Everything You Need to Know About Springhill Terrace

Visiting the Kemayoran area, I took time to stop by one of the apartments in the area, the Springhill Terrace apartment. This apartment was built in the apartment area in Kemayoran.

These apartments stand side by side in the area with other apartments such as The Mansion Kemayoran and Springhill Residence. Springhill Terrace Apartments have a strategic location in terms of access.

For access to various places, you can reach four areas such as Soetta Airport, CBD (Sudirman-Thamrin), Cawang, and Tanjung Priok. With the ease of access offered, Springhill Terrace apartments are one of the best in its class.

General Information

  • Address: Jl. Benyamin Sueb Blok D7, Pademangan, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, 10720
  • Developer: Springhill Groups
  • Total Unit: 737
  • Unit Type: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • Number of floors: 27
  • Tower: Oakwood & Sandalwood
  • Maintenance Fee: Rp. 15,000 / m2
  • No. Phone: (021) 654 9999

Site Plan

springhill terrace

Springhill Terrace Apartment Facilities

Springhill Terrace Apartments provide many facilities that you can enjoy as residents.

Adult Swimming Pool

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For those of you who have a hobby of swimming or just like to play water, Springhill Residence offers a very large swimming pool facility on the UG floor of the apartment. A clean and well-maintained swimming pool will make residents feel at home for a long time in this area.

Children Swimming Pool

Not only an adult swimming pool, Springhill Terrace also provides a children's pool for hobbies to play with your little ones. The children's pool is directly adjacent to the adult swimming pool making it easy for parents to monitor their children.


springhill terrace review

For those of you who are undergoing a diet program or trying to shape your body to be more ideal, Springhill Terrace provides free and complete gym facilities for residents.


For those of you who do not have time to wash clothes due to daily activities, on the ground floor of the apartment there is a laundry place. Your clothes will be clean in a matter of days without having to carry dirty clothes out of the apartment area.


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Next to the laundry, there is also a Tomito café that offers a minimalist concept. This café provides a meal for you to relax while chatting with colleagues in the afternoon of Jakarta, to get rid of your fatigue.

Table Tennis

For you table tennis fans, you can do these activities at the Springhill apartment. This apartment provides a table tennis facility that is neatly arranged on the top floor (RF) of the apartment, which is ready for you to use at any time.

Children Playgroup

springhill terrace

For those of you who have children less than 6 years old, you can register the baby to SunnyVille which is located right on the UG floor of the apartment. This kindergarten is committed to developing children's intelligence and potential to become better

Casa Creativa

Casa Creativa is here to answer your confusion in decorating Springhill Terrace units. They offer good interior design services and have received testimonials directly from homeland artist Nikita Willy after the unit was decorated.

Spacious Basement Parking

springhill terrace

One of the problems of most apartments today is that there is not enough parking space for residents and visitors. In the Springhill Terrace apartment you will not find these obstacles, because there are 2 basement floors to park the vehicle.


Not only laundry, next to it is a complete minimarket. You don't need to leave the apartment area to enjoy a cold drink or ice cream on a hot afternoon, just go to the ground floor of the apartment.

Springhill Terrace Neighborhood

Springhill Terrace Apartments stand in the middle of an exclusive environment, with many other apartments built side by side with this apartment. The area around the apartment is very beautiful with shady trees on the edge of the road to the entrance of the apartment.

Apartment parking areas that are never quiet will maintain the atmosphere of the apartment to stay alive. Many people, both residents and migrants, passed by outside the apartment building, because apartment facilities were scattered in each tower.

When entering the lobby, the atmosphere turned calm and warm. With security officers and receptionists who are always ready at the main table lobby, making the apartment lobby seem very friendly. Not to mention plus the lobby design which is homey and comfortable.

Entertainment Place Near Springhill Terrace

Not only offers facilities within the apartment, Springhill Terrace is also surrounded by interesting places that you can visit. With a strategic location, many places such as shopping centers, restaurants and health centers that you can visit.

Bandar Kemayoran Golf Course

Residents of Springhill Terrace golf sports fans must visit this location. Kemayoran Golf Course is one of the best golf providers and facilities in Indonesia. Bandar Kemayoran Golf is one of the golf courses in the middle of the city, amidst the magnificent skyscrapers.

This place has complete facilities, including 32 bay driving range connected to the clubhouse, where golfers can stretch their muscles and practice swings before teeing on the field with the putting green in front of the clubhouse.

Bandar Kemayoran Golf has a spacious clubhouse with outdoor and indoor restaurants. Pro shop provides the latest equipment from well-known brands.

