Taman Anggrek Residence Review




Taman Anggrek Residence Review

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With the latest concept in an integrated complex, Taman Anggrek Residence has 43 complete facilities along with the largest club house in Indonesia which has international standards. The exclusive luxury apartment developed by Agung Sedayu Group is located in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta.

Being in one complex with several large malls in West Jakarta such as Taman Anggrek Mall, Central Park Mall, and Neo Soho Mall makes occupants easier to find their needs. Even more, Taman Anggrek Residence also has a Sky bridge that can connect directly to Taman Anggrek Mall.

Starting from shopping for daily necessities, looking for entertainment centers, and business matters, everything is easily available without having to bother going out of the apartment (just take the elevator).

Road access is very easy to reach the Inner City Toll Road for residents who want to travel and also to go to Soekarno-Hatta airport. Strategic location and luxurious facilities make Taman Anggrek Residence the right choice as the best vertical residence.

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1. Location
2. Facilities (swimming pool, basketball court, football court, etc..)
3. Environment around the apartment
4. You’ll like to (foodcourt, coffee shop, etc…)
5. Other information you need to know

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This apartment is located at Tanjung Duren Timur 2, Tanjung Duren Selatan, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia 11470.

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The distance is very close to:

  1. Shopping center
  • Taman anggrek mall (distance 0.6 km)
  • Central park mall (distance 1.4 km)
  • Neo soho mall (distance 1.5 km)
  • Ciputra mall (distance 4.0 km)

Residents are just walking to reach the mall, because the distance is very close and one complex.

  1. Close to reputable educational institutions:
  • Tarumanegara University (distance 1.9 km)
  • Trisakti University (distance 2.4 km)
  • Kristen Krida Wacana University (distance 2.5 km)
  • Christian 1 BPK Penabur High School (distance 2.4 km)
  1. Easy to reach health facilities:
  • Harapan Kita Hospital (distance 4.2 km)
  • Dharmais Cancer Hospital (distance 4.6 km)

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Taman Anggrek Residence has 43 facilities, the following are the excellent facilities available.

1. Swimming Pool

Taman Anggrek Residence provide an olympic size swimming pool with beautiful views of trees and a comfortable seating.

2. Picnic Lawn

For those of you who are tired of tasks or jobs, it’s time to refresh yourself by having a picnic in a comfortable environment!

3. Basketball Court

Like playing basketball with friends? You can try using this spacious and clean basketball court, and also equipped with lights so that basketball at night is still bright.

4. Football Court

Do you like playing football? There is no need to rent a field outside and with a long distance, just come down from your apartment and please use this fairly extensive football court facility with your friends.

5. Outdoor Gym

To maintain your fitness and stamina, you will have the opportunity to exercise using outdoor fitness equipment. Take advantage of the cool natural breeze for daily fitness.

6. Reflexology Path

Want to be healthy all day long? Try using this health facility which is only available in Taman Anggrek Residence apartments.

7. Children Playground

Your child safety is the biggest concern. In Taman Anggrek Residence, you can find a kid’s playground near the swimming pool. In this area, your children can play safely and interact with other kids.

7. Tree House

The tree house reflects the environment because of the warmth of the wood and surrounded by trees, when you walk into the tree house you get the lovely woody smell. This latest facility is only owned by Taman Anggrek Residences apartments.

9. Grand Fountain

The fountain is very beautiful to seen, moreover this beautiful grand fountain can be seen from your dwelling that can make a good mood.

10. Sky Bridge

Only Taman Anggrek Residence which has this facility, a skybridge made specifically for access to the luxurious Mall around the apartment namely Central Park Mall and Taman Anggrek Mall. This access will make it easy for you shopping lovers to go to the mall, even just by walking.

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The location of one complex with shopping centers such as the Taman Anggrek Mall, Central Park Mall, and Neo Soho Mall makes the surrounding environment look quite crowded and there are also many workers passing by, especially in the afternoon. In addition, there are cinemas inside the mall, many food and fashion tenants that make the residents do not need to go far to find their needs. Although the environment outside the apartment is always crowded, but the atmosphere will be different if you are in the neighborhood in the apartment you will get a calm and quiet atmosphere.

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I am sure you will agree, when I say that the main factor when deciding to rent an apartment is the completeness of the facilities.
You will be spoiled by various kinds of facilities and facilities provided without having to get out of the apartment environment, of course to make the occupants feel comfortable and make it easier to find something. Here’s the review.

1. Supermarket

As in general, supermarkets here provide various kinds of food, snacks, drinks, milk, vegetables and many more. For those of you who want to cook, or look for daily necessities for supplies can go directly to this supermarket without having to leave the apartment environment.

2. Coffee Shop

A lot of work that’s not done yet? Need a comfortable place to do it? This coffee shop is the answer for you. Having a comfortable and quiet place will make your work easily resolved while enjoying a cup of warm coffee. You don’t need to leave the apartment environment to go to this coffee shop.

3. Restaurant

This classy restaurant provides a variety of menus such as main course, side dishes, dessert and various drinks. Here provides menus of various types such as Chinese food, Asian food, Western food and Indonesian national food.


4. Food and Beverage

There are also several choices of food and drinks for those of you who are hungry and lazy to search out the apartment environment, please visit various foods and drinks here with exceptional quality and taste.

5. Clinic 24 Hour

Do you feel unwell? Flu and so on? Or even just want to check your eyes and check your health, please come to the 24-hour clinic that has been provided to you residents. This clinic is very useful for residents who need it, and also saves a lot of time because of its easy-to-reach location.

6. Drugstore

Your needs will be fulfilled because we have this facility, where you can buy daily necessities that are very often used such as make up, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, medicines and so on. So, the occupants don’t need to go far outside the environment to get their needs.

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  • Parking fee for cars around 300,000 / month
  • Free service charge for 10 years
  • Maintenance free fees until the end of 2018
  • This apartment offers a choice of type studio units, 1BR 2BR, 3BR, 2+1BR, 3+1BR
  • It is suitable for students, employees, or young families

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Review: Taman Anggrek Residence Apartment
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Building Quality
  • Neighborhood
  • Value for Money


Taman Anggrek Residence Apartment is the most complete residence in West Jakarta which has the latest concept in an integrated complex. Close to large shopping centers and also the inner city Toll Road which is very easy to reach so that occupants are easier to travel and also quickly go to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. In addition, Taman Anggrek Residence is equipped with a luxurious Club House with an area of 3000 m2 with an outdoor & indoor swimming pool. The strategic location and luxurious facilities make Taman Anggrek Residence as the right choice as the best residence.

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