plaza Festival Mall Kuningan

Not far from Epicentrum, you can reach another mall, Plaza Festival Mall Kuningan just by walking. As an apartment that stands in Kuningan, Puri Imperium residents are certainly very easy to access to the mall.

Carrying a more general mall concept, Plaza Festival Mall Kuningan offers a complete and varied outlet. You can visit outlets such as BreadTalk, Buccheri, Century, The Executive, Inul Vizta, Johnny Andrean, and many more.

Public Facilities Around Puri Imperium

Not only entertainment, but Puri Imperium Apartment also provides easy access to public facilities that can be enjoyed by its residents. Residents will be facilitated to find facilities that can be accessed by many people.

Setiabudi Astra MRT Station

One of the transportation facilities of this government breakthrough can be enjoyed easily from the location of Puri Imperium Apartment.

As of 2019, you can already access the Central Jakarta to South Jakarta area with one of the capital's flagship transportation.

Sudirman Railway Station

From the location of the apartment, you can also easily reach Sudirman Station. Of course, this is very beneficial for those of you who travel a lot using KRL services to various places, both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta.

Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital

Health facilities are also an important aspect of seeing the completeness of an apartment. Strategic Puri Imperium Apartment has easy access to the first-class hospital in Jakarta, namely Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

Education Institutions

For the baby, you don't need to worry about finding an educational institution near Puri Imperium. This apartment has close access to various educational institutions from all levels, from elementary, middle, high school to university.

Ways to Puri Imperium

1. From Bekasi
  • From Bekasi Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at the Manggarai Transit Station, move the KRL toward Angke
  • Get off at Sudirman Station, walk about 90 m to Jalan Blora Bus Stop
  • From the Blora Street Stop, take the Transjakarta majors heading DA3 to Dukuh Atas
  • Get off at the Imperium Stop, walk about 100 m to the location of the apartment
2. From Tangerang
  • From Tangerang Station, take the KRL to Duri Station
  • From Duri Station, move the KRL toward Sudirman
  • From Sudirman Station, walk about 90 m to Jalan Blora Bus Stop
  • From the Blora Street Stop, take the Transjakarta majors heading DA3 to Dukuh Atas
  • Get off at the Imperium Stop, walk about 100 m to the location of the apartment
3. From Bogor
  • From Bogor Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at Sudirman Station, then walk about 90 m to Jalan Blora Bus Stop
  • From the Blora Street Stop, take the Transjakarta majors heading DA3 to Dukuh Atas
  • Get off at the Imperium Stop, walk about 100 m to the location of the apartment
4. From Serpong
  • From Serpong Station, take the KRL to Jakarta
  • Get off at Tanahabang Station, then move on the KRL to Sudirman Station
  • From Sudirman Station, walk about 90 m to Jalan Blora Bus Stop
  • From the Blora Street Stop, take the Transjakarta majors heading DA3 to Dukuh Atas
  • Get off at the Imperium Stop, walk about 100 m to the location of the apartment

Puri Imperium Advantages

Puri Imperium Apartment has very good quality in terms of occupancy. As a high-class apartment that has been around for a long time, Puri Imperium has a good reputation. This apartment manages to maintain a very good quality unit. Not only that, the beautiful but strategic environment is also a good plus point for this apartment.

Puri Imperium Disadvantages

The drawbacks of Puri Imperium Apartments that are perhaps the most visible are some of the facilities that are not well maintained, call it a tennis court. The poor condition of the facility might make residents hesitate to use the facility.

Puri Imperium Rental Price Average

Puri Imperium Sell Price Average

How to Rent Puri Imperium

Perhaps many of you are wondering how to rent an apartment in Puri Imperium, whether it's how to rent Puri Imperium daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The easiest way now to find rental information for Puri Imperium Apartments is to look for them on the internet. FYI, there are currently many apartment rental sites for daily apartment rentals, apartment rentals on a monthly, or annual basis.

Some apartment rental sites that you can visit include Travelio, rental-apartemen.net, Rumah123, Booking.com, Mamikos, and Jendela360.

For now, if you want to rent a daily apartment, you can visit Travelio, rental-apartemen.net, Booking.com, and Mamikos. On the website, you will find apartment units that can be rented daily.

Whereas for those of you who plan to live in an apartment for a long time, in three months, six months, or a year, you can access Rumah123 and Jendela360. Especially in Jendela360, you can change the annual apartment rent to monthly with the help of installments 12x 0% using a credit card (credit card).

How to Advertise Puri Imperium

Then what about you who own the Puri Imperium Apartment unit assets and want to rent it out for passive income?

Advertise and promote your apartment unit appropriately is the key. Remember, it's not just you who advertise apartment units for rent, there are hundreds or even thousands of apartment units that are advertised for rent on the internet.

Sites such as Rumah123, Mamikos, Booking.com, and Sewa-apartemen.net can be an option if you want to rent an apartment unit without an intermediary or through an agent.

However, to advertise your apartment unit on these sites, you will usually be charged advertising costs with certain packages (based on ad serving time, photo quality, etc.). Now, to advertise on the classified ad site, you need to prepare everything yourself, both ad content, photos, and later prospective tenants will contact you directly.

If you are a busy person and do not have time to take care of everything, leaving the apartment to Jendela360 could be the right choice.

Why does it have to be Jendela360?

You need to note that entrusting apartment ads in Jendela360 is free of charge or FREE. You don't need to bother thinking about advertising content, taking good photos, and other marketing activities because answering prospective tenant questions, accompanying prospective tenants to visit units, to making contract letters because everything will be done by professionals at Jendela360.

If your apartment is successfully rented through Jendela360, then your unit owner provides profit sharing to Jendela360 worth 8% of the agreed rental price.

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