Only enough to cover a distance of about 2 kilometers from the Springhill Terrace apartment, residents can enjoy the facilities and facilities suggested by Kemayoran Golf Bandar.


Who doesn't know this place? Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is one of the favorite destinations for many families on vacation. Located in Jakarta, this family entertainment place is not only visited by Jakarta residents, but also many immigrants from outside Jakarta.

All of them want to take a vacation and enjoy the beach rides and recreation to unwind. As a resident of Springhill Terrace, you will find it easier to reach Ancol Dreamland without having to join congestion.

The distance from Springhill Terrace to this location is only 3.6 kilometers. You can easily enjoy a weekend with family at this location.

JIEXPO Kemayoran

Located in Kemayoran, the residents of the Springhill Terrace apartment are certainly very easy to reach one of the largest annual national exhibition events, JIEXPO Kemayoran.

Even though it is only held once a year, the location of the apartment which is not far from the venue (approximately 40 minutes drive) is also an added value to stay in this Springhill Terrace apartment.

Mega Glodok Kemayoran

If you are an automotive lover, there is a 'paradise' place for you that is close to Springhill Terrace apartments. Offering the concept of One Stop Shopping, Mega Glodok Kemayoran (MGK) is the best place for those of you who are looking for technical equipment, spare parts, automotive parts.

This place is only a few minutes drive from the location of the Springhill Terrace apartment. With that close distance, you can satisfy your hobby in the automotive field. With a relatively low price (reasonable price) you can buy all types of equipment here.

Food Centrum

If there is no place to eat around the Springhill Terrace apartment apartment, don't worry because it's not far from the apartment (5 minutes drive) there is a Food Centrum which is also close to the Sunter area. Here you can find a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Uniquely, on the 1st floor of the Food Centrum there is a Street Food Festival where you can find food and snacks from all over the archipelago. Besides cafes and restaurants, the Food Centrum also has karaoke, barbershop, and fitness center.

Mangga Dua Square

Not far from the apartment location, you can also reach Mangga Dua Square easily. You only need about 14 minutes drive to Mangga Dua Square from the location of the Springhill Terrace apartment. The exact distance you have to travel is only 5.3 kilometers.

Mangga Dua Square is one of the most comprehensive and well-known shopping centers in Jakarta. This place specifically has the advantage of providing electronic goods, such as cellphones, laptops, to computers.

Sunter Mall

Located in the Sunter area, the location of Sunter Mall is not too far from the location of the Springhill Terrace apartment that stands at Kemayoran. This mall is one of the oldest malls in North Jakarta, which certainly provides complete outlets.

With only a distance of around 3.7 kilometers, residents of Springhill Terrace can reach Sunter Mall, enjoying the facilities inside the mall.

Inside this mall you can enjoy many things from outlets such as Johnny Andrean Salon, Optik Melawai, Bakmi Naga, Fun World, electronic center, and many more.

Public Facilities Around Springhill Terrace

Strategically located in Kemayoran which has many public facilities, Kemayoran apartments are surrounded by public facilities that can be enjoyed by the general public including you. Here is a list of some of the closest public facilities from Springhill Terrace.

Mitra Kemayoran Hospital

Kemayoran Mitra Keluarga Hospital is a group from Mitra Keluarga Hospital which was built in 1989. The hospital has KARS accreditation (Hospital Accreditation Commission) with a full ranking.

Kemayoran Mitra Keluarga Hospital serves Health Screening Visas for Australia, Taiwan and Singapore. The hospital has excellent services for Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Urology, Neurology, and Medical Rehabilitation, as well as a sleep disorder clinic.

Located only about 2 kilometers from the Springhill Terrace apartment, apartment residents can easily reach these health facilities. Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran is one of the oldest hospitals in Jakarta with a qualified experience.

Educational Institution

Not only close to health facilities, Springhill Terrace apartments are also close to educational institutions. This aspect is a positive factor for residents who have children who can study without having to travel long distances.

Some educational institutions near Springhill Terrace apartments are Xavier Remiel School, Universal School, Smart Kids, Jubilee, and Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School.

Ancol Railway Station

For those of you who have high mobility, maybe it's time you try to use public facilities to travel. Congestion in Jakarta is one of the main problems that has been going on for a long time.

Government innovations are considered not enough to answer the problem of congestion in vital areas in Jakarta. Springhill Terrace Apartment is adjacent to Ancol Station which provides KRL Commuter Line services to help you reach your destination without getting stuck.

