Some of expatriates has found their settlement in the country which they have seen very promising future to their career path.

Foreigners work and holiday data has tell that expatriates have chosen Indonesia, primarily Jakarta, where investments modals and, mostly, creative industry are flourished around this land.

But, however, aside from their fixed choices about their cherished land they will visit, the confusion among peers of foreigners regarding to a residences availability, safety measures, and interdependency on access often becoming a marked question around their heads.

Especially for the expatriates whose job is as country ambassador or government related around Jakarta. It must be ardious for them whenever they researching various ideal places that must cope with general expatriates apartments rental standards.

As far as the century goes by, they should have realized that digitalization become a major game networked in every tasks. Either it’s used by start-up company or corporate, digital become important tools for daily life activities.

One thing expatriates should understand is they are not in the helpless phase where they can’t found any apartments that sits at strategic place, and after that, they will put their desired country away from life check-lists.

Because internet has support their needs to cover the needs they were up to. This expatriates forum in the digitalized era, particularly internet, will carry them over to afford their places without contemplating toward the latter conditions of their units.

Of course, this is the opportunity for them to be able to live up their dreams that it has experiences living in the multi-diverse society, Indonesia.


Top 5 Forum Expat Indonesia That You Can Visit


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The first forum expat Indonesia is Expat Change.

Expat exchange present the featured of information about foreign exchanges. Generally, this forum frequently offer the topics about normal basis of life such as film competition, student exchange programme, or scholarships programme for student who are interested in taking it.

The forum has been established since 1997 and became a pioneer for accessing any expatriates candidate. Enable them to open their perspectives up toward country information and what ought to do when they are coming into the destinations.


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This forum expat indonesia is intendly discussed about expatriates who were stayed in Jakarta over the years. They are mainly argues regarding to living prizes, facility they have received, and medical treatments which expatriates frequently asked toward apartments nearby Jakarta.

They also can connected to the locals people that might help them to be provided by detailed information which locals have wrote down in comment box.

So, expatriates transparency for discussing apartments facility can be reassured since locals also open up to main discussion of apartments they want to rent

Something unique on the website, however, is the templates frame that installed on the websites using ethnic Indonesia style, where the website put ethnic Javanese puppets on its front windows. Expats could experience the first impression of how diverse and ethnics the Indonesia is by put local templates on.

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The next forum expat Indonesia is, similar like Living in Indonesia, open up the discussion forum about Indonesia’s apartments availability and keep in touch with locals community where the apartment status usually given by them.

Normally, they can visit over time whenever they want and talking related to the topic.

As well as the feature that presented for the visitors, the website provides job hunting room. If the expats should want apply to the job, they can find it easier because the windows had provided the sophisticated feature to get them job to survive in bustling area of Jakarta.

Not only job hunting room was available, but travel insurances and airlines ticket also got provided to facilitate the flight access.

This is what called as “sophisticated-satisfying” because the complete feature that this website does has make everything easier whenever it comes to hospitality.


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Compared to or any other mainstream forums, while Internations serves more serious meeting tables. Most of Internations users were came from business backgrounds or bureaucracy experiences.

Due to the fact the name of Internations based on intercultural relations where most country often do by held diplomacy. Usually, the users talked about medical treatment cure, research subject, and present political condition.

That’s the reason why the website having worldwide forum divided into four sections: Politics, Expats, Travel, and Marketplaces.

Internations, although it has much various affairs issues, also provides easy subject in the room of Q&A. Q&A rooms often brought in the question about available lease, an apartment tips, or transport system around Jakarta.


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And the last forum expat Indonesia is Expat Arrivals.

Majority of expats moving to Indonesia because of the fact that Indonesia, especially Jakarta, has exotic spots and vibrant culture in the metropolitan areas, but after they were arrived in Indonesia, the informations regarding to the tourism spots are lost or can’t be traced accordingly.

Expat Arrivals website will help them not only help expats to connect with several locals, but also gave several news that related toward tourism places they would find very interesting.

The websites also addresses few issues which could enlighten users in every situation such as current global threats and tips and tricks during holiday in other Indonesia region.

Expat Arrivals mostly created information based on fact in society aside from apartments information. Whether they are want to invests the apartment, Expat arrivals would like inform current apartments that still open to order with a detailed data.

For example, expatriates would like to stay in metropolitan areas due to their works are surrounded in the bustling areas such as Jakarta. So to fulfill their needs, they could find strategic apartment that located nearby their offices in Sudirman Park or Capital Residence.

One thing should they consider is it must include favourite hangout spots, if they afford Sudirman Park, the benefits they would received is they will facilitated not only in apartments, but also interdependencies on entertainment sites such as Pacific Place, Senayan, or Thamrin areas.



That’s top 5 forum expat Indonesia that you can visit. You can compare those website which on is the best and more giving information.

You may already have your favorite forum, but we just given suggestion that who knows it will be your references.

If you are an expatriates whom still wondering which forum that helps you to buy units and places, those five forum website may be useful for giving you a brief information.

Not only several apartments information you are going to get, but the destination spots you would like to visits also briefly explained with a serving all data and several researches. If you are interested living in Indonesia and want to rent apartments units, you can check the apartment lease on the link beside Jendela360.

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