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Your Guide to Rent Apartment in Karawaci


Just like BSD City, the Lippo Karawaci area was also a rubber forest. Inaugurated in 1993 by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk which is a subsidiary of Lippo Group, this area known as Lippo Karawaci developed into an independent city. Although its name has officially changed to Lippo Village, Lippo Karawaci's name is still more frequently used and known by the public. The population in this city reaches 70,000 people, competing with the neighboring BSD City region.

One of Lippo Karawaci's advantages that is still rarely owned by other regions is the existence of bicycle lanes which are called as one of the best bicycle lanes in Indonesia. With the starting line, starting from Supermall Karawaci, activities for riding bikes, going back to work, or going to college can be done easily and comfortably

Apartment for Rent in Karawaci

Even though the area is not as big as BSD, Lippo Karawaci thinks about the comfort of its residents. At present, there are more than 500 houses in Lippo Karawaci. Getting around the increasingly narrow land, apartments began to grow in the Karawaci area. Moreover, with the existence of Universitas Pelita Harapan which is a magnet for students who want to live nearer the campus, apartments in Karawaci are attractive residential choices to live in.

Although not as many as in BSD City, apartments with strategic locations and complete facilities already exist in Karawaci such as U Residence Karawaci, Hillcrest House Millennium Village, Amartapura, Urbana Karawaci, and several other apartment complexes.

Tourism / Entertainment

If BSD City has AEON Mall with a Japanese-style concept, then Karawaci has Supermall Karawaci. With an area of 7.2 hectares, various entertainment is available here. Even Supermall Karawaci is the only mall in Indonesia that provides three large supermarkets in one area at a time. Likewise with the children's play area, starting from Amazone, Lollipop's, to Timezone which is claimed to be the largest in Southeast Asia with roller coasters and other mini-playing rides. The concept as a one-stop entertainment makes Supermall Karawaci the family's main destination to seek entertainment while shopping for kitchen needs.

Besides Supermall Karawaci, Cinemaxx Maxxbox Lippo Village is also a weekend destination, especially for families carrying small children. As the largest Cinemaxx cinema complex, Maxxbox has an advantage that other network cinemas do not have, namely the Cinemaxx Junior concept which provides cinema watching facilities for children. With theater rooms that provide facilities for playing a trampoline, ball pools, and various other playgrounds, children can play before the film starts and watch movies by sitting comfortably in a chair designed to suit the height of the child. This Cinemaxx Junior facility is only available at Maxxbox Lippo Village and Sun Plaza Medan.


Not only providing entertainment, but Lippo Karawaci is also a pleasant culinary tourism area. Starting from Supermall Karawaci which provides a variety of restaurants with big names, to culinary outside Supermall Karawaci.

Benton Junction which is located near Supermall Karawaci is a paradise for food lovers. With the concept of an open shop designed in the style of European cafes, visitors can choose to stop by which shop or just sit pretty on the table and chairs provided on the open sidewalk. Starting from beef ribs in Poka Ribs, Indian food in Taan, to dim sum with a variety of choices at Dim Sum Inc you can find in this area.

Street Food is also one of the attractions in Lippo Karawaci. Find Bakmi Anita, Bakar Sari Murni Chicken, Pawon Taliwang, until Tabah Fried Rice which is a favorite food of Karawaci residents.


Access to Lippo Karawaci can be reached easily. Lippo provides a variety of shuttle buses that can be found easily at BeritaSatu Plaza, FX Sudirman, Taman Anggrek Mall, Plaza Gajah Mada, and several other points in Jakarta that will bring passengers to Lippo Karawaci for Rp. 25,000 / person. There is even a special shuttle bus to Benton Junction from Lippo Mall Puri that culinary lovers can try to visit the food heaven area.

KRL users can get off at Tangerang Station and continue with angkot or ojek. The DAMRI bus to and from Soekarno Hatta airport is also available at Lippo Karawaci with a transport point at the Karawaci Supermall for Rp. 45,000 / person. Likewise with angkot various routes for those who want to travel to BSD City or various other Tangerang areas. If carrying a private vehicle, please use the Tangerang toll road or the West Outer Ring Road and get off at the Karawaci toll gate.

Unfortunately, there is no direct busway route to Lippo Karawaci so TransJakarta bus users have to get off at the Kalideres Bus Stop and connect with public transportation or use the BSD - Grogol - Slipi route and take another angkot.

For those who want to get around in the Lippo Karawaci area, they can use public transportation, taxis, shuttle buses, and online application-based transportation. Interestingly, the base ojek available in the Lippo Karawaci area has been registered by Lippo security to ensure the safety and security of its service users.

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