Ways to Springhill Terrace

1. From Bekasi
  • From Bekasi Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at Jakarta Kota Station
  • From Jakarta Kota Station, walk to the City Stop
  • From City Stop, take Transjakarta to Tanjung Priok (12), get off at East Kemayoran Runway Stop
  • From the East Jakarta Kemayoran Runway Stop, walk to the apartment location around 500 m

2. From Tangerang
  • From Tangerang Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at Duri Station
  • From Duri Station, move to KRL, which is located at Kampung Bandan Station
  • From Kampung Bandan Station, walk to Mangga Dua Stop
  • From Mangga Dua Stop, take Transjakarta to Tanjung Priok (12), get off at East Kemayoran Runway Stop
  • From the East Jakarta Kemayoran Runway Stop, walk to the apartment location around 500 m

3. From Bogor
  • From Bogor Station, take the KRL to Jakarta, get off at Kampung Bandan Station
  • From Kampung Bandan Station, walk to Mangga Dua Stop
  • From Mangga Dua Stop, take Transjakarta to Tanjung Priok (12), get off at East Kemayoran Runway Stop
  • From the East Jakarta Kemayoran Runway Stop, walk to the apartment location around 500 m

4. From Serpong
  • From Serpong Station, a KRL ride leads to Jakarta, alighting at Tanahabang Station
  • From Tanahabang Station, walk about 250 m towards the Tanah Abang Station 2 Stop
  • From Tanah Abang 2 Station, take the Transjakarta route to Tanah Abang (JAK 10), get off at the opposite stop of Zion Fajar School
  • From the Fajar Sion School Crossing Stop, walk about 30 m to Pangeran Jayakarta 1 Stop
  • From Jayakarta 1 Stop, take Transjakarta to Tanjung Priok (12), get off at East Kemayoran Runway Stop
  • From the East Jakarta Kemayoran Runway Stop, walk to the apartment location around 500 m

Springhill Terrace Advantages

This apartment has a very strategic location with beautiful surroundings. Surrounded by elite housing and shop houses making the apartment environment Springhill Terrace have an elite and comfortable feel.

Another advantage that you might really like is a very large parking lot. With the availability of parking basements, residents can easily park their vehicles without having to be afraid of the rain and sun.

Springhill Terrace Disadvantages

One of the most prominent drawbacks of the apartment is the elevator when used feels swaying. The condition of this elevator can frighten users who want to reach a far-reaching floor.

The facilities offered are complete, but the distance of these facilities is quite far. With the spread of facilities in the two existing towers, without access in the building that connects the two towers, it will make some residents feel difficult.

Springhill Terrace Rent Price Average

Springhill Terrace Sell Price Average

How to Rent Springhill Terrace

Maybe many of you are wondering how to rent an apartment on Springhill Terrace, whether it's how to rent Springhill Terrace daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The easiest way to find information on leasing Springhill Terrace apartments is to search the internet. FYI, currently there are many apartment rental sites for daily apartment rentals, monthly rental and annual rent.

Some apartment rental sites that you can visit include Travelio, Sewa-apartemen.net, Rumah123, Booking.com, Mamikos, and also Jendela360.

For now, if you want to rent a daily apartment, you can visit Travelio, Sewa-apartemen.net, Booking.com, and Mamikos. On the website you will find apartment units that can be rented daily.

For those of you who plan to stay in an apartment for a long time, within three months, six months, or a year, you can access Rumah123 and Jendela360. Especially in Jendela360, you can convert annual apartment rentals to monthly with the help of 12x 0% installments using a credit card.

How to Advertise Springhill Terrace

Then what about you who own the assets of the Springhill Terrace apartment unit and want to rent it for passive income?

Advertising and promoting your apartment unit properly is the key. Remember, not only are you advertising apartment units for rent, there are hundreds or even thousands of apartment units advertised for rent on the internet.

Sites like Rumah123, Mamikos, Booking.com, and Sewa-apartemen.net can be an option if you want to rent apartment units without intermediaries or through agents.

However, to advertise your apartment unit on these sites, you will usually be charged advertising fees with certain packages (based on the length of the advertisement, photo quality, etc.). Well, to advertise on the classified ad site, you need to prepare everything yourself, both ad content, photos, and later prospective renters will immediately contact you directly.

If you are a busy person and have no time to take care of everything, leaving an apartment to Jendela360 can be the right choice.

Why does it have to be Jendela360?

You need to note that leaving apartment ads on Jendela360 is free of charge or FREE. You don't need to worry about advertising content, taking good photos, and other marketing activities because you answer the questions of prospective tenants, accompany prospective tenants to visit the unit, to make contract letters because everything will be done by professionals in Jendela360.

If your apartment is successfully rented through Jendela360, then you owner of the unit gives profit sharing to Jendela360 worth 8% of the agreed rental price.

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